Exploring One of My Favorite What Ifs: If Honeyfern Had Never Died by Sky

Sky asks the question: “What if Honeyfern never died?”

Art by DrakynWyrm

Alright. As many of you may know, I’m a devote HoneyXBerry shipper and greatly dislike PoppyXBerry. So, naturally, one of my favorite “what ifs” is about Honeyfern NOT dying.

People are always saying that the storyline of PoT and OotS would be different and worse if Honeyfern didn’t die, because then Molewhisker and Cherryfall wouldn’t exist, and Poppyfrost wouldn’t have travelled to the Moonpool to speak with Honeyfern. If Poppyfrost hadn’t travelled to the Moonpool, fans argue, then Jayfeather wouldn’t have discovered Breezepelt’s hatred and Brokenstar and his Dark Forest cronies wouldn’t have attached Jayfeather. Fans will also say that if Honeyfern hadn’t died, Leafpool wouldn’t have stocked up on deathberries, leading to the deathberry scene between Hollyleaf and Leafpool never happening. Warriors fans will then conclude with something along the lines of, “So, Honeyfern’s death was necessary and I think that it was very beneficial to all cats.”

Here’s the thing, though: with a bit of plot editing, we can have Honeyfern live AND have everything important happen.

Let’s say that Honeyfern jumps on and kills the snake instead of jumping between it and Briarkit. Briarkit lives and so does Honeyfern. However, Firestar is wary and cautious, so he instructs for the deathberries. Soon, Honeyfern and Berrynose have four kits(this part is totally me, I’ve always imagined Berrynose and Honeyfern having four kits with three kits surviving, but as long as the amount of kits is three or above, it’s fine as well), named Cherrykit, Molekit, Sweetkit, and Goldenkit. Unfortunately, Goldenkit dies of a mysterious cough. Honeyfern and Berrynose are heartbroken. Jayfeather goes to the Moonpool to ask StarClan what this cough was. However, there, he learns of Breezepelt’s hate and meets the Dark Forest cats. The plot can carry on from there.

In my thoughts, Poppyfrost sadly moves on from Berrynose and then falls for Mousewhisker. However, she catches Mousewhisker with Minnowtail of RiverClan. Poppyfrost falls into a short moon of depression before recovering. She starts anew after her depression with the goal of being the best her that she can. In what we know as Bramblestar’s Storm, along with the kittypets comes a loner tom named Smoke. He joins the Clan and becomes Smokeclaw. He and Poppyfrost become mates and Poppyfrost has one kit named Applekit.

At any rate, that’s just a little what if. What do you think? Do you think that it could have worked out? Write below in the comments!


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