Arguing with the other clans about ThunderClan by Purpleshade

Purpleshade takes us into the perspective of the other Clans about ThunderClan. Moderate spoilers for AVOS!

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin. Collage creator unknown.

Every other clan besides ThunderClan themselves says that they get into everyone’s business. When I read the series the first time (I mean most of the series, this was the time before A Vision of Shadows was published), I never really tried to notice what it would be like for the other clans. Then I reread the series a few times and realized just how pushy ThunderClan was. Okay, let’s put it this way.

Say we are in school. (Or if you aren’t in school pretend you are) You and a few people trip over something. (Pretend you are clumsy) One person ALWAYS runs up to you and makes a big deal out of you tripping. It happens to be you tripped over a banana. Everyone else had tripped over you. Now everyone is whispering about you. Would you like that one person?

Basically imagine yourself as one of the clans. I know I made that sound really dumb but really try to picture yourself. Here’s a short version: You trip and fall. A person runs to help you like you have no legs. Everyone makes fun of you. The person who just made a big deal out of the banana incident was ThunderClan. The one clan that has to run to the rescue. Try to picture how that makes the other clans look. I mean, ThunderClan the almighty has to save ShadowClan from the scary rogues. It makes ShadowClan (or whatever clan) look like they can’t do anything. Sure, if they are about to be injured or killed.

But seriously every time they get into trouble? I’m gonna try another imagination thing. So basically you are recovering from the banana incident. But noooo, you are struggling to get your binder (or whatever you have) out of your locker. It’s jammed! The person from the banana incident comes over and tugs it open. Everyone else snickers and says that that person has to always rescue you.

Now imagine this happening over and over until you have children and the other person also had children. The exact same thing happens with your children. (Sorry if you don’t wanna have children) Wouldn’t that be annoying? Again, the same thing as before. Another short version: The exact same person saves you again and again and again and again.

ThunderClan must save the day. I can only name a few times another clan helped them besides in a battle. WindClan helped them with the badgers. The Great Journey. The whole SkyClan must join us crisis. Can’t ThunderClan just relax? This is probably one of the reasons why ShadowClan seems stubborn and arrogant. Perhaps they don’t want the awesome ThunderClan interfering for the billionth time.

Also, the other clans NEVER get a prophecy. Basically imagine the same person is popular and amazing and you aren’t. Sure, you can argue that they are just prophecy. But to them , prophecies define their destinies. No prophecies for your clan means no destiny for you. So the other clans aren’t important compared to ThunderClan.

You can argue that they worked together. But has any of the other clans worked alone or together without ThunderClan and sucessfully saved the clans? Not counting Dawn of the Clans. I mean from Into the Wild to A Vision of Shadows. Including the super editions. Can you imagine how tired the other clans must get of having to put up with ThunderClan’s reputation for prophecies and heroism? Really think about it. The other clans make a very good point on how ThunderClan is bossy.

In conclusion, I agree that ThunderClan hogs the spotlight. I get that the Erin’s don’t want to leave ThunderClan since that is where they set everything up. Thanks for reading my article and I’m honestly not trying to offend anyone!


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  • Honestly, this article is making me angry.

    ThunderClan never asked for the spotlight. And other clans get prophecies too. The whole “what you find will clear the sky” thing happened to all the clans, and in VOS and TBC both have ShadowClan and SkyClan spotlights.