Favorite and Least Favorite Warrior Cats by Rainpaw

Rainpaw shares her favorite and least favorite Warrior cats.

Art by CanisSeptimus

Hello everyone! Today, I’ll be sharing my favorite and least favorite Warrior cats, as you can see above.

To begin with, five of my favorite cats:

1. Petal
Petal is not really mentioned around here, and if you forgot, she was the loyal cat that Skystar, then Clear Sky, took into his group in Dawn of the Clans. I really like Petal because of her loyal characteristic and how she would do anything for Clear Sky and for her Clan (which back then if I’m right was called groups). I was really sad when she died, but her last words were so moving to me, telling Clear Sky that she hasn’t done enough to repay him for taking her in. True, at sometimes, she could be pretty fierce and mean, but that’s because her brother was killed by Gray Wing and that her loyal characteristic would make her challenge to any trespassers that would dare set paw on Clear Sky’s territory.

2. Tall Shadow (Shadowstar)
Shadowstar, unlike what the book, Secrets of the Clans said, is a benevolent and wise cat. In Secrets of the Clans, she was described as mean/grouchy (I don’t really remember but it was something like that), but that is all wrong, as in Dawn of the Clans, she was one of the wisest cats in the forest.

3. Russetfur
Again, I like Russetfur because of her loyalty to ShadowClan. I was really sad that she was killed by Lionblaze. I know she was (maybe) trying to kill Firestar, but when Lionblaze dragged her away, he didn’t really have to use so much force, which in the end killed her.

4. Ivypool
I can really relate to Ivypool. She wants to get attention, but her sister Dovewing gets all of it because of how Dovewing went and destroyed the dam which gave the Clans water and how Dovewing’s powers makes her a superior hunter. But poor Ivypool is left alone, without much praise. I believe that is why she went to the Dark Forest to train, because she wants to prove that she is also capable to be a warrior and wants to be better at Dovewing.

5. Jayfeather
Most people think that Jayfeather is a very grumpy cat (which he is) but I think that is partly because of his blindness and his proudness. Jayfeather doesn’t want anybody to help him just because he’s blind, which I can understand, because then, everyone is treating him as if he’s special and not just a normal cat.

Now, here are three of my least favorite cats:

1. Millie
Millie just seems very annoying to me. I mean, she’s always fussing over Briarlight, and hardly gives any attention to Bumblestripe, and especially Blossomfall. I know that Briarlight has an injury, so Millie should be checking over her daughter once in a while, but that doesn’t mean that she just can’t pay any bit of attention to her other two kits. Part of the reason I believe that Blossomfall trained in the Dark Forest is because of Millie not paying any attention to her. Every time Blossomfall wants to impress Millie, Millie would be like, stop bugging me, I need to pay Briarlight a visit. I believe that Millie should pay a bit more attention to Briarlight, but that doesn’t mean completely shunning Blossomfall and Bumblestripe away.

2. Hollyleaf
I know she was brave in the battle with the Dark Forest cats, risking her life for Ivypool’s, but Hollyleaf can be a bit crazy at times. I don’t like how she’s so devoted to the warrior code, trying not to do anything that could break the rules. Well, that didn’t turn out too well. I also don’t get why she killed Ashfur to keep the secret that she, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather were not the kits of Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw, but then spilled it all out at the Gathering that she and her littermates were the kits of Leafpool and Crowfeather. That just doesn’t make any sense to me. Then, after everyone gets angry at her, she just runs away into the tunnels, not thinking a bit about how Lionblaze and Jayfeather would cope with all of this.

3. Firestar
Firestar, like Millie, is kind of annoying to me. I mean, he’s always the hero, and helps everyone in time of danger even if it isn’t his Clan. Firestar is also always like, we have to go check if the other Clans are okay after a disaster! Seriously, Firestar, the other Clans are not kits out of the nursery, they can take care of themselves.

So there you have it, some of my favorite and least favorite cats. There are still many cats that I like and I don’t like, but that will take forever to write, so I picked these eight cats for you to know. I hope you enjoyed my article and have a great day!

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        • Yeah, Firestar is described as one word: CHEATER. Why? He loved a dead cat and met with her, breaking the warrior code a ton of times by loving her. I wish Cinderpelt was young enough for Hawkfrost or something…. Sandstorm should be with Dustpelt….

    • Yeah, Honestly I would react pretty similarly to Hollyleaf, she was very confused, she was scared so she broke the code, the she was guilty so she just gave up and told everybody, then she felt more guilty so she ran into the tunnels to be alone, like the introvert she is. she didn’t know the tunnel would collapse, i think she just wanted time alone and didnt think she was about look very dead and hurt her family.

  • I love Firestar!!!! And Hollyleaf! And Millie! I also don’t like Russetfur much, she is a so-so character for me. But I agree with everything else.

  • I agree with everything except Firestar and Hollyleaf. There is nothing wrong with Firestar being concerned it’s just the way he is. And Russetfur well I don’t know much about her so she’s not one of my favorites

    • I agree with Jayda. Firestar is just concerned about everyone. Like if he hadn’t insisted on waiting for all the clans to go on the journey to the lake territories, and convincing RiverClan and I’m pretty sure ShadowClan was stubborn as well, those clans wouldn’t be alive.

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