An Interview with my Younger Sister (a hater of cats 😛) about Warrior Cats by Lionfire

Lionfire “requested” an interview with their younger sister about Warriors.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Whever your reading this because you thought it was sensible, or because you just wanted to read the terrible burns we do to each other in probably most of our conversations, prepare to be amazed disappointed. 😛

Here goes!
(I’m ‘me’ 😛 and my sister is ‘Rosekit’)
Me: Ok, its working now (the recorder on my phone btw 😛)
Me: Ok, so what’s your favourite clan?
Rosekit: Clan?
Me: Speak up a lil’ bit so the phone can catch it.
Rosekit: CLAN?! OOH! DO LET ME THINK. Uh… I do like ShadowClan.
(Woahhh, this should get some shade from readers 😉😉😉😉)
Me: Because?
Rosekit: Ermm… Because everyone’s always against them for no particular reason whatsoever. And everyone’s always like “ah… I hate you” (said with little enthusiasm).
Me: Who’s your favourite ThunderClan character?
Rosekit: Oh! The grey what, the grey thingy. Greystone? Greything?
Me: Greystripe.
Rosekit: Greystripe! That one.
Me: Good choice! My little… (was gonna say sister then changed my mind 😛) thing.
Rosekit: Thing?
Me: Uhhh, sibling-thing.
Rosekit: Excuse me, but is this for an official reason?
Me: Thing? Yeah. You’ll see later, some day. So young apprentice…
Rosekit: Oh help me.
Me: Tryna think of a question, na na na na na…
Rosekit: She’s spinning around on a spinny chair waving her arms about, and dabbing I think, trying to look ‘cool’.
Me: I’m not trying to look cool! I’m trying to think! Oh! What made you start reading Warrior Cats?
Rosekit: Because you kept on throwing the book at me (haha, this isn’t true btw 😛)
Me: What made you stop Warrior Cats?
Rosekit: I found some better books, that were more suited for me.
Me: Haha Betty Botter bough some butter but she said this butter’s bitter, so she bought some better butter to make some better batter. What was your favourite book that you have read?
Rosekit: Ahhhh… they’re all the same, cats everywhere, moon this, moon that, oh three moons, five moons and 10 moons…
Me: I think you’re thinking of another book…
Rosekit: Oh.
Me: Would you ever consider reading Warrior Cats again?
Rosekit: Mmmm… no. (Remember she doesn’t like cats 😛)
Me: Why not?
Me: “Zip it, happy meal” (Vector quote, I use it a lot 😛), cats are better and you know it.
Rosekit: Ohhh? What qualities do cats have then?
Me: They’re snazzy. Ok, moving on, next question. What is your favourite event that happens in the books you’ve read so far?
Rosekit: That bit… where that really annoying guy who’s name ends with tail, gets rejected by the clan. (Woah thats dark)
Me: Brokentail?
Rosekit: Yeah that one.
Me: What do you think of warrior cats?
Rosekit: (remember cat hater, sorry about her answer 😛) It’s kind of boring, its just like ‘this cat dabbed at the water’ and ‘this cat drank the water’ and ‘OH NO THE WATERS POISONED. this cat dies from the water’, ‘this cat had stripyness which gleamed in the water’ and ‘this cat blah blah blah’ (What version of Warriors has she been reading? 😛)
Me: Would you consider getting your friends into Warrior Cats?
Rosekit: No. (that was a straight answer 😛 they actually read Survivors I think, but they’re older siblings (my friends) read Warriors.)
Me: Should you read Warriors would you consider joining BlogClan?
Rosekit: no, judging that I have no phone or no laptop and I broke my iPod.
Me: You can use the computer downstairs. Like you do for Animal Jam.
Rosekit: I don’t play Animal Jam!
Me: What’s wrong with playing Animal Jam?
Rosekit: it’s cringy and cheesey.
Me: I play Animal Jam.
Rosekit: Then you’re sad.
Rosekit: You tried. You failed.
Me: Not as bad as you failed. OOOHHH! SOMEONE TURN THE SHOWER ON BECAUSE SOMEONE JUST GOT ROASTED! Ok, so what’s your favourite setting or place?
Rosekit: The medicine den. ThunderClan medicine den.
Me: Ok not what I meant, but never mind.
Rosekit: I was more upset when the medicine den burnt down than when the actual medicine person who ran the thing died.
Me: Yellowfang?! You were upset when Yellowfang died?!
Rosekit: No, not Yellowfang, the tortoise thing before her.
Me: Spottedleaf? She didn’t burn.
Rosekit: She didn’t?
Me: Nah, some other cat killed her, Yellowfang was the one who burnt.
Rosekit: Oh her then.
Me: Yellowfang was brilliant! She was nice and annoying and kept wrecking people!
Rosekit: Oh I think I liked her then. I was more upset when the den burnt than when Spottedleaf died.
Me: No one was upset when Spottedleaf died (haha the comment to this should be funny 😛)
What was your favourite book?
Rosekit: The one where all the guys left their home and then left the people behind cause they said they wanted to stay, but they were upset when the others left so clearly they wanted to go along.
Me: Who’s your least favourite character?
Rosekit: Fireguy. He’s soooo annoying he always get angry, he’s like an annoying toddler. (Haha clearly not a gary-stu 😛)

The interview is at an end…

This may be really short, buts that’s because I’m on my phone, so I can’t see it full, and cut out some of the longer, less funny questions 😛

Hope you enjoyed, tell me if you want more 🙂<3

Have a fantastic day y’all 🙂<33 Lion out.

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  • Tbh I wasn’t too upset when Spottedleaf died. In my opinion the saddest deaths in TPB are in this order.

    1. Yellowfang
    2. Silverstream
    3. Runningwind
    4. Bluestar
    5. Brindleface
    6. Whitestorm.