Scourge The Tiny Kittypet That Kicked Butt by Berryfur

Berryfur recounts the tale of Scourge, leader of the vicious BloodClan.

Art by Seasonfluff

Scourge is quite the villain you know who killed Tigerstar and took one life from Firestar he also had a large HUGE deputy named Bone. Did you know most cats in Bloodclan were more scared of Bone than Scourge? But in the end Bone got his butt kicked by the apprentices. But back to Scourge when he was young he would be bullied by Ruby and Socks they made fun of him for being so small but their mother would always stop them from bullying him. His father was Jake which made him Firestar’s half-brother. When Scourge was young he went into the forest and got clawed at by Tigerpaw. Young Tigerstar if you didn’t know. His Mentor ThistleClaw who I will talk about in another article with Bluestar/Bluefur.Told him to do so Scourge is permanently scarred by this and one day wants revenge. He goes into Twoleg place to try and take off his color but puts on a dog tooth somehow and makes himself look edgier. So he forms BloodClan and they just kinda live for awhile and then Brokenstar’s bros come to visit him for some juicy power but Scourge legit kills one of them. About a year later Tigerstar comes with a proposition to help him take over the forest if he succeeds in helping him he will get part of the forest to himself and Bloodclan Scourge goes on with the plan for a while until 4 days before the final battle Scourge kills Tigerstar with one blow getting rid of all of his 9 lives because he hit 9 vital organs everyone is stunned and sees the true power of Scourge and Bloodclan. Scourge then tells all off the clans that if they don’t surrender the forest in 4 days they will all be killed. On the final day, the fight begins and both sides hold there own. Firestar leader of Lionclan knows that with Scourge dead the battle will end. When he finds Scourge he tells him to turn and face him and they duel Scourge takes 1 of Firestars lives. Then Firestar resurrects and kills Scourge Bloodclan knows that without Scourge they will lose and they flee. That is the story of Scourge I hope you all enjoyed thank you very much for reading this! 🙂

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