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The new series, The Broken Code hits the shops on April 9, 2019 with the first instalment written by Cherith Baldry, Lost Stars.

Here’s a page for you to discuss it.

Note: We know you’re excited to continue reading about the lives of these characters, and love the world that the Erins have set up, but Kate is very busy and may not be able to get back to you regarding specific questions you may have – and she certainly can’t answer questions that spoil the next books! If a moderator or Kate tells you that they can’t answer your question, then we ask you to respect that answer. Thank you for your understanding! 🙂


  • Hi Kate, just wondering if there’s any particular reason for Bristlepaw being named Bristlefrost? Especially since both Bramblestar and Ivypool have had extremely bad experiences with a certain RiverClan cat with the same suffix…

  • I have a question. Who are the cats on the covers of the first three books on The Broken Code? Honestly, i think the cats are:
    Lost Stars – Bristlefrost
    The Silent Thaw – Rootpaw
    Veil of Shadows – Shadowpaw
    But i don’t know if i guessed, if anyone knows, please let me know who the cats on the covers are!

    • Rootpaw was confirmed as the cat on The Silent Thaw cover on the Warriors website. As for the other two, Shadowpaw is gray with amber eyes and Bristlefrost is gray with blue eyes. So I’m pretty sure that Shadowpaw is the cat on the cover of Lost Stars, while Bristlefrost is the cat on the cover of Veil of Shadows.

    • I’m pretty sure the cat on the cover of Lost Stars isn’t Bristlefrost- the cat is very clearly a tabby and Bristlefrost is a pale gray cat, no tabby stripes, while Shadowpaw is a dark gray tabby. Plus, Bristlefrost has blue eyes, not amber. It’s more likely to be:

      Lost Stars – Shadowpaw (Dark gray tabby, has amber/orange eyes)
      The Silent Thaw – Rootpaw (Yellow tabby, has blue eyes)
      Veil of Shadows – Bristlefrost (Pale gray, has blue eyes)

      Keep in mind that for VoS it can be a matter of the lighting that makes Bristlefrost appear darker than she is- it is a purple background in the cover, after all.

    • TST is confirmed to be Rootpaw, from the warrior cats website, though I’m not completely sure of how reliable that is. 🙂 I personally think Bristlefrost and Shadowpaw are on opposite covers, with Shadowpaw on LS, and Bristlefrost on VoS.

  • Kate, do you know who the mentors of Pouncestep, Lightleap, Sunbeam, Spireclaw and Hollowspring of ShadowClan are? They were kits when last series ended and are warriors when this series started. I kind of want Cloverfoot to have mentored one of them. Will their mentors be listed in the Squirrelflight’s Hope allegiances? I think that SE starts a few moons before LS starts, if I recall correctly.

  • Will Breezepelt go to the Dark Forest? I’m kind of curious because he was only slightly evil in POT, went insane in OOTS, but in CT, AVOS, and TBC he seems to be slightly better? Also, he has kits and I’ve heard he was a good father to them.

  • I feel like Bramblestar is somehow possessed by Darktail’s ghost. Even Tree pointed out the similarity in their tactics of getting cats to rat each other out and using the rules to cause suspicion and conflict, and even though Darktail hates the Clans and the warrior code, I wouldn’t put it past him to try and pervert the will of StarClan to illustrate supposed problems with Clan ways and try to break the Clans apart.

  • Hey Kate, do you think Dewspring is doing a good job as a mentor so far? I like him a lot, even though he hasn’t had much of a spotlight on him.

    • I’m sure Dewspring’s doing the very best he can. 🙂

  • To Kate: Where did Tadpole, Tigerstar and Sasha’s third kit, go when he died? If he had survived, what would have been his warrior name? That seems like it would be a bit tricky to figure out.

  • you know rootpaws namewill be rootspirng… his mentor is dewspring…. WHAT IS DEWSPRING DIES, AND ROOTPAWS NAME IS IN HONOR OF DEWSPIRNG

  • Kate, I’ve been wondering about this for a while. Do the cats who trained in the Dark Forest count as codebreakers or no?

    For Tigerheart and Breezepelt, they broke the code without the whole Dark Forest thing.

  • To Kate: What’s the general size of Shadowclan cats? Like how Thunderclan is called big and strong, and Windclan is called lean.

  • Kate, do you know when we’ll be able to find out the next SE main character? I know I keep asking this and I’m sorry, it’s just that I want to know at least around what time the storyline will be done and we can learn who it is. 🙂

    Thank you for your time.

    • It’s obv about the next RC deputy/Leader, proof:

      HJ – about new SkyClan deputy
      TS – about new ShadowClan deputy/leader
      CT – about new WC deputy
      SH – about new TC deputy

      One Clan – RC left – about new RC deputy (this could include Reed)

      The pattern has not been broken for 4 books there is no reason it should break now.

      But yeah Kate could u tell us which RC cat it’s about?

  • To Kate:

    Where did Tadpole, Tigerstar and Sasha’s third kit, go when he died? If he had survived, what would have been his warrior name? That seems like it would be a bit tricky to figure out.

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