Why Cinderheart should have her own novella by Chocolatepaw

Chocolatepaw explains why they think there should be an article about Cinderheart.

Art by Riverbelle

I just thought of this so I’m just going to write what I’m thinking. Cinderheart deserves her own novella.

Cinderheart was always different from other cats because she was a reincarnation of Cinderpelt. Sometimes the other cats treated her like she wasn’t herself, like she was the wise medicine cat Cinderpelt. Other cats were also shocked by how much Cinderheart looked like Cinderpelt. For example, Squirrelflight squeaked in alarm the first time she saw Cinderheart (as a kit) because of her resemblance to Cinderpelt. Cinderheart’s early life is also similar to Cinderpelt’s, like when she injured her leg. The differences start there, when Cinderpelt decides to become a medicine cat and Cinderheart continues training to become a warrior. They also have similar personalities. They are both caring and always want to help other cats in need.

Another reason Cinderheart deserves her own novella is because she was in love with one of the three, even though she wasn’t part of the prophecy. It would be interesting to see her outside look on the three and learn more about her relationship with Lionblaze. She couldn’t be his mate for some time while he was part of the prophecy. We know a bit about the relationship from Lionblaze’s perspective, but not much from hers. Like, for instance, was she always worried Lionblaze would be overly reckless and get hurt? Or did she know he would be okay, that as part of the prophecy he had to survive? We could also learn more about the hurdles they overcame, which are very unique.

Also, she was very pressured to be someone she was not, and to become a medicine cat. Eventually, she was accepted for who she is. I think readers would enjoy more detail about this hurdle because it can relate to many people’s lives.

Like I said before, I just quickly thought of this but please let me know what you think about giving Cinderheart her own novella!

-Chocolatepaw (Chocolatestorm)

p.s. This is my first article!!! I hope you guys enjoy it and please let me know any feedback that you have.

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