Why I Think Twigpaw is a Bad Character by Spottedspirit

Spottedspirit shares their opinion on Twigpaw. Spoilers for AVOS!

Art by Tusofsky

Spoiler alert: this article uses Twigpaw’s warrior name, and talks about several things about her. You have been warned!

Okay. I know not a lot of you like Twigbranch but I also know a lot of you do. All of this is my opinion completely, so if you like Twigbranch, turn back now and don’t read this.
One reason I don’t like Twigbranch is that she doesn’t ever take action. She sits back and watches. I know that a lot of characters do, but she is a MAIN CHARACTER! Main characters take action when the climax of the story takes place. Good main characters are; Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Ivypool, Brambleclaw, Firestar, Cloudtail, ect, ect.
Another reason is that she’s pretty fickle. She has zipped so much from ThunderClan to SkyClan that I’mm starting guess she’ll create her own Clan in a Raging Storm! The mighty TwigClan! Twigstar! Twigstar! Just kidding. But seriously, she is pretty fickle.
Reason three is, she doesn’t deserve Finleap. He helped her in her decision to go back to ThunderClan and on the way there, she treats him like fox dung! She keeps flashing back and regretting the past instead of staying in the present to love Finleap. Finleap has things he regrets, too, but Twigbranch hasn’t fully supported him since he recovered from losing his tail.
Reason number four, and the final reason, is that she never listens to the ones that love her. She has a loving sister, father, mate, and she has Alderheart all supporting her. And yet, she is always lumbering around like a dead badger felling oh-so sorry for herself. Plus, she basically always talking to Alderheart or Finleap in a deadpan tone. Why? Because she feels sorry for herself for not having a mother, father, or sister with her at all times. Well, Twigbranch, you know what? Neither does Sorreltail! Sorreltail lost both Willowpelt and Whitestorm at a very young age, then she lost her siblings to a badger attack and greencough. One of them, was lost to the same greencough that killed off Molekit/paw. Then, her other kit, Honeyfern, dies from a snake bite. Later on, she loses yet another kit, Seedpaw, to a flood. True, she was dead for that, but she never got to see her kit grow up to become a full warrior. And you know what? Sorreltail is still one of the most cheerful cat in the series! So, my point is, Twigbranch is not the best character.
Thank you for reading my post!

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