Darktail’s kin by Littlepaw and Shrewstar

Littlepaw and their father, Shrewstar, share their thoughts about Darktail and his group, the Kin. Spoilers for AVOS ahead!

Art by Marshcold

Hello, i’m Littlepaw. Today I have help from my father, Shrewstar, or Shrewclaw. We’ll tell our ideal ideology about Darktail and how he got his group and why. Notice that we don’t know everything about the series, but we have read all the way River of Fire.

So, Darktail was born from Onestar and Smoke (See Villains and their leader fathers, by Littlefang). It was reveled that Darktail planned to destroy the clans with Smoke. Why? Lets see what Shrewstar thinks.

Hello, i’m Shrewstar, today i’ll talk why Darktail wants to destroy the clans. First, you might call me an elder in BlogClan. But i’m a young youthful senior warrior in our clan. So why did Darktail want to destroy the clans? I will answer that he felt dejected because his father rejected him. As a warrior, Onewhisker was kind and generous. Only when he became leader he got involved with his clan majorly, and lets face it, he was sometimes unreasonable. So why did Onewhisker have kits? I think he didn’t mean it. He simply thought in his youth that was right and he learned from his mistakes. Maybe Tallstar caught him or found were his loyalties lied. Onewhisker left Smoke most likely because he felt loyal to his clan only. And he became leader because of it.
So anyway, Darktail felt upset that he would be dejected by his family. He would learn to charm his way into others business. Did Smoke approve, yes is what I would say. He charmed his way to others just like how he got to SkyClan. He likely met Rain while he was out hungry. But what about others like Nettle and Raven? I’m going to guess that he found ways to believe what others say and to make that to a verbal weapons. Remember that cat in Hawkwing’s journey. He was killed by a dog and Darktail left him. Well, cats learned from Darktail’s honor also and saw his bad side. He would let the weak die without prey, one example is Dragonfly. Maybe we might get a super edition about this, but now we must go on what we see.

Littlefang and Shrewstar wishes you a good day and find more articles about their thinking and reply.

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