BlogClan Gathering: Team Organization + Guest-Hosted Contests

Hello everyone! Sunny and I are thrilled to hold the Gathering, and we’re so excited for you guys to know this year’s teams…

Dapper Dragons
Groovy Griffins
Flamboyant Phoenixes

Thank you so much for your suggestion, Shady (Shadowedpaw)! We absolutely loved your idea of the Dapper Dragons, and we just had to use it. A big thank you to everyone for your wonderful ideas! They were all so creative ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyways, onto Team Organization!
I’ve created a Google Doc so you can see what team you (and others) are on. Please comment below what teams you want, and in what orderย (most to least).
1. Flamboyant Phoenixes
2. Dapper Dragons
3. Groovy Griffins
We’ll do your best to put you on the team you want most, but we also really would like the teams to be balanced ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, onto the second part of our Gathering… the Guest-Hosted contests.
We will pick four (4) of you to host your very own games during the Gathering! You will get about 20 minutes to host your game during the Gathering, and we’ll just need you to keep score for your game. All you have to do is fill out this nifty form, with your BlogClan name, contest name, contest summary, and the time slot which works best for you.

An official schedule will be posted sometime before the Gathering, but the Guest Hosted contests will take place from 12-2, with a tennish minute break between contests.

Please feel free to come to Sunny or myself if you have any questions, and we’ll back get to you ASAP.

Also, once again, the Gathering date is Saturdayย August 4, 2018. (Should I have mentioned that sooner? Probably.)



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