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So I see this a lot, and when I say a lot I mean A LOT, but people seem to think that Crowfeather was abusive towards Leafpool, Nightcloud and Breezepelt. Which is completely and utterly false.

Let’s start with Leafpool and Crowfeather- let’s all agree, their romance was forced and stupid. There was no actual love or interactions between them! The authors forced it, yet it does have a bit of reason for existing; back when they got together, Leafpool was feeling left out by her clanmates. She had spent a few days at RiverClan to help her girlfriend out with medicine cat duties, and when she came back she found that Brightheart had almost completely replaced her- but not really, that’s just how Leafpool saw it. Meanwhile, Crowfeather had just lost his girlfriend and his whole clan was on edge with the whole Mudclaw and Onewhisker drama- he was in a harsh place… and what happens when two broken, love-seeking young adults find others like them? Boom, love and babies. Well, kinda, I guess. They were basically just there for each other when they needed it, ending in a rushed and stupid romance.

But people call Crowfeather abusive towards Leafpool for 1: guilt tripping her into running away with him. I admit, Crowfeather should have realized that he was pressuring her- but Leafpool WANTED to run away with him, but she just wasn’t sure, and she was basically like “oh yes soon”. So both were somewhat in the wrong here; Leafpool wanted to but was hesitant and instead of talking about it like a normal sane person, she just kinda shrugged and said “later haha” while Crowfeather didn’t want to step off.

People also say that Crowfeather is abusive for being upset with Leafpool when she wanted to stay with ThunderClan. Well, DUH he was upset! Wouldn’t you be upset too if after months of cancelling plans, your lover and you finally leave on your well deserved vacation but then she’s like “oh sorry nvm i wanna go home”. Yes, Leafpool had good reason to stay in ThunderClan, but she also- in a very none delicate way- broke Crowfeather’s slowly healing heart. But really, that wasn’t a situation where one or the other was in the wrong, it was more of a very emotional situation for both of them and neither of them knew how to deal with it, especially with the pressure of their respective clans on them.

Crowfeather seemed to clearly be unhappy in WindClan. Why? I have no idea and I don’t think it was ever stated, but clearly he was not happy about being in his clan and he was unhappy without Feathertail- he fell in love with Leafpool *cough*notreally*cough* and wanted to finally be happy, but then that all went down the drain.

Now, people also say he was abusive and neglectful towards Nightcloud and Breezepelt… which is completely false. Go watch this video by Moonkitti who explains a lot of Breezepelt’s behaviour throughout the series and his relationship with is parents. It’s long, but it’s worth the watch; Here it is.

And you know, I actually relate a lot to Breezepelt, because my own dad is a lot like Crowfeather. My dad loves me, but he doesn’t know how, so much that sometimes I think he doesn’t really love me at all, but he does. My dad is a weird dude, and I won’t go into details but he doesn’t really know how to love anyone but himself. Now, I’m not saying Crowfeather is a narcissist, but I think that Crowfeather just doesn’t know how to love properly. I mean, all his other romances have been short lived and ended in heartbreak- obviously he’s not sure on how to handle his new family properly. It’s frustrating for Nightcloud and Breezepelt and the readers seeing their relationship from the outside, but what can ya do?

It also explains some stuff about Nightcloud, but not as much- you see, Nightcloud didn’t love Crowfeather much. She was just scared she was never going to get laid and have babies. Crowfeather needed a way to prove he was loyal to WindClan and Nightcloud wanted a mate. Boom. Even though people think there isn’t a LOT of love between them, Nightcloud and Crowfeather do love each other, which is proven by the fact that they are still together, right now, long after the reveal of Crowfeather and Leafpool’s affair. They are still mates and love each other, the only reason the audience is fooled into thinking they don’t is because we never see them interact through their own eyes. We don’t know EXACTLY how Crowfeather and Nightcloud feel about each other, but I would assume they do still have feelings for one another since they are still together to this day. Of course, the Erins say that they don’t like each other, but I call that a joke, Erins. Stop ruining everything with your teenage love stuff and let characters move on.

We only ever really see Nightcloud and Crowfeather interact through the eyes of Lionblaze, Jayfeather and a bit of Dovewing and Hollyleaf’s eyes, and it normally ends with Leafpool showing up and being all like “Crowfeather I still love you haha” which obviously would make Nightcloud upset. If anything, Nightcloud seems much more aggressive towards Crowfeather than Crowfeather ever was to her, speaking for him whenever they confront someone who talks about the three ThunderClan kits that Crowfeather sired and such… Crowfeather does get upset with her, but nothing ever physical.

Anyway, yes I also want Mothwing and Leafpool to get together but we can achieve that without making Crowfeather look like an jerk- and while he is not the nicest character, he is not abusive, maybe a little emotionally negligent, but we haven’t have drama with him for a while now so maybe he’s trying. He’s a strict father and a rather closed-off person in general, but that doesn’t. make. him. abusive.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Feel free to add your own thoughts and additions to this. I’m not here to pick fights, I’m just putting in my point of view on these characters as someone who can relate to them.

And honestly? I just hope Crowfeather’s Trial will be good and that it will show that he loves Nightcloud and their trash son instead of still being like “omg i still love leafpool n feathertail owo”

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  • Lots of cussing…how did this get published? Nice article! I agree that Crowfeather was not abusing Leafpool; I, however, do like them as a couple. 🙂

  • Nice article! 🙂
    But how did this get through a mod? I though swear words weren’t allowed in articles/posts?

