Millie vs Silverstream by Lilypaw

Lilypaw takes a look at the relationships that Greystripe had.

Artwork by DrakynWyrm

Hey! It’s Lily, and I’m here to banter about… Ummm… what was I bantering about again?

Right. Millie. So, I’m not going to deny that Millie neglected her other children while caring for Briarlight. I hated her for that. People say, ‘oh, Millie had to look after her disabled child, wouldn’t you?’ Well, she did, but she forgot about her other kits in the process. In fact, she even accused them of not caring that Briarlight would give anything to be a warrior, to walk. That, my kitties, is where you can no longer protect her.
But, in her defense, Millie made Greystripe happy. She showed him the way . She was the one who went on a perilous journey with him, not caring what happened to her on the way. She was the one who bore his kits. She saved his life too, Silverstream fans!
You’ve got to admit, Greystripe deserved that. And Millie gave it.
So, Millie and Greystripe isn’t a bad ship in itself, but Millie and her kits really need to make up. Millie was worried about her disabled child and took it too far, but with good reason.

This is why you shouldn’t HATE Millie. She deserves credit for being a mother, and a guide.
Sorry. Had to soften the Millie-haters’ hearts.

Silverstream vs Millie. A tough question.
People say all over the internet about Silverstream that she was ‘just a childhood crush’ and was a sort of ‘practice’ for Greystripe. But he DID love her, and most people believe that Silverstream is Greystripe’s final choice in StarClan. This is probably the case, as the so-called ‘childhood crush’ ended in her death and moons of Greystripe in RiverClan.
Millie and Silverstream both love Greystripe. There’s going to be trouble in StarClan, but Millie has had Greystripe the longest. So you could say that it’s Millie in life, Silverstream in death. That has logic, don’t you think?
[CONCLUSION] Grey×Millie: They bonded through peril and she brought him home.
Grey×Silver: She saved his life, he loved her, but he couldn’t save her.
I’ll let you decide! Post your opinion down below!
Hope you enjoyed. This is my first article,and I’m a bit new to writing them!
-Lilypaw of SkyClan

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  • I honestly don’t think he will choose. He will love them both. The only reason Millie was like that with her kits…was…my theory is down there! :3

    Millie was scorned and dissed by other Clans because of her kittypet roots. She’s probably afraid Briarlight will go through the same thing because of her injury, her useless hind legs, her inability to fight. And she KNOWS her other kits fit in perfectly, have mates, and, well, are perfect! I agree she might be a LITTLE overprotective, but she’s only applying her fierce nature to her love for her kits. She’s brave and courageous, fierce, dependable, and caring. When she first came to ThunderClan with Graystripe, did you SEE her?! She was sooo brave!!!! And she STILL is. Millie continues to be misunderstood, but she is an amazing female figure.

  • Silverstream is WAY better than Millie. Millie rejected Bumblestripe, Blossomfall, and even Graystripe trying to care for Brairlight, who NEVER WANTED to be fussed over.
    On the other hand, Silverstream kept guiding Graystripe, Feathertail, and Stormfur EVEN FROM STARCLAN.

    So yeah, I think Silverstream is better.
    KananXHera forever ❤️

    • SILVERSTREAM X GRAYSTRIPE FOREVER!!!!!!!!! i agree strongly and i think that Graystripe should choose Silverstream in starclan because she was his first love and he loved her enough to leave his clan. Did you see how happy he was when he saw Silverstream in his dream? much happier than he is with millie. Don’t get me wrong i like millie and i think she was a good mate for graystripe but silverstream is a much better choice for graystripe. ALSO SILVERSTREAM IS MY FAV IN ALL THE WARRIOR CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greystripe: Hmmmmmm I prefer….
    Millie: Me?
    Silverstream: Me?
    Greystripe: :I
    Mille: You gonna say me or her >:<
    Greystripe: (>人<;)
    Millie: Tell meh
    Silverstream: Me of her cmon
    Greystripe: Your making me struggle!!!
    Millie: Me or her cmon pls me pls meee
    Greystripe: I’m a dummy let’s check da wiki
    Greystripe: and a hmmmmmm
    Greystripe: Mate Millie former mate silverstream
    Greystripe guess it’s Millie I think it’s Millie bc idk what former means :p
    Silverstream: funk uuuuu

  • Silverstream died before we could really understand how she would act when she had kits. For all we know, she could be Mapleshade number 2. That is unlikely though. But I do feel that Millie was a healthier choice for Graystripe. Teetering inbetween clans in not a good look. Plus, Silverstream thinks she can do anything she wants and be excepted for it (mostly because she is Crookedstar’s daughter). Again, much like Mapleshade. I’m not saying she’s evil, just a bit full of herself. Everyone judges Millie off of how she treats her kits, and it doesn’t make much sense.

    • Great reasons but no I don’t see the reason she would be like that because bluestar had the same experience and so she didn’t become mapleshade 2 and Silverstream could of just join Thunderclan or something or Graystripe could join RIVERCLAN bc he did. Like Oakheart said Windflight of thunderclan was half windclan and half thunderclan but his parents were in the same clan so yeah Silverstream is a better choice. But great thinking!

  • Ok so in response to wut turtlepaw/dapple said…i was waiting for someone to say that silverstream is way better!!!;D. Sorry to u millie fans but silverstream is my favorite of all cats in warrior cats

  • I like both Millie and Silverstream. They both loved Graystripe, and we’re good mates. I don’t see why Graystripe can’t be mates with them both in StarClan. But, if he had to choose, I would prefer he chose Silverstream, but I do like Millie a lot, too. I love Millie and Graystripe’s kits. But I love Feathertail and Stormfur (Silverstream and Graystripe’s kits) a bit more. So I choose SilverXGray. That’s just my opinion.

  • Here’s the thing everyone is always going on about silverstream or Millie when gray stripe isn’t the only cat to take 2 mates. Like take pale bird for instance she had 2 mates, and also clear sky, a lot of cats had 2 mates so what did they do. I personally think that gray stripe will just either split his time between silverstream and Millie, or he will spend all his time with both of them.

  • Let’s see what Graystripe chooses!
    Me:”Graystripe who will you chose in starclan?”
    Silverstream:pick me
    Millie:pick me plz
    Graystripe:and I will pick………
    Millie:plz Graystripe pick me I will take care of ya I promise!
    Graystripe:Well Millie I am not sure about you because you were a terrible mother to Blossom fall and Bumble stripe because of Briar light being like that and I kinda I loved you 30% because you look like Silverstream
    Silverstream: *looks eagerly to Graystripe’s answer*
    Millie: *starts to cry* plz pick me!
    Graystripe: you are a crybaby
    Silverstream: who do you pick?
    Graystripe:well I love you Silverstream more because I fought with my beloved Firestar and thunder clan to be with you and I love Storm fur and Feathertail more than Millie’s kits though I like them and all but I love ur kits more
    Graystripe:I chose Silverstream *ditches Millie and walks over to Silverstream*
    Millie: *cries*
    Silverstream: it’s okay at least you have ur kits
    Graystripe:oh Silverstream you are so kind unlike Millie who ditch her other kits
    Millie:I hate you Graystripe
    Graystripe: I don’t care anymore
    *Silverstream and Graystripe go away*
    Millie:ugh go away all of you *kicks some random rock thinking it is Graystripe and Silverstream
    Bumble stripe and Blossom fall:yes mom Silver and Gray are better than you and they are right about ur parenting
    Brairlight:yeah mom
    Millie: ugh kicks more rocks thinking they were silver,gray,blossom,bumble and brair

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