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Why I Don’t Like Dovewing Anymore by Ashpelt

Ashpelt shares their opinion on Dovewing, pre-The Last Hope. Spoilers for OotS!

Art by Vialir

Note that I haven’t finished The Last Hope yet, so I’m not going to be doing anything after what I’ve read.

Now, I used to like her a bit- when she was still Dovepaw. But after Sign of the Moon, she just got worse. Now, I’m trying to like her, but I just can’t.
Let’s focus on the Tigerheart-Bumblestripe love triangle. It just came out of nowhere. Tigerheart went on a journey with Dovepaw, sure, but they hardly even interacted! Besides, there were other she-cats on the journey who WEREN’T still apprentices, like Petalfur.
Then suddenly at a Gathering they love each other. They hide in a bush and remember they went on a journey then suddenly they’re in love. Mainly because of “He/she is hot” than anything else. I swear that’s literally how it went. Bumblestripe’s love also came out of nowhere; Blossomfall says to Dovewing that he likes her and that’s all we get. It’s just too forced.
Then how Dovewing treats him; she keeps getting his hopes up and then bringing him down. It literally says that she only liked him as friend because he was ThunderClan. Then on a walk to the Gathering she trips him(though I understand this was accidental) and then insults him. After, Rosepetal convinces her to go and apologize. Bumblestripe doesn’t accept and has every right not to with the way she was treating him. He says he gets the hint and then Dovewing’s inner monologue is what annoys me.

Bumblestripe turned his head to look at her, his gaze hard as ice. “I’m tired of being used as your scratching post,” he hissed. “From now on sharpen your claws on someone else.”
Dovewing’s pelt pricked. “It’s not my fault!”
“I get it, okay?” He didn’t even look at her. He just kept running. “You don’t like me the same way I like you. I’ll get over it. I’m just disappointed you’re not the cat I thought you were.”
Dovewing bristled. How dare he say that to her? She gave everything to the Clan, and he wanted more! It wasn’t fair.

And what Bumble said was right. Dove was really just using him as a scratching post; he’s merely standing up for himself. And since when did he know that Dove was part of the Three? He never even knew about the prophecy! And last time I checked, love wasn’t a crime. He doesn’t know about her powers and shouldn’t.

Anyway, that’s all I have. I don’t think she’s a Mary-Sue; she’s just unfair when she’s portrayed as fair.

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  • I HATE DOVEWING!! She didn’t even care about her sister and what she thought. Ivypool, she spied and fought the Dark Forest cats! Ivypool risked her life, while Dovewing was not getting on her tail and was being a lazy mouse brain. Also, Dovewing says that she’s the traitor for going to the dark forest, well, look at you hanging out with a messed up ShadowClan cat two nights later! Whose the traitor now! Ivypool had every RIGHT to do what she did! Also, I believe that Hollyleaf should have been in the three instead of Dovewing. Hollyleaf was Jayfeather and Lionblaze’s sibling! She was also less of a brat and actually followed the code more than the both of them. Also, Hollyleaf made a sacrifice while Dovewing did nothing! aLsO, Ivypool made a huge life and death sacrifice also. She gave everything!

  • Yup!!! That’s right!!! I also stand with a post I’ve seen in the old blogClan site, “dovewing is a brat, she whined about wanting to be part of the prophecy after years whining about not wanting to..” i mean, i just HATE HER

  • I think dovewing is fine! She risked pretty much everything for her clan and was brave enough to handle with all the insults she was getting! Just think about how hard it would be to leave your clan, your friends, your family and everything you know! Be nice to her!

    • what do you mean she wasnt sad/regretting when she left Thunderclan she was the one who made that decision. Also she got mad at tigerheart when she was the one who left him behind in tigerhearts shadow. And did Dovewing even have friends?????

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