The Strong Bond Between Littermates by Iceclaw

Iceclaw talks about the bonds between littermates throughout the series.

Art by Wayne McLoughlin

Hi BlogClan! It’s me Iceclaw! Ta da! (I think I’m best known for my skits: Which Warrior?). Today for my article, I’m going to talk about the bond between littermates.

First up,

Squirrelflight and Leafpool

Those two sisters definitely had a special bond between themselves. I will be pointing out some major events that prove how special their relationship is.

Squirrelpaw (as an apprentice) was really determined to save her sister from her capture in the Twolegplace
They have this special ability where they can sense each other’s emotions, kinda like Jayfeather’s ability. (Cool!).
Squirrelflight agreed to lie for Leafpool about her kits. She agreed to lie to her clan, to her mate, to everyone. She must have known the consequences will be big. That is how much she loved her sister.

2. Ivypool and Dovewing

As apprentices, Ivypool felt unrecognized compared to her sister, Dovewing. She didn’t want to live under her shadow. But in the end, they were still sisters.

They expressed concern towards each other whenever one of them was in trouble
Comfort each other when one of them is sad

3. Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather

As kits, all three of them were adventurous, leading them into some trouble! They were the original three, and not only that, they were littermates.

They embarked on an adventure; the really first one as kits, exploring the fox den!
They believed they held the power of stars in their paws, leading into an even more close relationship with each other; they had a unique connection with each other
After Hollyleaf ran away, Jayfeather and Lionblaze kept her secret and was really happy to see her again when she came back again

4. Snowfur and Bluestar

And finally, Snowfur and Bluestar. Even though Snowfur died early, she was with her sister through hard times.
as kits, they play together a lot
As warriors, they hunted together
When Snowfur died, Bluestar felt the loss badly. (Some littermates such as Brackenfur and Cinderpelt were not really close. Brackenfur did not really grieve for Cinderpelt).
Even dead, Snowfur watched over her sister and guided her through obstacles


I hope you enjoyed this article! Share your thoughts down below. 🙂

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