A Theory on Tree, the Six-Toed Cat by Ivyflight

Ivyflight shares a theory on Tree. Spoilers for Moth Flight’s Vision, Darkest Night, and possibly River of Fire!

Art by BIizWolf

Hello there! This is Ivyflight here today, at your service. I’m here today with my…. Okay, I actually have no idea if this is my third, fourth, or fifth article. I’ve completely lost count! =) But, let’s be honest, NO ONE CARES. (even me) So basically, I have a theory on Tree, the six-toed cat. Wait, I almost forgot: SPOILER ALERT FOR MOTH FLIGHT’S VISION, DARKEST NIGHT, AND POSSIBLY RIVER OF FIRE. There! Done! Now if you haven’t read these books, you’re probably going to get spoilered. But I warned you!
So, my theory is that Tree, the SkyClan mediator on trial with a hind paw that has six toes, is descended from Moth Flight and Micah. So, let’s go back to Moth Flight’s Vision. So, Moth Flight finds the Moonstone and becomes the first medicine cat. Along the way, she met Micah, a yellow tabby tom with flashing green eyes. Soon after Micah died. Moth Flight bore his kits: Bubbling Stream, Honey Pelt, Blue Whisker, and finally, Spider Paw, who was named for his extra toe. Spider Paw had an extra toe on his front paw. I repeat, his FRONT paw. (Also known in the books to cats as their forepaw.) So, Tree has amber eyes. We all know Moth Flight carries the “amber eye” gene from Wind Runner, also known as Windstar later in Moth Flight’s Vision and for all the generations to come. Tree also has a yellow tabby pelt, which in my mind, looks exactly like Micah’s, but also, I imagine him with amber eyes similar to Windstar’s. So, what I think happened is that one of Tree’s ancestors, so Bubbling Stream, Blue Whisker, Honey Pelt, and Spider Paw’s descendants got kicked out or exiled from the Clans for some reason. That cat went out into the wilderness, met their mate, and had kits. This process was repeated until we finally came to Tree, who inherited the six-toe gene from his ancestors, but in the process, the extra toe had been switched from his front paw to his hind paw. Tree inherited his special connection with StarClan and the spirit cats through Moth Flight, as the trait resurfaced generations later. So, he could see Needletail and the other dead ShadowClan cats, as they weren’t in StarClan yet. Then Violetpaw, later Violetshine, found Tree after Needletail led her to him, believing he could help the Clans. His extra toe was a signal of genes from either Moth Flight or Micah, because one of them obviously carried the gene if this theory is right. His special connection with StarClan was a trait from Moth Flight, the first WindClan medicine cat and the cat to discover the Moonstone. (If you look at the cover of Moth Flight’s Vision, not the one where it shows her upper body, but other one. It shows Moth Flight right in front of the Moonstone, and to me, it looks like the Moonstone is just a giant stalagmite. But that’s just my opinion. =D)
So, I’m going to conclude this article now. I’m open to other suggestions in the comments, and I’m open to debate, but please don’t be rude. I have absolutely no idea what I’m supposed to be doing here, because I’m too lazy to go to Google and research cat genetics. So, I hope you enjoyed! I know it was long, but I had a lot to say. (It’s actually 598 words. ;P) Thanks for reading, and if you want me to build on this more and go more in-depth about it, say so! I’d be glad to. Bye!

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