My top 5 fav Warrior cats by Brackenstorm

Brackenstorm shares their top 5 favourite characters. Are any of them on your list?

Art by DrizzleyBear

5. Gorsepaw: He did live a very short life, though he was very kind to Everybody. When he was killed by Tigerstar I was Inraged!! I HATED TIGERSTAR ( I still do) I think i good warrior cat name for him would be Gorseleaf or Gorseflower, or Maybe Gorseclaw.

4. Breezepelt. *Dodges Furniture* I know he trained in the Dark forest, I know he tried to kill Poppyfrost and Jayfeather, I know! But he seems like an interesting character. He was only evil because of his father Crowfeather ( Go jump in fox dung Crowfeather). I really like the part where Breezepaw teases Lionpaw about trying to get mud of his pelt, then Lionpaw tackles him down into the mud, it made me Laugh Out Loud! I don’t know why they make Thunderclan apprentices, Warriors before other Cats in other clans eg. Heatherpaw, Sneezepaw, Breezepaw!

3.Molewhisker * looks around* phew, no furniture this time! well that makes sense because Molewhisker is a great character!!!
I really like Molewhisker! he is always kind and he trained Alderheart (as Warrior). Molewhisker should be leader, well maybe because number 1 i hope should be!!!

2. Whitestorm, He dies really early on but he has a big role in warrior cats! He is killed by Bone (Go join Crowfeather) and Bone was killed by apprentices, LOL! He trained so many Warriors (two or three) He was so loyal! and my Warrior name is partly him and partly the number 1 Cat! Can you guess the number one cat?

1. if you guessed Brackenfur you are correct! I love him soooooo much! he had so many sad moments eg: cinder pelt breaks leg, Cinderpelt dies, Molepaw dies, Honeyfern dies, Sorreltail dies, Seedpaw dies! he is discribed as Loyal at heart! And he trained even more apprentices: Sorrelstripe, Hollyleaf, Tawnypelt, Whitewing! And he was a back up for Icecloud and Tigerheart! When Graystripe was with Silverstream he had the brave and (not so anymore) mighty Firestar as his back up mentor! but sadly Brackenfur is not going to be a leader because he is going to retire in arc 7, and Bramblestar has not lost a life yet!

Anyway I’m going to do a bonus sorting out random warrior cats into I like, I am ok and I don’t like!

I like: Bramblestar, Breezepelt, Brackenfur, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Molewhisker, Gorsepaw, Ravenpaw, Mistystar, Harveymoon, Sorreltail and Alderheart.

I am ok: Firestar, Graystripe, Heathertail, Feathertail, Stormfur, Tigerheart, Dovewing, Ivypool, Cloudtail, Brightheart, Jayfether, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf

I don’t like: Crowfeather, Tigerstar, Scourge, Socks, Ruby, Sol, Bone, Darktail and more but I have had ENOUGH of this article so good-bye!
Brackenpaw (Brackenstorm).

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  • Yay another Breezepelt lover!!! 😀 However Breezepelt did make his own decisions but it’s true that your environment and those around you can affect who you are. I actually don’t hate any of his family. In fact even both Crowfeather AND Nightcloud I like/am fine with (it’s weird). And yessss I love and miss Whitestorm 🙁

    Um I don’t like Brambleclaw/star. Idk I just don’t like him.

  • I disagree strongly with Breezepelt. Crowfeather can’t be blamed for him wanting to kill cats and betray his Clan. Just because he was a strict parent doesn’t mean that he abused or forced Breezepelt to attempt murder on kits. Breezepelt was able to make his own choices and write his own destiny, but he chose to attack his Clanmates, attempt murder, and betray his Clan. None of that can completely be put on Crowfeather. After all, someone with strict parents rarely turns to murder as a solution for their problems. Breezepelt was also angry about an affair Crowfeather had years ago. He shouldn’t try to kill his half-siblings over something as crazy as that. Crowfeather also had every right to call out Breezepelt on his bad behavior and scold him for being a jerk. That’s how you parent correctly. Was Crowfeather the best father? No. But he didn’t make his son evil. Breezepelt did that on his own.

    Otherwise, I agree with your reasoning for the other cats. I love how you enjoy the old background cats like Gorsepaw too.

