Lost Stars Spoiler Page

The new series, The Broken Code hits the shops on April 9, 2019 with the first instalment written by Cherith Baldry, Lost Stars.

Here’s a page for you to discuss it.

Note: We know you’re excited to continue reading about the lives of these characters, and love the world that the Erins have set up, but Kate is very busy and may not be able to get back to you regarding specific questions you may have – and she certainly can’t answer questions that spoil the next books! If a moderator or Kate tells you that they can’t answer your question, then we ask you to respect that answer. Thank you for your understanding! 🙂


    Please die, Graystripe
    Please do not die Squirrelflight
    Please do not die Ivypool
    Please stay in ShadowClan Dovewing
    Please go be a medicine cat Shadowpaw
    Please don’t turn into Ashfur, Bumblestripe
    Please do not die Mistystar
    Please die, useless supporting characters
    NO Brightheart never got an apprentice D: How could you do this to her editors??
    Briarlight reborn as Briarshine???? (Hey it could happen)
    Rabies is not in the UK people, so Bramblestar does not have rabies
    Sol you have caused enough trouble leave us ALONE
    Hollyleaf and Leafpool hang out in StarClan <3
    Tigerstar #2 better not die…
    Nobody I like can die
    Already cannot get over Briarlight and now Leafpool…
    Can I say this enough: GRAYSTRIPE NEEDS TO DIE
    Don't fade, StarClan…
    Please don't get destroyed Clans!
    Please… die Graystripe
    Firestar can stop being OP
    Spottedleaf comes back as Spottedflower
    RIP my beautiful Spottedleaf x Thistleclaw ship ;(

  • You know, the only way I will accept Shadowpaw having a forbidden relationship whether it be just a friendship or romance is if it involves RiverClan.

    …only because it’ll make RiverClan at least a tiny bit more relevant, at least. That’s it. Otherwise I’d probably have one of Bristlefrost’s siblings be in a forbidden relationship with a WindClan/RiverClan apprentice, preferably Flippaw of ThunderClan and Applepaw of WindClan.

  • This is completely of topic, but…. Kate, do you have a canon description for Leafshine (I believe that you’re the one that wrote Tallstar’s Revenge, right? She’s a tunneler that died in the tunnels)? All we have is a she-cat with a shiny fur. So I wondered if you are anything more than that. In my fanfiction, she’s a cream tabby she-cat with amber eyes

  • What color is Spotfur? We know she’s a spotted tabby, and the Warriors wiki portrays her as a brown tabby, which I like quite a bit! But I’d love to know what color she is! I hope she is a brown tabby though. 🙂

    EDIT: Oh, I saw the above comment. Nevermind!

  • Hey Kate, what is the colour of Flipkits fur and who is Bellaleafs mate and father of Wrenkit?

  • Kate, when will the silent thaw be released? Also, why did Sparkpelt name a black tom Flamekit? And I have a lot of other questions, including, who is the cat controlling Bramblestar? I think it is Ashfur, like the way he made Bramblestar snap and be mean to Squirrelflight. Or maybe Mapleshade, because she escaped and loves making cats miserable, because of the dark cloud hanging on Bramblestar

  • Hey Kate, what color has Swiftbreeze? She is only described as splotchy tabby-and-white, but we don’t know what the color is :c

  • Hey Kate
    What color has Dandelionkit and Juniperkit? The death Kits of Squirrelflight and Bramblestar

  • Hey, Kate.
    Is Rosepetal simply a great mentor and can explain things well or is there another reason why she has already trained five apprentices?

  • Hey, Kate.
    What happened to the Sky Clan cats that were taken by the Twolegs? (Clovertail, Birdwing,…)
    and what happened to Waspwhisker, Rockshade, Egg, Shrewtooth and Petaldust?

  • hey Kate
    has any clan cat except Redwillow and Breezepelt fought for the dark forest in the big battle?