7th arc theories by Meadowheart

Meadowheart suggests some time placements for when the 7th arc might take place in.

*Keep in mind that I will have multiple theories in this article, all connecting to my 7th arc theories 🙂
As some of y’all may know, there’s gonna be a 7th warriors arc! I’m really excited for it, but I’m not sure where I want it to take place in the timeline.
Here are some ideas on good places for it to take place:
-right after AVOS
-a little while after AVOS (let’s just say that all of the cats who were born in the forest will be dead at this point)
-after DOTC
-before and after the events of Cloudstar’s Journey
-somewhere random in the timeline (in the forest when SkyClan still lived there)
-somewhere where Mapleshade is alive for part of the series

I personally think that the ones about the future and SkyClan being in the forest would be the most interesting. Also, looking at the following data, Mapleshade’s era and SkyClan’s forest era weren’t too far apart:
-According to this website, this is the order of ThunderClan leaders:
As many of y’all may know, Redstar was the ThunderClan leader in Cloudstar’s Journey (I haven’t read Cloudstar’s Journey, but I did read Firestar’s Quest, and SkyClan was exiled in the prologue; Redstar was present, and so was Cloudstar) That means that he was around both before and after SkyClan’s exile. Oakstar was present for a while – he was the leader in Pinestar’s Choice, as he was his father, but he also was leader in Mapleshade’s Vengeance. Now, this website might be wrong, but who knows – it does all seem pretty likely with some more evidence that I have. Both Pinestar and Mapleshade were alive during the era of Oakstar – even Bluestar was alive when Pinestar led. This evidence has some faults on its own, but just wait until you read my next piece of evidence (below)
-Not only is there leader evidence that SkyClan’s exile and Mapleshade’s era weren’t too far apart, but there’s also medicine cat evidence; this also connects back to the leader evidence. Kestrelwing was the ThunderClan medicine cat in Cloudstar’s Journey. Ravenwing was the medicine cat in Mapleshade’s Vengeance. It was also mentioned that Oatspeckle preceded Ravenwing, and that Ravenwing had only been the full medicine cat for a couple of moons. According to my leader evidence, if Redstar really did preceed Oakstar, then Oatspeckle most likely succeeded Kestrelwing.
-Larkwing is the WindClan medicine cat in both Cloudstar’s Journey AND Mapleshade’s Vengeance (most important piece of evidence here lol)

I’m going to explain something: this timeline is definitely right after Redstar. Oakstar was succeeded by Doestar, as proven in Pinestar’s Choice, and Pinestar succeeded Doestar. Sunstar succeeded Pinestar (see Bluestar’s Prophecy), Bluestar succeeded Sunstar (see Bluestar’s Prophecy), Firestar succeeded Bluestar (most of us already know this), and Bramblestar succeeded Firestar (see the end of The Last Hope).

This data all connects to the 7th arc theory because of one thought that I had: this arc may be able to include SkyClan’s exile and Mapleshade in it. If they really do take place this close together, then they may be able to fit into a 6 book arc. I personally think that that would be very interesting, but what would also be interesting would be a super edition a couple years after Raging Storm (the 6th book if you didnt know – comes out in October, I believe)
Anyway, that’s my theory! Let me know if there’s something that I’m missing in my theory or if something doesn’t make sense.
~Meadowheart (that’s my warrior name, but im not a warrior yet)

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  • Interesting theory, but the time gap between Redstar and Oakstar is much too short for a whole series, if a prequel series was ever gonna happen, it wouldn’t be about this because let’s face it, it’s not that interesting and if anything major enough for a series ever happened there it canonically would have had some impact on MR, PC, and GC, besides the whole of Maple’s story is covered in MR and not more is needed from that, let’s not forget there is a Raging Storm on the horizon for the Clans in AVoS and Hawkwing is on the front cover, I feel like the Broken Code analogy might, just might be about Ivypool and Dovewing’s kits, in a OotS style because Twigbranch and Finpaw can act as the Lionblaze and Cinderheart of the series, mentors to either Flipkit, Thriftkit, or Bristlekit, we might see more of Shadowkit and therefore Puddleshine in the way we had Flametail and Littlecloud in the series, we know for a fact that Hawkwing will become Hawkstar by the end of TBC or maybe even AVoS because Leafstar is about Brackenfur’s age, and suffered A LOT before coming to the lake, so could very well lose it in the ominous Raging Storm, will we see more of Violetshine because if this? maybe. So that’s my theory for TBC, Shellsplash out.

  • It is actually confirmed that “The Broken Code: Lost Stars” will take place after the events of “The Raging Storm” in AVoS 🙂

    Here is the blurb:

    Erin Hunter’s #1 bestselling Warriors series continues! A brand-new epic adventure begins with the first book in The Broken Code arc, which follows the conclusion of A Vision of Shadows.
    For the first time, all five warrior Clans have settled into their true homes in the territory around the lake. But when a shockingly harsh winter descends on the forest, a new darkness begins to spread—a shadow that threatens a beloved Clan leader, the cats’ connection with their ancestors in StarClan, and the warrior code itself.

  • Nice theory! (even though here’s already a blurb, I like yours better 😉 )
    Also, for maybe some other series or something, about the Ancients would be pretty cool! 😀