Top 7 Warrior Cats I pictured differently by Forestpool

Forestpool lists cats they thought had different appearances.

Art by PheoSiana

So, this article explains all of the Warrior cats I pictured differently, and turned out to be very different when I payed real attention. I didn’t read their fursonas in the allegiances because I was very lazy. So, here we go with my first article!

7. Hollyleaf. I thought she was more skinny and short-furred (it just seemed right). But, she actually has some extra fur on her neck (and looks a bit plump), if you look at the original cover of her on Sunrise.

6. Moonflower. I thought she had blue eyes since both Bluekit (star) and Snowkit (fur) had them, but when I saw a picture of her, I realized she had amber ones! That was pretty stupid of me to think of that, because I realized that Bluestar’s father was Stormtail, who has blue eyes.

5. Leafpool. I always thought she would be dark brown with green eyes, since leaves are green, and I thought she had to at least have SOME green in her. Man, I was wrong! She was LIGHT BROWN with AMBER EYES! But then, later on, it seemed to make more sense to me.

4. Bluestar. Right when I started reading Warriors, I thought she would be black (because black seems more blue) instead of gray. But, she’s blue-gray! Then again, it seemed to make more sense later on.

3. Snowfur. I thought she was just pure white with blue eyes. But, when I saw what she really looks like, the tips of her ears were black! I thought it was a bit strange, since there is no part of snow that is black. And that STILL doesn’t make sense.

2. Thistleclaw. Since thistles are a bit brown or tan, I thought he would be that color (because I usually assume a cat’s fur color by their prefix). But, he is a GRAY TABBY with blue eyes!

1. This is pretty different: Yellowfang. Since her prefix is “Yellow”, I thought she was a worn-out, slender yellow she-cat (if you’ve ever seen one) with yellow eyes. But, she was a plump DARK GRAY she-cat with amber eyes! That is so, so, so, SO different! And one of my friends pictured her EXACTLY how she is, which is weird!

I hoped you enjoyed this article! Please comment below on what you think! (And maybe you could point out on a mistake I made.)

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  • Before I found out what they actually looked like, I thought Cody was white with blue eyes, Myrtlebloom, a dark tortoiseshell with green eyes (how wrong I was), Splashtail, a white tom with brown patches and blue eyes, Reedfeather, a dark ginger tom with amber eyes, Rainswept Flower, a gray-and-white she-cat with blue eyes, and for some reason I thought Tinycloud was black. I have a whole lot more of these that maybe I should put into an article.

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