Why Leaf x Crow is AWESOME by Emberpaw

Emberpaw shares their opinion about Leafpool and Crowfeather’s relationship.

Art by DarkBroken

Hi! I’m new, and this is my very first article ever. So, as the title suggests, it is about…..da da da duuuu- why Leaf x Crow is awesome!!!!……..What, no clapping? Well, that’s okay. By the end of this article, I hope you have changed your minds!
Okay, so this ship gets a LOT of hate. People have all kinds of reasons for not liking Leafpool and Crowfeather as a couple. I’m going to prove them all wrong! ……..Still no clapping….. 🙁
Alright, reason number one! People say that Leaf x Crow has absolutely no development at all. People think that one day, Crowfeather just saved Leafpool from falling off a cliff and then suddenly he’s all “Oh, Leafpool, I love you so much, I could never lose you, I want to spend my whole entire life with you!” I admit, when I first read The New Prophecy, that’s what I thought, too, and I was really confused. But then…..THEN, I reread The New Prophecy. And I was like, OH OH OH OH OH! Because, see, the Erin Hunters were very clever. All throughout the series, they kept dropping hints. You had to look a little closer to see them. But, once you did, it was VERY clear that Leafpool had loved Crowfeather long before he saved her. So, as a matter of fact, Leaf x Crow is very developed.
Now reason number two: People say that Crowfeather was just using Leafpool to get over his grief about Feathertail. But this is, in fact NOT true. Crowfeather was clearly heartbroken about Feathertail, and for a while he was just in denial about Leafpool. He knew he loved her, and he was willfully resisting the fact. He actually hated himself for how much he loved her, so soon after Feathertail. But eventually, he couldn’t be blinded to the living any longer, and confessed his love for Leafpool. This is not what someone trying to replace their love would do. They would instantly try and rush the relationship, trying to erase all memory of the previous cat. Crowfeather felt AWFUL about falling in love again. But, he couldn’t deny it any longer, and that leads me to reason number three.
Reason number three: Leafpool and Crowfeather loved each other. What more is there to say? All the sweet moments between them…..the fact that they were willing to give up everything they had ever known and loved for each other……you can’t just say that all that was fake. But why? Why would they love each other so much? Number four………
Reason number four: Let’s face it, Leafpool and Crowfeather are PERFECT for each other. Let’s take a look at their personalities. Leafpool is gentle, kind, caring, sweet, shy, and vulnerable. Crowfeather is brave, bold, protective, loyal, and prickly, but very sweet on the inside. They were perfect together! Leafpool just wanted someone to love her, and Crowfeather just someone to love. She wanted to be protected, he wanted to protect. She was so sweet, he was so caring. At risk of repeating myself, THEY WERE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER.
Reason number five: Some people say that they don’t like Leaf x Crow, because it was unfair to Feathertail. The answer is simple. She said herself that Crowfeather needed to open his eyes to the living, and that she just wanted Crowfeather to be happy. There you have it. Feathertail approved. Next reason!
Reason number six: Okay, last but not least, the final reason Leaf x Crow is great, is because,(SPOILER ALERT!!!!)
guess who their kits were? That’s right. The Three who would save all the clans from certain doom! AND this includes my absolute favorite cat of all time JAYFEATHER!!!!! Woohoo! If Leaf x Crow had never existed everyone would be dead and I wouldn’t have a favorite character!Convinced yet?
Okay, well I hope I have convinced you that Leafpool and Crowfeather are a great couple! And if not, tune in next time for more awesome ships with Emberpaw! Leaf x Crow 4 life!

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