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Top 5 Least Favorite Characters by Leafypaw

Leafypaw lists their top 5 least favourite characters. Are any of them on your shortlist? Some spoilers for AVOS and Tigerheart’s Shadow!

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Hi BlogClanners! This is my 3rd, maybe 4th article, and I will be discussing my Top 5 least favorite characters, and why I dislike them. I hope that all of you enjoy my article!

5) Tigerstar I
I do get that Tigerstar had Thistleclaw as a bad influence, but that does not make up for all the wrong he’s done. Tigerstar murdered several cats, attempted to take over the Clans just for his sheer enjoyment, put several cats into misery, and attempted to take over the living world while he was in the Dark Forest. Tigerstar is evil, overly mischevious, and disloyal, which is why I hate him.

4) Thistleclaw
I do understand that Thistleclaw wasn’t much of the main villain, except for in the Bluestar super editions, and I also understand that some people like Thistleclaw because they ship ThistleXSnow. Here is why I dislike him: Thistleclaw somewhat influenced Tigerstar and his evil doings. Thistleclaw is violent and evil. That is why I dislike him.

3) Dovewing
I understand that Dovewing is the main character, and she has cool powers, but I have reasons to dislike her. She complains about having her powers and being part of the three, then she complains when she loses them. She breaks the warrior code with a cross Clan relationship with Tigerheart. Then, she leaves ThunderClan without thinking about how this might affect her Clan, only thinking about how it will affect her. Dovewing is whiney, inconsiderate, and annoying. That is why I dislike her.

2) Ashfur
I understand that many believe that Ashfur’s only fault was that he loved too much. But does loving too much going to the extent of what Ashfur did? Ashfur did many evil things, including burning down the ThunderClan camp, being snarky and rude to his clanmates, and attempting to murder several cats. Ashfur is evil, selfish, and overrated. That is why I dislike Ashfur.

1) Scourge
I understand that Scourge was bullied by his siblings and wanted to prove something. I also understand that his life was influenced by much hate. But I also believe that those experiences do not give him the right to act as he did. I dislike Scourge because he did many evil things, including killing a leader, being overly hard on the members of BloodClan, and starting an attack on the Clans. Scourge is evil, inconsiderate, and violent. That is why I dislike Scourge.

Thank you for reading my article! Comment your opinions on this and if you agree with me.

Leafypaw out.

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  • Great article! My least favorites are Rowanclaw and Leafstar! I agree with Dovewing, Ashfur and, Thistleclaw. Keep up the good work! 😁

  • Ashfur did not burn down the ThunderClan camp. The fire was started through a natural cause. Ashfur simply took advantage of it. But I do agree that Ashfur is an incredibly frustrating read. Not just because of his fanboys/girls, but because of the character himself. I’m disappointed he didn’t go to the Dark Forest, not just for moral reasons but for stories reasons as well. They could of gone two main directions with Ashfur: A redemption arc where he’s simply bitter (not a murder) and he learns to forgive Squirrelflight. Or full-blown villain. But by going with this strange hybrid of the two, it means Ashfur is written off as this ‘loyal’ and ‘well-meaning’ warrior who was sent Starclan, when he doesn’t deserve it. It’s only then constantly assuring us that he’s somehow ‘good’ and coming up with awful excuses for his crimes. It’s honestly just worrying when I see his fangirls blaming the innocent victim, Squirrelflight, and excusing his actions because he was friend-zoned. I understand that those are mostly the younger readers of the books and hopefully they’ll grow out of it, but any of them were to ever apply this logic to real life, that could be dangerous.

    The prime reason I hate Ashfur is not because of his actions, but simply that he got away with them. Tigerstar killed way more cats then Ashfur, yet I don’t hate him mainly because I’m satisfied he got what he deserved by getting sent to the Dark Forest. If Ashfur was treated like the villain that he is, then maybe I could even find him interesting: a villain driven by emotions rather than ‘ambition’. However, his character is just so unsatisfying, without a proper conclusion. You can’t just show a cat an attempted mass murderer and then have them instantly killed off and shoved into Kitty Heaven, hoping the reader just completely forgets about them. It feels like they literally just turned Ashfur evil only purpose of uncovering the secret and to kick start Hollyleaf’s downfall to get her out the way too and once he’d served his purpose, have Ashfur killed off. There wasn’t build-up to his villainy and he barely got started as a villain. He’d be so much better in the Dark Forest.I’d be willing to accept Ashfur’s motive, only if they set it up before that Ashfur is extremely pretty/overdramatic. Sadly, Ashfur is eerily similar to some real-life cases. So if they want to tackle this type of character in a Children’s story, they must do it with care. But it can reach a harsh yet very true lesson that needs to learned, the ability to tell the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship. Ashfur should of displayed more of those obsessive behaviours, stalking, possessive etc. And made it abundantly clear that those are abnormal behaviours for the average person. And when Ashfur does his crime, it’s made abundantly clear you should sympathise with the victims, much before you even consider pitying the attempted mass murderer.

  • I agree! Except for Ashfur…a bit. Anyways, I do feel kinda bad for Dovewing but I can’t help it when she gets on my nerves so frequently, only thinking about herself and then being whiny about. What, she leaves her Clan for this ShadowClan tom, and expects her Clan to be like “Yay Dovewing! Go do what you love! It’s ok!”??? Um, no?

  • I don’t hate any of these cats. I’m just “meh” or “ok” with them (aka don’t care). 😛 I used to hate Tigerstar but idk now I really don’t have an opinion on him.

  • Here are my opinions:

    Tigerstar – I just like him as a major villain in the first series, and still one in the 3rd – 4th series 😛 (The cringy article I wrote that’s in the “Similar Posts” thing is really old 😛 )

    Thistleclaw – I don’t really have an opinion on him. I think he’s a decent villain, but he’s not very major.

    Dovewing – I lovewing Dovewing!!!!! But I’m not going to get into it right now 😛

    Ashfur – I pretty much agree with everything “I’m in me mum’s cAr” said 😛

    Scourge – I like him as a villain, but since I already have an article on my favorite villains with him in it, I won’t get into it here 😛

  • I agree, except I dislike Tigerstar because he killed an innocent kit, and I like Scourge because he defended an innocent kit.

    • When exactly did Scourge defend an innocent kit? I’ve been trying to figure out what you mean by that XD The only thing I can think of is when Brokenstar came into the city with some other cats, and I think they were threatening another cat when Scourge came and killed one of them, but I never thought that cat was a kit. Was this what you were talking about, or was there actually another time where he defended a kit? I just want to know because I think it’s interesting. 😛

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