Why Ferncloud’s entire family was cursed: Part I by Ivykit

Ivykit lists the deaths in Ferncloud’s family. Spoilers ahead!

Art by Cat-Patrisiya

Almost everyone in Ferncloud’s amazing family sadly dies. Here is everyone in her sadly cursed by death family. (Loads of spoilers!)

So, let’s start with Ferncloud. She was killed by Brokenstar. Her mother, Brindleface, was killed by Tigerstar. Her brother, Ashfur, was killed by Hollyleaf. Her unnamed siblings’ life’s were taken by greencough. Her father, Whitestorm, was killed by Bone.

Her mate, Dustpelt was killed by badgers. And Dustpelt’s brother, Ravenpaw, died of liver cancer.

Here we go to her billion kits!

Shrewpaw (one of my faves 😿) was killed by a monster. Spiderleg died of sickness or something, or he didn’t die, I can’t remember. Hollykit and Larchkit died of starvation. Foxleap (another one of my faves 😿) died of wounds in the great battle. Icecloud died of greencough. Birchfall didn’t die! Well done him!

Brindleface’s other mate, Redtail, was also killed by Tigerstar. Brindleface’s other kit, Sandstorm, was killed by an infected shoulder wound. Her mate, Firestar, was killed also by Tigerstar.

Thankfully, Sauirrelflight nor Leafpool, though I dislike Leafpool, die. One of Leafpool’s kits, Hollyleaf, was killed by Hawkfrost. Two of Squirrelflight’s kits, Dandelionkit and Juniperkit, died after birth and at birth.

Squirrelflight’s mate, Bramblestar, didn’t die! His father, Tigerstar, was killed by Scourge. Tigerstar’s sister’s both died, and so did his father and mother, Pinestar and Leopardfoot. His sister, Tawnypelt didn’t die either! Neither did his half-sister, Mothwing! But his mother, Goldenflower, did. And so did his half-brother, Hawkfrost, who was killed by Bramblestar! 😮 His other half-brother, Tadpole, drowned. Tawnypelt’s mate, Rowanstar, did die. Her son, Flametail (one of my faves again! 😿) drowned under ice. Her daughter, Dawnpelt, died of something I’ve forgotten. Dawnpelt’s mate died, again of something I’ve forgotten, but I think wounds. Can anyone remember?

Back to Firestar. His half-brother, Scourge, was killed by Firestar. His nephew, Cloudtail, nor his mate, Brightheart, die! None of their kits die either! So, Whitewing mates with Birchfall back there, and have Dovewing and . . . IVYPOOL!!! Neither Dovewing nor Ivypool’s mate and kits die! Yay!

Allllllll the way back to Whitestorm, his other mate, Willowpelt, is killed by a badger. Her son, Sootfur, doesn’t survive. How is he killed? A badger. Like his mother. Rainwhisker, (ahhhh my faves! 😿) her other son, is hit by a falling branch in a storm. His sister, Sorreltail, died of her wounds.

Sorreltail’s mate, Brakenfur, survives! Her kits, yes, her kits. They all survive! Wait, what’s that? No. Half of them go and die too. And it had to be my favourite ones. 😩😩😩 Molepaw, greencough. Honeyfern? Snake bite. Aaaand Seedpaw? Oh, that’s right. Drowned. Why?!

I could go on and on, but I will leave it here. I will try and make part two! Bye now 😉

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