Suggestions for The Broken Code by Yeva and Vicky

Yeva and Vicky list some suggestions they have for the new arc, The Broken Code. Spoilers ahead!

(Embix edit: just in case you’re not sure, this is not Vicky Holmes 😛 )

Okay so you’ve read the title and basically these are just some suggestions for The Broken Code. I’ll begin because I don’t want this intro to be too long.


#1- Leaders should have 9 lives, deputies should get 5 or 4 lives, and medicine cats should get 3 lives. I feel like this would be fair because if deputies keep dying it’ll start to get boring, like what happened to Bluestar in The Prophecies Begin. Maybe if a deputy gets 5-4 lives, it’ll give off more suspense and give the deputy more responsibility. Maybe even a deputy could not get their lives and get angry? I don’t know. Also, medicine cats should have 3 lives because if a medicine cat dies without an apprentice, what if no one wants to be a medicine cat? What will happen then? Will another clan’s medicine cat have to serve that clan?

#2- Maybe kill off Graystripe?
Okay, I know many people have probably already said this, but I’m still saying it. Graystripe is way too old! If I count the number of years since 2003, he’s been alive for more than 15 years. The average lifespan for a feral cat is 2-16 years. It’ll be interesting to see him die, and you can make it super interesting or super boring. You can have everyone grieve over his death, considering he’s seen everything longer than anyone. Why has he been alive for so long, anyways? When he became a kittypet, was he fed magical food pellets that give him infinite life and he turned into a cat god? I just don’t understand.

#3- Medicine cats should decide names for apprentices that are becoming warriors/medicine cats
I’m still salty over what happened with Twigbranch. WHY, BRAMBLESTAR?! So I was thinking, maybe medicine cats can be visited by Starclan in their dreams and tell them their warrior/medicine cat names to be approved. Repetitive or weird names like Deadfoot, Sneezekit, BILLYSTORM, etc. makes me feel like they are not very proud of their names. I’m just saying, I don’t understand how these names are taken seriously in the Warriors universe (Skyclan too, since you already know they have the wackiest names, no offense). And I don’t think these names should all be the same, because I know the writing team can create unique names for these cats. But these weird names are not unique, just humiliating.

Those were a few suggestions, state your opinions or suggestions in the comments (or however you comment on articles, this account was just created).
-Yeva and Vicky, 5/14/18

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  • These seemed like more of suggestions for the entire series of Warriors than just the upcoming arc but that’s just me (besides killing Graystripe). Warriors has been this way for so long (leaders receiving lives only and deciding names, etc.) so why change it now? But I see where you’re coming from.

  • If I’m being honest here, I don’t think any of these are good ideas (with the exception being 2, kind of.)

    1. Leaders get nine lives so that they can serve their clan well for a long time. Other cats don’t because they are just regular cats who serve their clan in their roles like any clan cat should do. A leader has much more responsibility on their shoulders than a deputy, medicine cat, or any other warrior. If deputies had extra lives, it wouldn’t be fair to all the other warriors who wanted to be deputy. Medicine cats already have the gift of seeing StarClan on a monthly basis, (and often more frequently than that.) Like with the deputy, it would take a while for a medicine cat to die off and would be unfair to all the other cats who wanted to become a medicine cat. If there aren’t any medicine cats, like with ShadowClan, another clan’s medicine cat will either step in or train a kit to be medicine cat.
    TL;DR: Leaders deserve extra lives more than other cats, and there are already solutions for when there are no medicine cats left in a clan.

    2. I agree that though Graystripe is old, he was a major character and honestly I think he’s great. I think that people, including myself, would be utterly torn apart by Graystripe’s death, as Graystripe is the only surviving cat from their generation. Graystripe is one of my personal favorite characters and it would impact me a lot, as I’m sure it would other people. Obviously he has to die at some point, but I think just a little more time with him would be alright.
    TL;DR: Graystripe is a great character and he can go a little longer.

    3. So some leaders are horrible at naming, so what? StarClan deciding every cat’s name? Isn’t StarClan supposed to let other cats live their lives, seeing as they’ve lived theirs already? StarClan was originally supposed to be mysterious and all-powerful, being able to manipulate nature itself and move branches, control lightning, cover the moon with clouds, etc., but now they really are just a bunch of dead cats. If StarClan is so all-powerful, why should they care about a cat’s name?

    I think this is a really good article and you’ve made some valid points! I just don’t agree with your suggestions, is all. Keep writing though, and never be afraid to share your opinion!

  • I know Graystripe will die soon, but I will still be sad when he dies because he is the only main character who was alive in book 1

  • I just kind of don’t really agree with these…I wouldn’t want to see basically the whole Warriors series change all of a sudden…I mean okay, Graystripe MAYBE. But could you give him a real honorary death like giving up his life for a fellow Clanmate? I don’t want him to die from like greencough, he deserves much more! The lives given to deputies and medicine cats I feel like would be…I’m sorry but I feel like more boring? I just think that death is a part of warriors, and we should respect that. It’s what gets us so passionate about certain characters! Also on the medicine cat giving names thing: okay, I understand Twigbranch was not one of my favorites. But I DO think that the author (can’t remember which Erin wrote that one :/) gave a good description on why. But again, this is how it’s always been. Leaders give the names! I just feel like changing that role to a medicine cat that would be changing Warriors alot. While these are good ideas, I just overall am not really into them. I hope I didn’t offend you! Keep writing more Warriors books and maybe start brainstorming warriors names together before writing them? 😜

  • I think that numbers 1 & 3 take away what is special about leaders but number 2 is agreeable. I want them to make Greystripe’s death special as he is the last of the first group of apprentices to die.

  • 1. I agree with Star in the comment above, that giving extra lives to med. cats and deputies would take away what’s special about being a leader. Also, it would be a lot easier for evil cats to abuse those positions of power to get extra lives. Like, think if Tigerstar had 5 lives as a deputy! However, the medicine cats receiving extra lives does make some sense, but it should be only if that cat doesn’t yet have an apprentice. Also, if medicine cats had multiple lives, it would be hard for them to die because they are not a warrior and wouldn’t die from battle wounds, more like from a fox or sickness. But maybe that would be a good thing because they could take more risks being undercover in battle with herbs waiting to help the wounded.

    2. I think it’s a good idea to kill Graystripe off. Maybe in a heroic way, like saving a kit from something, but perishing in the act.

    3. I’m not too sure on this one, I think it’s a cool idea that the warrior names should be kind of spiritual+connected with StarClan+Med Cats. But this would be also taking away what’s special for a leader. I also think it would be cool if the apprentices went to Moonpool, to receive their warrior name from StarClan.

  • 1: I think we should just stick with the lives only to leaders. With the same deputy or medicine car it might get boring.

    2: They are probably going to kill off Graystripe, but Mistystar is older then him which makes her the oldest cat in the series.

    3: I don’t really get that. I think that Leaders should just decide the names.

    Great Article!

  • I don’t agree with the lives part, except MAYBE one extra to the senior med cat. Nor the names. But gray stripe is due to die, and I would like either heroic or peacefully in his sleep. Cause think about it, I don’t want him saving a kit from a fire and burning to death himself. I don’t think he’s the real attachment to the old forest, I consider it Birchfall even though he doesn’t even remember it. But he’s in senior warriordom now..cri* ;^; but has to happen sometime. Oh Erins, plz don’t kill off Birchfall too soon!!

  • Uh, there is “Graystripe’s Vow”, so Gray stripe won’t die for a while…
    Also, skyclan’s warrior come from kittypets(Billy=>Billystorm)
    for bellaleaf and Rileypool, Ravenpaw’s farewell.

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