Why do I think Bluestar was not ThunderClan’s best leader by Springbreeze

Springbreeze argues why they think Bluestar was not the best leader ThunderClan had.

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First of all, I know that Bluestar was a very noble leader who drove ThunderClan very well, but in the last part of her life, it seems to me that she destroyed the Clan more, and I have several reasons I think this thing.
First of all, after Tigerclaw’s betrayal came to light, she had the chance to spend most of her time in her lair, not interested in the fate of her clan. She delayed the appointment of Fireheart as deputy, without thinking about the Code of Warriors and what the rest of the Clan would believe. For this reason, Fireheart often bent his right to be deputy. Bluestar began to believe that all the cats were just traitors who wanted to destroy the Clan. She started to regret giving up her kits, Mistyfoot and Stonefur. She thought StarClan wanted to destroy her, as the warrior ancestors had made her the leader just for her to suffer.
She left Fireheart to choose who they would be mentors to Ashfur and Ferncloud. This is not necessarily a wrong thing, but it demonstrates that she is not interested in the life of the Clan. She asks Fireheart if in ThunderClan there are still cats worthy to train their innocent kits, but later refuses to make Swiftpaw, Thornpaw, Brightpaw, Ashpaw and Fernpaw warriors. In some cases I can understand, some were the disciples of Tigerclaw’s aides, but Whitestorm and Mousefur could not be taken as traitors. She accepted to make him a warrior only on Cloudtail because he was Fireheart’s apprentice. Because of it, Swiftpaw takes the decision to do something that will surely impress her, so he goes along with Brightpaw to discover the evil that threatens the cats in the forest. After Brightpaw is disfigured, and Cloudtail asks Bluestar to give her the name of the warrior, she uses it to take revenge on StarClan, naming her Lostface. This again demonstrates that the only thing Bluestar wanted was revenge on the warrior ancestors, not even thinking of the possibility that Lostface would survive.
When he became a leader, the first thing Firestar had to do was to correct all the mistakes made by Bluestar. Of course, he could not bring Swiftpaw back to death, but he had to change Lostface’s name and delay the warriors cereony as Ashpaw and Fernpaw, for Thornpaw’s experience to be recognized.
Of course, besides the mistakes of her Clan, we must not forget that Bluestar was about to start a real war between ThunderClan and WindClan. And so that everything was perfect, she was angry at Fireheart because he went to talk to Tallstar in hopes of resolving the conflict. She called him a traitor, telling him that he would let him be second, to become a leader and take the lead of a “Traitors Clan”. I really do not see Fireheart’s fault. He just wanted to protect his Clan from a useless and meaningless conflict and a war in which he could have lost a lot of lives.

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  • After all this reasoning, part of me actually agrees. But, the other part of me thinks that Bluestar has suffered so much when she was leader, and she wants to protect her clan. I only read Bluestar’s Prophecy though, but, losing most of her kin and two deputies, i kinda feel bad for her.

    Not that I’m saying this article isn’t true, but still.

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