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Featherpaw takes a look at Moth Flight’s super edition, Moth Flight’s Vision.

Official cover art by Owen Richardson.

I recently read the super edition Moth Flight’s Vision. This book is set out between Dawn of the Clans prequel arc (which I have not read) and the Prophecies Begin arc. It’s still generations before the Prophecies Begin arc, though. At the start of this book, the Clans do not yet believe in StarClan and have noedicine cats, deputies, apprentices or elders. The only role other than warrior was leader. It features Moth Flight (hence the name, I’ve always liked saying that XD) from WindClan. Her mother, Wind Runner, is Clan leader. Moth Flight is often compared to her brother, Dust Muzzle, since he is a great warrior yet Moth flight always has her head in the clouds. She finds it hard to concentrate on any task given. Her father insists to her mother that she is special. Moth Flight has strange dreams at night about cats dying and reviving. She can see them, but they can’t see her. She doesn’t recognise any of the cats. The first cat she sees dying and reviving is described as a blue-grey she-cat. This is the description given to Bluestar. So we can guess that it is Bluestar loosing a life. Moth Flight will later dream, after having discovered the Moonstone, of Clan leaders receiving lives. Of which, again, she recognises no one. This cat is Bluestar recieving her nine lives and Moth Flight does not understand what is going on. She sees they are in pain and gets confused. The next cat is described like either Tigerstar or Brokenstar (seriously, Erins? This is why Moonkitti likes to refer to him as Tigerstar 2! Why so many Tigerstar clones? XD) but we can guess it is Tigerstar since in the ceremony, the cat seems to have no respect for StarClan and we have a confirmation that this has happened in Tigerstar’s ceremony but have no evidence that this happened in Brokenstar’s. The last one is described as flame-pelted and is said to show affection for a tortoiseshell StarClan cat.

Anyway, this was a rather longer introduction! Let’s cut to the chase. 😉

Obviously, the Erins created Moth Flight’s Vision for a reason? I believe it was to explain how StarClan came to be and how it affected there lives and gave them order. Because, the whole discovering StarClan business was only the first third of the book. The rest was all about some feud between Wind Runner and Clear Sky, leading to a battle, giving Wind Runner a neck wound and a broken leg. A moth shows Moth Flight to the Moonstone telling her to bring Wind Flight with her because Wind Runner is about to die, so the StarClan cats give her nine lives, rename her Windstar, heals her, and tells them to bring the other leaders. In case you didn’t know, the suffix “star” for leaders is to show they have the blessing of StarClan.

So, how exactly did StarClan improve the order in the Clans?
No, the question is how exactly did the Clans’ belief in StarClan improve the order in the Clans? (I would have put “Clans’ belief” in italic but it didn’t work XD)

Giving them belief that death wasn’t the end gave them faith to know that they will always be able to visit the real world and know that this isn’t the end, there is still a role for them. It gives them a less stressful life knowing that they have another chance. And, StarClan will advise them in times of peril (that sounds so dramatic). And, obviously, the gift of mine lives. A good example of when this was really needed (except for Wind Runner) is Tigerheart, when he “died” then was brought to the Moonpool to be revived and given his nine lives. (Now that I think of it, Wind Runner and Tigerhearrt’s stories are quite alike, except for the fact Tigerheart was already dead XD)

What does this contribute to society?

When we did book reviews, this was my English teacher’s favourite question! XD

It shows that believing in something can help guide you, and make your life more peaceful, since, you know you will be somewhere good when you die. Believing gives you the chance of having an open mind and letting in opportunities. You an explore different beliefs and adapt them to make you suit you. Imagine, your belief was one big empty notebook. You put a book mark at the middle. You write down what you definitely believe in starting at the front to back, that what you definitely don’t believe in from back to front. Then, every time you here about a new belief, you add everything that you agree with from that belief to the front of your book and everything you disagree with to the back of the book. This way, you would have customised your own unique belief knowing where you will go, you will be happy since that is where you believe and want to go.

This is my first article! Hope you like it 😉
Featherwish 😊

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