Warrior cats who should have there own super edition by Brackenstorm

Brackenstorm lists some characters that should have their own super edition.

Art by Lithestep

Brackenfur – He was born in Into the wild and is still alive in a River of fire!!! It would be interesting to write his whole life. When he was stolen by Clawface and taken to Shadowclan. When he was an apprentice, how Graystripe was wondering off to meet Silverstream, and he was being trained by Fireheart. How he felt when Cinderpaw broke her leg. When Cinderpelt died, and how Sorreltail, Molepaw, Honeyfern and Seedpaw died! When he had feelings for Sorreltail, and more, but i think I’m gonna stop with Brackenfur and get onto the next cat. anyway he’s can be called Brackenfur’s Break ( just saying i couldn’t think of anything else for Brackenfurs Super edition name, pls suggestions in comments)

Needletail – Yet i haven’t read A vision of shadows :0 i know Needletail plays a big role. with Violetshine’s first person view you here a lot about Needletail. Sorry i can’t say much about Needletail. I can’t think of one for Needletail

Half moon – Lets begin with the start of her life: When she has a crush on Jay’s wing would be interesting. What does she think when Jay’s wing disappears? How does she feel about becoming Stone Teller (Teller of pointed stones)? And maybe a epilogue of what happens to the Tribe of rushing water when Gray wing and the others leave and move to the forest. Oh and what does she think about the lake when the group thinks it will be destroyed? What did she think when Jay’s wing nearly got attacked by badgers? Who was her mother and father? If there is a super edition about her, what will it show for Fallen leaves? Who discovers the moonpool (other than leafpool)? Thats it. Halfmoon’s… idk ca you give me some suggestions for names that half moon could have for her super edition?

Briarlight – ok here will be a really good suggestion. What does she think Knowing that her mother is not Clanborn? when she says ‘she’s gonna die, isn’t she? and i’ll never see her again, ’cause i don’t know the way to Starclan’ it makes me question, what does she think happens to her if she dies and not know starclan will be her new home? When she and Millie are sick. When she paralyses her legs. And what does she think about her name? Does she like it? Does she feel more grief for Longtail, compared to others? Briarlight’s disability.

Brightheart – what does she think of cloud tail at first? knowing that she is his foster sister? did she have a crush on Swiftpaw?How sad does she feel when Swiftpaw died? How scared was she of the dogs. How bad did she feel when she knew she has lost half of her face? What does she think of Cloudtail helping her when she lost half of her face? and how horrified was she when Bluestar, renamed her Lostface? How happy was she do have her name as BrightHEART instead of other names like Brightfur, Brightlight, Brightclaw?How bad did she feel when she saw Cloudtail being sooooooooooooo kind to Daisy compared to her, and then he questions how it is bad? what was it like being a medicine cat helper but mostly a warrior? Brightheart’s terror.
Thats it for her

Ivypool – what was it like being related to Firestar? what did it feel like to have skyclan, Kittypet and Shadowclan blood. what did it feel like knowing either you or Dovewing could have special powers but it was Dovewing not you! what did she think the Dark Forest would do to help her? Ivypools Rage ( XD i think rage is good because of the dark forest bit and the finding out that Dovewing is special not her!)

Cinderheart – What was it like knowing you were named after someone who died a brave death? i would feel proud! What did she think of Leafpool being so concerned about her. How did she feel when breaking her leg??? What did she think when Firestar says ‘From now on, you will be known as Cinderheart, in memory for those before you’? i would feel a bit down and go to the hug page, XD!What about the most interesting bit. Finding out that she is a Recarnation of Cinderpelt??? oh and i think knowing that is why she named her kits after dead warrior cats. thats another thing u can write about for the super edition. Cinderheart’s peace.

Thats it for this article
Best of luck and wishes ( for no real reason )

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  • I agree on brackenfur and halfmoon and think there should be a super edition about a living dark forest Warrior of series 4 like crowfeathers Son or reedsomething lionblaze fought while he was at shadowclan in last hope. Great article brackenstorm! Miauwmrauwoink!

  • A super edition for Fallen Leaves, Half Moon, and maybe even Sun Shadow would be interesting. For a lot of the cats on this list though, we already know most of their story. Maybe a novella would suit them better. I personally really hope for a novella on Spire and Blaze. Then again, Crowfeather and Squirrelflight are getting super editions, and we already know a ton about them (of course, the books are covering issues we haven’t seen them tackle yet).

  • Nice article, Brackenstorm! 🙂 I would love to learn more about all of these cats! I agree with Brighty though, these stories might be better suited as Novellas. 🙂

  • I think that Brackenfur and Half Moon should have a Super Edition, and the rest of the characters should have novellas. I would like to see Half Moon’s point of view. Good article!

  • Brackenfur: I’d like to see something from his point of view, but I have to agree with what someone before me had commented about Super Editions and novellas. Super Editions are pretty long, so i have to say a novella would probably be better.

    Needletail: I’m almost halfway through book 2 of arc 5 so I can’t say much either 😛

    Half Moon: It would be really cool to see her side of things, how Jay’s Wing and her world and the cats’ society was like back then, and how they grew and family/her history.

    Briarlight: I really think that would be a wonderful addition to her story. If not a full super edition, maybe a novella on the time she had been paralysed to how she became so determined and happy, even after the fact that happened to her.

    Brightheart: I’d really like to see something of her. I remember reading something from her view from one of the field guides when she was talking about Swiftpaw and getting ambushed by the dogs, and waking up to Cloudtail. Her character could definitely benefit from a novella from the time she was injured to becoming courageous enough to fight the battle of BloodClan, or when Cloudtail was padding after another she-cat, but I think a super edition may be too long for either of those parts.

    Ivypool: she has had chapters from her point of view, and I dont really see much character growth that can occur, or stuff we haven’t read before.

    Cinderheart: I think she has already been written quite a bit about. I can’t really see much character growth in that for her.

  • Fantastic article Brackenfur! 😊 I deffinetely agree with most of your character, though I agree with some people in the comments that a novella would suit the better. however Half Moon and Fallen Leaves? That would deffinetely be interesting, as we haven’t really heard much of their story, we’ve only seen glances at their life. In terms of a name for Halfmoon…Halfmoon’s sorrows. Halfmoon’s change, chance. (I’m not the best at coming up with superedition names) Ivypool, though I think that would be cool, I would deffinetely love to hear about her story more, I think again that would be an awesome novella.

  • I can agree with getting a BrackenFur SE. And I LOOVEEEEE the idea of a Ivypool SE. But Briarlight and Needletail don’t have much to expand on, neither does Half-Moon really.

  • Great Aricle!
    I think these cats should have just novellas tho, and Ivypool already had a POV in the books

  • Nice article! I think Palebird (Tallstars mom) should get a novella/Super edition. Because she’s like, depressed and stuff and I want to know why. Again, nice article!😊

  • I think longtail, Appledusk, and Scourge should get a super edition- such as for scourge, in wherever he went for an afterlife