Alderheart and Spottedleaf by Rainshine

Rainshine shares a theory about Alderheart and Spottedleaf. Spoilers for AVOS ahead!

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Heyy peoples so I have this headcanon/theory that I would like to share with y’all!
So we know that after a cat fades from StarClan, they become reincarnated.
First of all, it states (somewhere) that cats fade from StarClan when nobody in the living world remembers them. Well, cats like Half Moon should have already faded since there was a point in time when nobody remembers her (before Jayfeather is born/before Jaypaw meets the ancients). Perhaps, instead, it is when the cats feel that they should be reincarnated. This way it is entirely plausible for the ancients to be waiting for the return (?) of Jayfeather/Jay’s Wing.
Another way cats are reincarnated are when they die in the living world. For instance, Spottedleaf would be reincarnated. Perhaps cats like Mapleshade will also be reincarnated, and become the villain in the new arc.
Now, my theory is that after Spottedleaf dies, she gets reincarnated into Alderheart. The gender doesn’t match, but the soul probably doesn’t have a definite physical gender (also maybe they could be genderqueer, who knows). The two cats are both very successful medicine cats, good with herbs, and have a good connection with StarClan. The two have both fallen in love with someone they shouldn’t have, twice. Spottedleaf fell in love with a Dark Forest apprentice. Alderheart has been confirmed to have had feelings for Needletail, which is bad because of the clan difference and the medicine cat code. Then both them fell in love with a kittypet, simultaneously breaking the medicine cat code and the warrior code. (Spottedleaf wasn’t a medicine cat when she fell in love with Thistleclaw). Neither of them chose their kittypet love over their duties. Both of them had a very short time with their kittypet friend. Spottedleaf still loved Firestar very much, so it makes sense that she reincarnates as someone who would be close to Firestar. Squirrelflight’s son, and Firestar’s grandson, Alderheart.
To convince you further, they are both in ThunderClan, and both have amber eyes. Both of them train as warrior apprentices before becoming a medicine cat apprentice. Both of their mentor’s feel disappointed, but know it’s for the best (but this may be because it’s the most reasonable reaction). Both of the cats that they fell in love with a cat that joined something that they shouldn’t have, Thistleclaw and the Dark Forest, and Needletail and Darktail’s Kin. Spottedleaf’s parents had two litters, one of three and one of four. Bramblestar and Squirrelflight also had two litters, even though one of the litters were adopted, but Bramblestar and Squirrelflight were definitely better parents than Crowfeather and Leafpool, so it counts. Both are descended from Spottedpelt, Alderheart through Tigerstar the First. Spottedleaf is even said to heavily resemblance the tortoiseshell.
This is one of my favourite headcanons, I hope you enjoyed!

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  • Okay but they don’t have the same personalities or pelts. All the reincarnated cats have similar pelts and personalities. And Alderheart didn’t love Needletail, he loved Velvet. Where is your information that it’s canon be loved Needletail? He didn’t. But this is an interesting theory

  • Uh what? Like I understand but those are just two coinciding incidents. And unlike Cinderheart (who was reincarnated) why would Spottedleaf go to her same family tree? Not to mention-if StarClan is involved at all-why go through all that trouble just to be a medicine cat, and turn out worse? You could make the point Alderheart grips his anxiety from the fact Firestar dies, but this isnt necessarily true, as it was never stated in book text. There is also the fact that Alderheart at least tried. To be honest, while most is coincidental, it would make sense for Spotted to TRY to be a warrior, trying to remember her training from her past life, but fail miserably. And then again it doesn’t necessarily mean that even to be true. Sure a lot of their bio is the same, but why would Spottedleaf just try to recreate her life all over again, when last time she knew it’d end in disaster?

    But it’s an interesting theory nonetheless, and I’m glad you through this out here. I never noticed all of this until now. 🙂


  • This is a great article! 🙂 I never thought about this until now.

  • Wow I loved Spottedleaf but haven’t got to the birth of Alderheart yet but I am excited for it now!

    • Actually, it’s been confirmed that he DID have feelings for her!
      Could Never Be

      • Really? It did say in Darkest Night, I believe, either Twigbranch or someone else thought about something like “There was no hint of longing to his voice when he spoke about Needletail” and et cetera. Correct me if I’m wrong.

        • It was confirmed on the Warriors Wiki on Alderheart’s page by one of the Erin Hunters 😀
          I’ll Be Complete

  • Uhmm ok but one thing, AlderHeart did not love NeedleTail for the whole 5th series. HE LIKED VELVET! Yet, AlderPaw did like NeedlePaw a little bit in the first book, The Apprentices Quest, in my opinion. But, throughout that series, no.

  • Spottedleaf liked Thistleclaw?? New information- I never knew that :> I don’t entirely suspect that Alderheart is Spottedleaf. But nice theory…

  • I yet haven’t read any of these book a but I got into the series cuz I love animals and I will start soon! Ty and from the summary’s I’ve heard spotted leaf is my favorite cat so far ty for the heads up on what to expect!!! 😁

  • I honestly believe that if cats are reincarnated, it really doesn’t matter if their pelts or eye color or personality are the same. Though I do really love this theory 😀

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