The Top Five Saddest Moments In Warriors by Duststorm

Duststorm lists some of the saddest moments in the series. Are any of them on your list?

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There are often paragraphs and chapters in Warriors that make the readers feel emotional. Today, I will be sharing what I think are the top five saddest moments and characters in any Warriors Book in detail.

Number 5…

Brackenfur and Dustpelt in Bramblestar’s Storm.

Brackenfur really got hit hard when Sorreltail died in the battle against the Dark Forest, but it was kind of too harsh to take Seedpaw as well in Bramblestar’s Storm. Brackenfur has been a calm minor character for many arcs now, and he hasn’t been “famous” since the first books. It’s really unfair to just “punish” him like that, considering he never did something evil or harmful to other cats.
Dustpelt was really upset over Ferncloud’s death, it is mentioned many times in the book that he blames himself for not being able to protect her during the great battle. This isn’t really the only time that something sad hit Dustpelt and Ferncloud, they also lost numerous kits throughout the entire Warriors series. Out of the many kits that Ferncloud had, only one (Birchfall) currently survives.

Number 4…


To those of you reading this article on BlogClan right now whom might have forgotten who Honeyfern is, she is Berrynose’s, former mate. In the closing book of the Power of Three series, Honeyfern saved Briarkit (now Briarlight near the rocks) from a snake but was unfortunately bitten by it. It was a very sad moment when she died because it was impossible for Leafpool to cure her with medicine. It was also depressing to see her die in pain. It was emotional to see Berrynose sharing talking to Honeyfern the last time. Luckily, Berrynose was able to be with Poppyfrost, Honeyfern’s Sister, after Honeyfern died.

Number 3…

Bright Stream and Clear Sky

At the start of the DOTC arc, Bright Stream was together with Clear Sky. They went on the journey which ultimately discovered the 3rd clan territory (the forest). At the beginning of The Sun Trail, Bright Stream told Clear Sky that she was expecting his kits. During the journey, there was an eagle attack and Bright Stream was carried off by the eagle with her unborn kits. It was later confirmed in The First Battle that Bright Stream did die after she was carried off, but the reason of death is unknown. This is sad because no other queen (that was expecting kits) died before the kits were born. Clear Sky was dismayed and blamed himself throughout the whole 1st book until he met Storm.

Number 2…


Ok, one of the first thoughts about Mapleshade that come to a Warriors reader’s minds is probably that she was evil or that she is a villain in Warriors. In reality, though, Mapleshade’s evilness and the desire of vengeance is fueled by a sad story. Mapleshade was mates with Appledusk when Darkstar and Oakstar were the leaders of RiverClan and ThunderClan. But here’s where the story gets interesting… Mapleshade herself is ThunderClan while Appledusk is RiverClan. After a while, Mapleshade announced that she was expecting kits, but she doesn’t quite know that Appledusk loved a RiverClan she-cat called Reedshine. A while after Mapleshade’s kits were born, Ravenwing, the clan’s medicine cat, found out that they were half-clan. After the clan finds out, they exile Mapleshade and her kits (which is technically a violation of the warrior code because the kits are innocent and the warrior code states to protect kits). Mapleshade decides to join RiverClan (her kit’s father is in RiverClan), but her kits drown in the river when they were crossing it. When Mapleshade finally reaches RiverClan, she finds out that Reedshine has become Appledusk mate. To make things even worse, Appledusk starts to blame Mapleshade for the kits’ death. Mapleshade does request to live in RiverClan, but is rejected by Darkstar and RiverClan.
I am not going to go any further into how Mapleshade decides to kill her enemies (including Appledusk) to revenge her kits’ death. So far, you can really see how much PAIN and SUFFERING the Clans inflicted on Mapleshade. All in all this entire story is just extremely sad, enough to make it onto the list at number 2. Almost any cat would turn crazy after enduring so much hate and rejection. You are welcome to argue and debate about Mapleshade’s actions in the comments.

Number 1…

The Last Chapters of Crookedstar’s Promise
Out of all the books in the Warriors series, this may be the saddest of all. The book is overall pretty sad, starting with how Crookedstar broke his jaw and his mother “abandoning” him. But, what really makes this one number 1 is how sad his kits and Willowbreeze died. Crookedstar really had it going with Willowbreeze, and it’s quite cruel how the Erins decided to kill her. The chapter where Willowbreeze and Crookedstar named their kits and the death scene always gets me into a sad mood. It’s happy and all to see Crookedstar’s kits, but it is just too depressing and sad to see Willowbreeze dying.
And… also in the last few chapters, Willowkit and Minnowkit also join StarClan. I feel like this is simply just too cruel to do this to Crookedstar, but at least he has Silverkit. Oh but wait… Silverstream also has to die in her kitting. WHY? Because Mapleshade (Number 2 Saddest Moment) promised to revenge Crookedstar for betraying her.
Honestly, a lot of Warrior books do have sad moments. But if I had to choose one, it would undoubtedly be Crookedstar’s Promise. It’s just too sad to see Crookedstar lose his Mother, Father, Brother, Mate, and kits all in one book.

Honorable Mentions
Storm’s Death in DOTC TST.
Hawkwing Losing Pebbleshine in HWJ.
Bluestar’s Death in TPB ADP.
Tiny Branch in MFV.
Spottedleaf’s Permanent Death in OotS TLH.

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    July 12, 2018 at 11:39 pm

    I definitely agree with #1.
    Crookedstar has a depressing life.

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