Top Five Saddest Moments by Chirpfoot

Chirpfoot shares five sad moments from the series. Spoilers ahead!

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Hi, it’s chirpfoot and these are the top five saddest moments from the Prophecies begin, The New Prophecy, and Crookedstar’s Promise.

1. Number one would have to be when Silverstream died. It was just so sad that Graystripe and Silverstream had to be together in secret. Then when she started kitting something went wrong. Graystripe got Firestar whom Firestar got Cinderpaw. They were able to save the kits but not Silverstream. The actual dying part of Silverstream wasn’t the saddest part to me but when she said goodbye to Graystripe. She told him that she loved him and to take care of the kits. And then the thought of Graystripe returning to his clan torn to pieces and the clan finding out that he had an affair with a cat from river clan. At least Graystripe could be with his kits when he went to Riverclan. But I am glad that he returned to Thunderclan because they needed a good deputy until Brambleclaw became the deputy.

2. Number two is when Cinderpelt died. She died when the Badgers came and invaded Thunderclan camp. She was trying to help Sorreltail with her kits. The thing that made this really sad to me was Leafpool thought it was her fault. It might have helped if Leafpool was there but Cinderpelt was supposed to die. Starclan had planned this for her. So Leafpool couldn’t have done anything. I also think Leafpool felt guilty because she ran away and didn’t help her clan but at least the clan accepted her back. And Cinderpelt did die young but again she has almost relived life as one of Sorreltails kits. Sarclan just has destinies for some cats to die young and some to grow old. It just depends.

3. Number three is when Crookedkit broke his jaw. (this is from Crookedstar’s Promise) When he healed and came out of Brambleberry’s den everyone looked funny at him. And he really didn’t know why until he saw his reflection. He seemed extremely self-conscience after that. I think most cats would’ve. But it didn’t help that his mother basically disowned him. She made his name Crookedkit, made him sleep in a separate nest, and when he was left in the nursery alone after everyone else moved at she didn’t try to stay with him. At least his father Shellheart still believed in him. But I will say his apprenticeship was held off way too long. I know he went and left his clan but Riverclan should’ve realized that he didn’t feel needed and that’s why he left. Also when his mother died ( I know this sounds very rude maybe boorish ) But I didn’t really care when his mother Rainwhisker died. Just the horrible way she treated him just wasn’t fair.

4. Number four is when Feathertail died. She died saving the Tribe of Endless Hunting and Tawnypelt, Crowfeather, Squirellflight, Brambleclaw, and Stormfur. But what made her death 10x worse is that her brother Stormfur lost his mother Silverstream when he was a kit, his father is being held hostage by twelogs, and now his sister is dead. At least he stayed behind when all the clans were traveling through the mountains with Brook. But then he came back to the clans in Sunset. So I don’t know if the clans are in danger or what. Stormfur and Brook did try to rejoin Riverclanclan but it looks like now they are going to join Thunderclan. Because Riverclan forced them out. I honestly have to say that Stormfur has lived a hard life but he is a strong cat. Which is good.

5. Number five is when Squirelflight and Brambleclaw stopped being friends. This made me sad and anxious at the same time. Squirrelflight started edging towards Ashfur because she was mad at Brambleclaw for talking and kind of becoming friends with his brother Hawkfrost. And I didn’t exactly mind Brambleclaw becoming friends with Hawkfrost until those dreams where they met with Tigerstar happened. Then I put some distrust in Hawkfrost. In the end, Hawkfrost was not a good cat at all. But at least Brambleclaw and Squirelflight got back together. Even starclan seemed to approve of them being mates. Which for once it ended with a happy ending because this wasn’t a death it was friends splitting up.

In conclusion I love Warriors even though theres these really sad parts. You just have to get over them I guess. And I’m crazy excited for the seventh season to come out!

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  • I personally think that Feathertail’s death should be number 3. When she died I cried and refused to read warriors for a week!

    • i didnt cry or stopped reading but i did feel deep sadness. this was a good article. good job! ii know about all of these except for crookedkit’s jaw. i think i knew that anyway tho?

  • I think Feathertail’s death wasn’t so sad. Don’t get me wrong, I love her, but I skipped over the second arc until after I read OOtS and I thought that there had been so much death already, hers was just another… It was sad, but not that sad. Personally, I think Bristlefrost’s death is the saddest. Also Yellowfang and Hollyleaf dying. They were two of my favorite characters!

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