Defending Lionblaze by Otterpaw

Otterpaw defends Lionblaze against popular arguments.

Art by Silverzoul.

People hate Lionblaze. Lionblaze is one of my favorite character. As you can see from the title, I am going to defend Lionblaze.

One reason that people hate Lionblaze… “he couldn’t die!”:

Ah ah ah, did Lionblaze ask to get his powers? Was it his fault that he was a part of a prophecy? And let’s remember that he lost his power after The Last Hope. People get annoyed that he complained that a tree branch hit him on the head, but he doesn’t have his powers and he’s struggling to live a normal life. He had his powers for most of his life and he has to adjust to being a normal cat.

A second reason why people hate Lionblaze… “he’s a Gary Stu!”

A Gary Stu is a character with no flaws that is perfect. Lionblaze has many flaws. For example, he met with Heatherpaw who is from another clan. A Gary Stu wouldn’t break the code. He did stop, but a Gary Stu wouldn’t do it at all. Also, he refused to get the catmint, while a Gary Stu would get it right away and be a hero.

Also, another flaw is that Lionblaze trained in the Dark Forest with Tigerstar. Gary Stus are perfect and they wouldn’t train with an evil cat. He has many flaws, like the three that I just stated.

Reason number three people hate him… “He killed Russetfur!!!”:

Well, it’s not Lionblaze’s fault. Russetfur was too old for a battle, and he did it completely by accident. Lionblaze accidentally kills her while he was trying to save his leader. It was Russetfur’s fault that she tried to kill Firestar, if she didn’t she could still be alive. It wasn’t Lionblaze’s fault that he killed Russetfur, he was saving Firestar.

So overall, Lionblaze was a regular cat with a power. He isn’t perfect, he has his flaws. It’s not his fault that he killed Russetfur – it was completely by accident and he saved Firestar.

I hope you enjoyed! Remember, this is just my opinion. I’d like to hear some cats you’d like me to defend in a future article! 🙂

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  • Nice! I agree completely, although he is my least favorite out of The Three. Can you do an article defending Jayfeather?

  • I don’t have a large opinion on Lionblaze, but I agree that he is not, by any means, perfect.


    You can’t just say that it’s not someone’s fault if they killed someone else. Are you going to feel bad for a criminal who murdered someone and says “it was an accident?” No, so please don’t try to say that Lionblaze was justified in murdering Russetfur just because it was an accident. Accidents happen, but people shouldn’t go off with a free ticket and no punishment if they commit a serious “accident.” And murdering someone is one of the worst ones.

    Also, how can you brush off Russetfur’s death as “her own fault?” I know that this is a Lionblaze defense article, but that is just crossing the border. If a person is killed “accidentally” by someone, in real life you will not let the killer off the hook and blame the victim for his/her own death!!

    And by the way, my memory’s a bit foggy, so could you please give me a line from the book that proves that Russetfur was actually trying to murder Firestar? From what I recall, I don’t remember any proof f her trying to murder him but I did read that series quite a while back so I may be mistaken.

    • I agree. But Russetfur was actually trying to kill Firestar. I currently don’t have the book with me but if I remember correctly, she was trying to tear open his throat. But that was most likely because she was incredibly old, and didn’t know what she was doing.

      • Russetfur was portrayed to be sharp minded and strict even in her last days, so maybe it was just memory loss, something that inevitably happens to even the best, sharpest of us when we grow old, or maybe it was just in the midst of battle and she thought that Firestar had lives to spare so it didn’t really matter.

  • See?! Lionblaze complains about not having his powers too! It’s not just Dovewing! I’m not exactly defending her, I’m just stating a fact. But anyway I used to dislike Lionblaze when I first read PoT and OotS but when I reread the whole Warriors series to/with my mom and sis, I actually came to like him surprisingly. Yeah I have mixed opinions on him 😛 But I think overall he’s a great character in the series. He spices things up a bit and is the best brother ever to Jayfeather.

  • I don’t hate this cat, but I honestly don’t like him either. He’s just so… boring. He has no memorable or interesting qualities to him and is a complete bore to read about. I’m going to list the most iMPORTANT information I can bother to remember:
    >Part of the three
    >Super strong and buff
    >Forbidden romance cat
    >That’s about it..
    He has little to know character, apart from maybe that he’s sometimes naive? I guess? And even his power is just so dull! Especially compared to the other two. Jayfeather can enter dreams and read minds, Dovewing literally has a sixth sense, and Lionblaze… is just… strong. Oh, how exciting. And he seems to constantly show off his power in battle, and always takes too much advantage of it. In fact, that’s what got Russetfur killed! Seriously dude, you don’t R.K.O a ninety-nine year-old lady! Yes, she shouldn’t have been trying to kill Firestar, but she was incredibly old and probably only half-conscious of what she was doing. And either way, you shouldn’t attack a fragile, weak person.

  • He is my little sister’s favorite character, even though she’s only read two of the books XD. This article did a good job defending him! I don’t hate Lionblaze, but he’s not on my top 10 for favorite characters.

  • Good job Otterpaw! I like Lionblaze too, but I also like Jayfeather. That’s why the new vote (between Dovewing, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf) was so hard!