My opinion on Brackenfur by Jayleap

Jayleap shares what they think of Brackenfur.

Art by Winterfox18

Now, Brackenfur is a very loved character by the warrior cats community and I can see why! But I think that he is overrated. Sure he did have quite a sad life but the reason I dislike him is because I feel like he doesn’t have much personality. This is because, through the books although he is a very loving mate and father, we don’t see much else of him except for continuing on with his warrior duties. This could be seen as resilience which brings me to my next point. Brackenfur doesn’t have many flaws. (No, having a sad backstory doesn’t count.) When his sister gets her leg crippled by a monster, he keeps on striving to do the best he can (I have only read up to The Sight so no spoilers please) even though his sister is forced to be a medicine cat.

Now, I do like Brackenfur although you might think I don’t, so for the next part of this article I am going to be talking about why I do like him. I believe that he can be very inspirational at certain times because of his strong loyalty to his Clanmates despite his sisters handicap; speaking of Cinderpelt, her death must have destroyed him inside. Imagine having your sister, your best friend as an apprentice, die to a badger. He must have loved his sister, he loved her enough to name his kit after her. But imagine being Brackenfur in the badger attack, seeing your mate give birth as well as watching your sister being torn to shreds by a badger, now I really feel sorry for him. I think it’s great that he could keep up with his warrior duties with that burden. It also sends a good message to keep on going no matter what situation you are in. I think that this is a very good note to end on so yeah!
Thank you for reading my article, it really means the world to me! Keep in mind that this is my first post so please don’t hate on me, thanks again for reading!

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