A Proposal for a Potential Novella by Batflight

Batflight shares an idea for a potential novella. Spoilers for River of Fire!

Artist unknown (Source: tumblr)

Warning for River of Fire spoilers ahead!

I think The Kin are deserving of their own novella or at the very least a short bonus scene dedicated to them. Giving the antagonists their own little novella or something of the like to shine in could be a great opportunity to flesh them out.

Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf talking about their time with the remaining Kin in River of Fire made me want to see what it was like to live with the remaining members of that group. I’m curious about how Yarrowleaf and Nettle became mates and if any new cats were brought into the group. Or even if any new kits were born, if the widely discussed headcanon that Raven was carrying Darktail’s kits when he died is to be believed.

Raven in particular has the makings of an intriguing cat and I feel a novella could delve more deeply into her character. Sleekwhisker is another intriguing cat I’d like to see more of during this tumultuous time with The Kin. Maybe the novella could even be from her perspective as well. What could she have been thinking when she thought to return to the Clans with Yarrowleaf with the intent to use her kits as bargaining chips? Or even Nettle would be interesting to look into. After all what kind of cat is willing to sacrifice his own kits to attain his goals? Or even any new kits born within the group at the time. What must it be like to be born into such a harsh group of rogues and to grow up in that sort of environment?

In a novella about The Kin I would ideally like to see what their day to day life is like now that there is so few of them remaining. I’d like to see new characters or cameos of older characters as well *cough* Jessy *cough*. Most of all I’d just like to see how they act without Darktail around and see how they cope with that sudden power vacuum.

Overall I just think it would be neat to get a novella from the perspective of the villains of the arc as it would be a nice change of pace and could bring forth interesting revelations about certain characters in that group.

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