  • I totally agree but… Kinda disturbed by your LeafxMoth thing…. Everyone has their own opinion I guess… Oof

    • I don’t get why you’d be disturbed by that. Is it because it’s gay cats or something? I mean that is a thing that happens with cats IRL so it’s not like it’s unrealistic. Plus there’s a lot of positive interactions with them that have folks shipping them too. (Such as myself, ahah)
      Unless you just don’t ship them, which I mean is fine ngl, but I feel like being disturbed due to that is a liiiittle much.

  • Hm, interesting. I thought Crowfeather seemed kinda abusive towards Breezepelt by only ever interacting with him negatively or not interacting at all, at least from what we’ve seen, but I do agree that he probably doesn’t mean to. Once Crowfeather’s Trial comes out we’ll be able to see better what’s going on in Crowfeather and WindClan’s side of things.

  • I didn’t see the swears cause it got edited out when I clicked this so……oof Blogclanners pls do not swear! 😂 Thank you a million times Embix for catching it!

    Anyway this article was good but there are some people who will defend LeafxCrow and say that they did love each other (I am one of them but they are not my most fav ship). So technically we can’t ALL agree that Leafpool and Crowfeather didn’t love each other. Anyway I am hoping that we get to see more of Crowfeather’s and Nightcloud’s (and maybe Breezepelt’s) relationship in his SE “Crowfeather’s Trial” 🙂 I think Nightcloud was just very hostile to Leafpool because #1 Crowfeather was mates with her and #2 Nightcloud feared no one would love her and choose her as a mate so she got clingy to Crowfeather and became cold to others (Leafpool) and stuff. I would certainly be (or I would be concerned and cautious at least). I am hoping that Nightcloud and Crowfeather did care for each other in a way (and not just “oh you’re my Clanmate I’m supposed to care for you” way) but maybe not. This is why I’m excited/anxious for “Crowfeather’s Trial!”

    Anyway this article was good but like others said, pls do not swear. We understand that it is your opinion and all but you are also able to say your opinion without cursing ^^ (or use Warrior cursing I guess)

  • Spoilers for the crowfeathers trial preview !

    He is no longer mates with Nightcloud, and if anything’s she is being horrible to him

    I’m not a massive Mothppol fan, and I see them as just friends


    Just a little note. Crowfeather and Nightcloud are (FINALLY) broken up in Crowfeather’s Trial. He calls her his “Former mate” in the very first chapter. I’m glad for it as well as their relationship was rather toxic and Crowfeather states in his PoV right then and there that despite getting with her, he never loved Nightcloud… ever.

    Also I heard from a little birdy that they don’t get back together by the end of the book either, good thing too because there’s the saying that you should never get back with your ex and it applies to this case, but they instead become on good terms with eachother as his “Trial” is learning to love again and removing the bad blood between him and his Windclan Family. Onestar calls him out for this in the extended sample of the book.

    He doesn’t get a mate again, which I’m glad for because Crowfeather really is better off single at this point, but they’re not gonna be as cold to each other as they were in the past. However, saying they’re still together to this day is false since it’s stated right in his SE at the very very beginning that they broke up after the Dark Forest battle, soooo yeah, there’s that to take note of now, folks.


    • Oh shoot sorry for the spoilers! I didn’t know…
      Guess I should’ve posted it in the CT spoiler thread. Whoops I’m dumb. xwx;

    • How was he neglectful to Breezepelt? He was a strict parent and that’s not being neglectful. Not to mention that Breezepelt was picking fights with other cats and being a trashy cat most of his life. Being a soft gentle cat wouldn’t have worked in terms of parenting since Nightcloud was already being overbearing. Not to mention not everyone is a good parent and yeah, Crowfeather shouldn’t have become mates with Nightcloud and had him (he knows that and regrets it) but that doesn’t mean he neglected or abused him. He still tried to be a decent father but he failed Breezepelt because he could never love him as much as he wanted to. He was unable to. Not to mention, Breezepelt tried to attack Leafpool and Lionblaze before and he fought willingly against the Clans. That’s nothing Crowfeather or any cat should push aside especially when that battle killed a cat Crowfeather loved-his mother. He’s not going to take too kindly to that, but he does his best in his mind. Maybe not enough, maybe he is. But saying Crowfeather neglected Breezepelt is something that isn’t true in context. He was distant, but never abusive.

  • I like Crowfeather’s character and I hope he will one day become the leader of Windclan. I do not have a sense of his relationship with Nightcloud, but I think Feathertail would be the best mate he could have.

    • My main problem with Feathertail is her never. Ending. Lack. Of. FLAWS. She wasn’t a character I could relate to, and she didn’t seem to have ‘real’ emotions. She’s actually my least favorite she-cat, and I think if the author’s had worked on her personality and maybe given her a little character developement, I would have actually cried at her death, instead of thinking, ‘oh. Ok. She’s dead now. Sad. huh. Anyhoo, on with the story…’ Not trying to be rude. I respect that you like Feathertail. I know many people who do. I was just trying to express the opinion that I don’t, personally, like her that much.


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