Should Swiftpaw be reborn? by Stormclaw

Stormclaw wonders if Swiftpaw should be reborn.

Art by aWWEsomeSoph

Hello, I’m Stormclaw and this is my first article so . . . ya, I’m doing my best. I hope you enjoy the . . . debate? I guess . . .
In The Darkest Hour (I think). Brightpaw and Swiftpaw try to take on the dogs but Brightpaw is knocked unconscious and
Swiftpaw is killed protecting Brightpaw. I think that Swiftpaw should have a second chance at becoming a warrior because he died protecting his clan mate and he was only an apprentice. He never got the chance to be a warrior, yet Cinderpelt lived a long life as a medicine cat. Cinderpelt, as much as I loved her in the books she had a long life, she trained an apprentice, saved life’s, watched her first mentor firestar become leader, and was trained by only the best, and honestly it was her time to join Starclan, and if she wanted to be a warrior wouldn’t every warrior want to die protecting their clan? Because thats exactly what she did.
While Swiftpaw died at a very young age. He was NOT ready to join Starclan. No apprentice should die at such a young age. I must say I am angry at Starclan for not lifting a CLAW TO HELP SWIFTPAW. I am furious with Starclan, I mean it kills me when Starclan does what they think is the ‘right decision’ and give Cinderpelt another chance when Swiftpaw should have another chance NOT cinderpelt. ( Sorry Cinderpelt but its true. )

Art by Leftysmudgez

Ok now lets look at the other side of the debate.
Cinderpelt always wanted to be a warrior and she was devastated when her injury stopped her from becoming a warrior and before she died her apprentice ran off with a Windclan warrior and that must of hurt. She completely deserved to be reborn, unlike Swift paw who completely disobeyed his leader and mentor and does not deserve to be reborn. I mean think of the trouble he would get into, and if he had survived he would have been stuck in the medicine den and would have been restless stuck in the den all day, and would never forgive himself for putting his clan mate in danger. Well I have gone over 350 words now so this is the end of the debate. Have a good day.

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