My 6 Favorite Cats by Creekdapple

Creekdapple shares their top 6 favourite characters. Do you like any of them? Minor spoilers for AVoS!

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A nice thing about Warriors is that there are so many different characters with so many different personalities in so many different situations, and while that can lead to some of them not having very advanced personalities and character development, it also allows for so many unique options for favorites, depending on the reader’s preferences. So, here are some of my favorites, in no particular order, and the reasons why.

I first became interested in Mapleshade rather irrationally, and I had a little crush on her for a few weeks just because “she’s a cool cat”. I suppose my like of her character is still somewhat of an irrational legacy from that time, and I find it interesting that she was a villain who showed no signs of being evil until she went insane. But, mostly it’s just irrational.

River Ripple/Riverstar
Riverstar is, in my opinion, one of the best if not the best leader in the history of the Clans. He’s neutral and detached from most things, which already is a great quality in a leader, but passionate about helping others have what they need. I’m inferring, though I’m not entirely sure, that his role in RiverClan is more that of an organizer than a leader, per se; he doesn’t seem like the kind of cat who would tell others what to do, but rather, facilitate them figuring out amongst themselves what to do.

Pinestar was a troubled cat. He questioned how bloody the life of a Clan cat had to be, how many more pointless battles had to be fought, but even he didn’t have the power to change the system, and so he ended up running away. I relate to his struggles, maybe not exactly the same thing, but often I’ve found myself wondering what the point of all this is, working hard in school so you can get good grades, to go to college so you can work even harder to get good grades so you can get a (meaningless) good job to work even harder just to survive, and for what? Just to die at the end…

I started liking Hollyleaf around the same time as I started getting into political history, especially the Cold War. Ahem, anyway. Probably part of the reason I like her is because she also is an observer of Clan politics. A lot of people seem to be annoyed by her biggest flaw, blindly following the warrior code, but I think it makes an interesting and relatable (to me, who, especially earlier when I had just started the school year and was just getting the hang of things, try to be as obedient as possible and following all the rules) character.

I was first attracted to Alderheart (Alderpaw then) because of his tendency to overthink things and worry that he wasn’t good enough, which I could strongly relate to then. As his character developed, however, his “social consciousness”, as I like to call it, didn’t just disappear, but it shifted to understanding of other cats’ needs and emotions as he became more comfortable in his own environment, similar to myself.

For some reason I just find myself admiring Violetpaw greatly. At first I thought nothing of her; just a generic “I’m-lonely-and-I-miss-my-sister” kind of character, but as she became more of an antagonist to Darktail (meaning a protagonist to everyone else especially me and everyone else who hates that Joseph McCarthy cat clone), I admired her for being an inside cat and betraying Darktail to protect Clan ways. I may not know exactly how it feels to lose your only friend (well, not forever at least) but I can sympathize with Violetpaw for this a great deal.

Ah, I remember that time when I was like seven and my favorite character was Bluestar because “she’s blue and she’s a girl” (I actually thought she was bright blue at that time)

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