Analysing Minor Characters 2 : Fleck by Maplepaw

Maplepaw takes a look at Fleck from Crookedstar’s Promise.

Picture by Marauderwolf93. Maker by Kamirah.

Hello BlogClan so after the sort of success of my article on Tuna (it didn’t get many comments but they were all good !)
I’ve decided to write another article on a minor character that I love, I might do this more often if this goes down well !

Spoilers for Crookedstar’s Promise

Ok so first up, who is Fleck ?
Fleck is one of the farm cats that takes in Crookedstar when he runs away from his clan to try and meet Mapleshade at the moonstone.
He is a plump ginger tom with a white belly and for some reason, he has no eye colour so let’s give him hazel eyes because that is how I picture him.

Now first off I really like him because when you first meet he does attack Crookedkit but then he starts teasing him, and I find that a breath of fresh air from the normally serious battles cats have with loners usually. I loved how no territorial and friendly Fleck was and he immediately made me laugh when he completely confused Crookedkit by using words like breakfast.

But then the thing that really made me love Fleck was how he taught Crookedkit how to eat and hunt with his jaw and without this help I don’t think that Crookedkit would have lived very long as he was not eating enough before this moment. Why a loner would help a clan cat I don’t know but it is clear that Fleck is kind hearted and trusting as, only moments after meeting him, he lets Crookedkit look after his sisters kits.

Fleck goes on to act as a sort of mentor to Crookedkit, teaching him how to hunt, and trying to teach him how to be patient. Crookedkit didn’t seem to mind Fleck’s teasing and he soon began to feel accepted because of the farm cats kindness. He even says to Mapleshade I think it is (I’m doing this all from memory) why should I go back, my clan doesn’t want me but here I feel accepted, or something along those lines.
This really shows how kind Fleck is. Clan cats rarely feel like they are completely happy anywhere apart from there clan but in this case, the kindness of the farm cats meant that Crookedkit preferred the farm to RiverClan.

Now when Crookedkit said that he had to leave, Fleck could not understand, he seemed almost heartbroken. In my mind, Fleck thought of Crookedkit as a sort of son. In the end Fleck let Crookedkit go, but I don’t think he ever found it the same without him.

Crookedstar often thought about the kindness of the farm cats throughout Crookedstar’s Promise and was over joyed when he saw one of Flecks nieces again.

No one knows how Fleck died or whether he ever found a mate but I like to think that he did, and that he died peacefully in his sleep, hopefully going to StarClan so he could see Crookedstar again.

Thank you for reading this article, it’s a bit pieced together and not that well planned out but I hope the you now better understand the character of Fleck and why I am really disappointed that there is barely any fan art about him !

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