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Blueheart shares their opinion on Ashfur.

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Hello everyone, Blueheart here again with one of her pointless articles! 😛 As you can probably tell by the title, I’m going to be talking about my opinion on Ashfur ending up in StarClan. The reason I’m making this into an article is because I find it hard to repeat my opinion and have it make sense on every article that comes out about Ashfur. So this is how I’m going to sort out all my thoughts. *hides under the nearest table with a water gun* So since most cats hate water I’m just gonna hide under here until I’m done and spray any attackers. Anyways, enjoy the article!

So, I have seen quite a few amazing articles about Ashfur, and him being obsessed with Squirrelflight. Some great ones are by Bramblefire, Jetclaw, and Sky. I recommend you read those because they are really good. And I agree with what they say; he should have gone to the Dark Forest.

He was driven by rage and couldn’t overcome it. Resulting in a terrible mistakes, the most prominent one being attempted murder. So definitely Dark Forest.

But Yellowfang let him into StarClan. This was a mistake. I’m sure most of us can agree on that. A huge mistake. Yellowfang made an excuse and gave him another chance. I know that if he got into StarClan other evil cats should have gotten a chance. But there were other cats in StarClan at those times, and they didn’t make the mistake that Yellowfang did.

Alright, so Yellowfang and whoever else agreed with her made a mistake letting him in. But in all the articles I’ve read, everyone is just ranting about it (I’m going by memory here don’t kill me if I’m wrong). But I have never seen anyone who dislikes Ashfur try to make peace with it.

Ashfur should have been in the Dark Forest but was put in StarClan when Yellowfang saw pity on him. Okay, so people who like Ashfur, you all think it’s fine he’s in StarClan. And those who don’t, you don’t like it. I don’t particularly like it, but since it isn’t going to change, I’m going to list a few ways we can make peace with all of this. If you like/love Ashfur, then you really don’t need to be reading this article. But if you don’t like him, maybe we can make peace with it together.

1) I haven’t seen Ashfur in StarClan beyond when Jayfeather first saw him. But from my memory he didn’t seem like how he was living. He seemed calmer, and not burning with rage that he was overcome by while living.

2) He’s in StarClan with Hollyleaf. They’ve probably talked about it, and come to understand each other, and possibly even forgiven each other. Which could have been another reason he was put in StarClan, to make amends with Hollyleaf. (Even though this point may not be completely rock solid)

3) It gives him another chance to make up for what he did. Even though it can be considered too late to do anything. But when Squirrelflight, and the rest of her family join StarClan hopefully he can take his chance to fix things. Maybe not completely but enough to where their fur can lie flat while standing next to each other 😛

*winces* I can’t wait to see the comments 😛 Either I have people agreeing, or a bunch of angry vultures. Either way, thanks for reading my article. I don’t like Ashfur, but I don’t hate him either. (I rarely hate book characters anyways so) But instead of ranting about him and pointing out everything wrong with him and him in StarClan, I wanted to make something different and deal with what we’re stuck with.

Blueheart, out!

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