Which Warrior? Graystripe or Bramblestar? Skit #4 by Iceclaw

Iceclaw is back with skit about Graystripe and Bramblestar.

Artwork by Forever_Ebonycloud

Hey BlogClan! Iceclaw back with another skit. This time, it’s Graystripe or Bramblestar. Which one is the better deputy?

Iceclaw: Hello StarClan! We are here to decide on which warrior is the better deputy. Graystripe or Bramblestar. Graystripe and Bramblestar, come on up!

*dramatic music in the background

*Iceclaw stares at the sky

Iceclaw: Shut up!

*dramatic music stops

*awkward silence

*Graystripe and Bramblestar hover around, uncertain

Graystripe: Are we supposed to go up now?

Iceclaw: Yes, yes.

*Bramblestar rolls eyes

Graystripe and Bramblestar mount the stage

Hollyleaf: Graystripe is the rightful deputy of ThunderClan according to the warrior code! No offense, Bramblestar.

Bramblestar: I feel so betrayed.

*cats fall silent as a orange tom makes his way through

Iceclaw: Firestar… is that you?

Firestar: It is, my love. No, I’m just kidding.

Sandstorm: You better be.

Firestar: It’s just how Iceclaw said it. She was like “is that you?”, so I felt it’s going to be funny if I-

Graystripe: What did you come here for?
Firestar: I thought you were my best friend. I feel so betrayed…

Graystripe: No, I mean why did you make such a glorious entrance?

Firestar: Oh, I just wanted to point out that Graystripe is a great deputy, but there was a reason why I chose Bramblestar to be deputy.

Graystripe: Now I feel betrayed…

Brambleclaw: Don’t be surprised… Today is a tragic day, full of betrayals.


*Hollyleaf tears fur off and screams

Yellowfang: Sometimes, the warrior code has to be broken.

Hollyleaf: The warrior code is in everything.

Yellowfang: Fool! Did you hear anything I said? Firestar, you explain!

Firestar: Graystripe was a great deputy, but at that time, I had to go with my guts, and Brambleclaw seemed like the right cat to lead the clan. Graystripe was experienced with the old forest, but he wasn’t experienced with the new forest. Bramblestar was. And in my heart, I knew that when I die, Bramblestar would be a great leader…

*Firestar turns head to the side and tilts head up as if having a memory

Yellowfang: (sarcastically) Dramatic. Now, Hollyleaf, do you understand?

Hollyleaf: We must obey the warrior code at all costs!

Yellowfang: Fine, I give up.

Hollyleaf: Ha!

Yellowfang: Don’t give me that smug look! I didn’t say I agreed with you!

*More cats pipe up to share opinions

Warrior Cat #1: You’re too obsessed with the warrior code!

*Warrior Cat #2 holds out phone

Warrior Cat #2: (mimicking) “The warrior code is life”. I’m gonna tweet that! #funny #life #quotefortheday #warriorcode #hollyleafisobsessed # –

Iceclaw: Hey! Are we talking about the warrior code or Graystripe and Brambleclaw?

*The cats in the clearing quiet down

*Hollyleaf glares at everyone

Mousefur: I think Bramblestar and Graystripe is both great deputies. But think about it: Bramblestar was the one who became deputy… and then leader. Unlike his father who used his ambition and gifts the wrong way, Bramblestar used it wisely. He guided us through the Great Storm, he-

Iceclaw: Mousefur, we are talking about who is the BETTER DEPUTY.

Mousefur: I’m not finished, you ignorant, daft furball! As I was saying, before I have been so rudely interrupted…, Bramblestar was a great leader, and Graystripe would have been too, but as deputy who had a father who wrecked havoc in the forest, he proved his loyalty over and over again. Tigerstar was always manipulating and probing Bramblestar to achieve ambition through violence. And finally, that day came, and his loyalty was tested. He had to decide whether he should kill Firestar, or save him, and he chose the second option, despite a evil and fierce father, despite the distrust and pressure given by his clanmates. You have to say, Brambleclaw was a deputy who went through many hardships and obstacles, but he defeated them. That obviously shows that he’s a good deputy, and I’m sorry to say, a better deputy than Graystripe.

*Graystripe falls over dramatically

Graystripe: Mousefur’s brutal honesty is killing me…

Silverstream: Umm, excuse me? Graystripe went through hardships too.

Mousefur: He went through hardships because he made the wrong choice! Bramblestar face them without giving up.

Iceclaw: Technically he wasn’t deputy yet…

Mousefur: I will judge them based on their WHOLE life. Not just a part of it.

*Longtail nods approvingly
Longtail: Nicely said, nicely said.

Iceclaw: He wasn’t deputy yet though! He was a warrior. And plus Bramblestar trained with his father in the Dark Forest!!

*Iceclaw covers mouth

Iceclaw: oops…


AND CUT!!! That’s the end of the skit! Hope you enjoy it!

Please comment down below and give me your opinions. Who do you think is the better deputy?

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