    • I think that Crowfeather did mentally abuse Breezepelt, but I don’t think Crowfeather did it on purpose.

      • Breezepelt interpreted it as such, but being a strict parent isn’t abusive. Crowfeather did care about him and there was no point in the books were he was abusive to Breezepelt. He was distant, but he always liked his son to some extent. It was just that Breezepelt was aggressive and a bit of a brat. Breezepelt was also encouraged to think badly of his father and never tried to have a civil conversation (as far as we know) with his father.

  • Crowfeather is emotionally distant and not very supportive. Plus, he has a stern parenting style. But never did anything to intentionally harm Breezepelt, or Nightcloud for that matter. He’s certainly not the best parent, but he has shown that he cares about his kits (even if he claims not to give a mouse’s tail about Lionblaze, Jayfeather, or Hollyleaf).

    Breezepelt is an interesting character though. I just find it sad that he was so easily manipulated by the Dark Forest cats into genuinely believing his father had wronged him.

  • Breezepelt’s motive was not his father’s treatment of him, but rather his father’s past affair with Leafpool. That’s what every argument was about and the reason Breezepelt committed the crimes he did. And it makes no sense to me. Breezepelt wasn’t even born during the time his father had a relationship with the medicine cat.

    • Yeah but I think Breezepelt was rude/mean because of Crowfeather’s past with Leafpool. It didn’t matter if the whole LeafxCrow thing was in the past. The point is that it still affected cats in the future/during that time. Breezepelt did not like the idea of having half siblings at all. He wanted Crowfeather to love him and his mother ONLY apparently. That is why you choose a mate, right? Also Crowfeather didn’t even know before that he had other kits and yet he still ignored his son (but I can understand why). This made Breezepelt confused and angry. But when he did find out……yup everything just exploded into chaos and more drama lol.

      Rainflower ignored Crookedstar because of his looks (which is stupid) and he knew this. Breezepelt however was a “good looking” cat but was neglected (in a way) anyway. This made him angry because he saw nothing wrong with him and he wondered why his father was ignoring him. But he knew about Leafpool, so that just made everything much much worse. Crookedstar wasn’t evil/mean because he didn’t exactly have a grudge against anyone. He could have hated Rainflower but he didn’t. Breezepelt on the other hand had a whole lot more drama (this does not include death) and actually had cats he hated.

      In my Hollyleaf argument on Sorzi’s article, I think Breezepelt felt like his life was also a mistake in some way. He was only born because his father was trying to make up to his Clan and prove his loyalty.

      This is why the Crookedstar vs Breezepelt argument isn’t entirely valid because they are different cats with two different lives. Sure they were both neglected but for totally different reasons.

      (also hi Aster! Lol XD)

  • I love Brackenfur too. I like how he always accuses himself for things made by other cats. He said it was his fault when Darkstripe poisoned Sorrelkit, so when Tawnypaw went to join Shadowclan. I love how worried about Snowkit.
    Whitestorm is also one of my favorites. I’m just as sad as he already knew he would die in the fight with Bloodclan. He was a wise and brave tom.

  • I agree with everything except Breezepelt, but i’m not going to go into it 🙂
    Great article though! 😀

  • Finally, someone who loves Gorsepaw! You had the exact same reaction to his death as I did. I was liking Tigerstar and thinking that he was a pretty cool character up until that point. I mean, GORSEPAW WAS AN INNOCENT, HELPLESS APPRENTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried and cried for him. I mean, SCOURGE defended a kit from other cats.

  • NIce article, Brackenstorm! I’ll be honest, I overlooked some of these characters (namely Brackenfur) on my first readthrough, but you’ve mad me love them a bit more!

  • I love Brackenfur!
    He always seems to be like in the background and I wish he was mentioned more in the books.

  • Great Article!

    Gorsepaw; Yeah, he was so sweet and would’ve made a great warrior! ( i still like Tigerstar tho)

    Breezepelt: Yes, I like him! In Crowfeather’s Trial, he becomes an amazing character.

    Molewhisker: I never really thought about him. He was just always ‘there’ for me.

    Whitestorm: I love him! He was such a loyal cat and should’ve been leader. He was the purrfect cat! ( i luv bone btw dont judge me)

    Brackenfur: I love him! He is so cool and kind and went through so much. He is amazing.

    My fav cat is Scourge…… oops