Should Medicine Cats Be Allowed to Have Kits? by Sparktooth

Sparktooth wonders if medicine cats should be allowed to have kits.

Art by CascadingSerenity

Heyo, bloggers! Sparktooth has finally returned for another article! I haven’t been writing articles as much now because of school work that had been keeping me occupied back in May. Not to mention I enjoy reading other bloggers articles, too. But I will be sure to write a few more articles now and then, but not as many as when I first joined 😛 .
Anyway let’s get back to the article: Medicine cats and kits. We all know that rule in the Warrior Code and all the conflict it’s created in the series. A lot of events and characters in the books have been affected by this rule. One question I always can’t help asking though is: is the rule really necessary, or could it be changed in some way? Today I’m gonna take a look at the pros and cons of this rule, and then come to the conclusion of what should be done with it.

It’s been said in the books that this rule was made in the Warrior Code because they worried Medicine Cats would take care of their own kits other than other cats. This is totally understandable, but is that the case with them? We’ve seen from cats like Leafpool and Yellowfang that having kits doesn’t affect how they treat other clanmates.
Leafpool is the greatest example. She went on to be a great Medicine Cat, and she helped her Clan like how she did before. Nobody noticed the difference. Then when they found out, she immediately was removed from being Medicine Cat. It was like they forgot all the things she did for ThunderClan just because she had kits, and it didn’t even change how she did her job.

Things like this could also happen with their other kin, like their parents or littermates. The rule just singles out kits, for some reason. Medicine would just as likely rush to save, let’s say their sister, like they would their kits. The Warrior Code might as well change the rule so Medicine Cats have to be only one in their litter. What about their littermate’s kits? I’m sure that Medicine Cats would care for them just as much too.
Another thing is that it’s a little sad how Medicine Cats also just can’t find love. That’s it, no questions. No cat can help who they fall in love with, if they fell in love with a cat they’d probably rush to save them! Yellowfang always worried about Raggedpelt(star) when a patrol would come back after a battle. However she still treated him like just another Clanmate, and was able to continue to do her job for ShadowClan just fine afterward.

Now that I’ve made my argument against it, I’ll make my argument for it. (This one is short and to the point).

Medicine Cats should not be allowed to have kits because it could distract their minds from their jobs. Not to mention the danger it could put other Clanmates in. If a Medicine Cat’s kit was sick and an elder was sick at the same time, he or she would most likely choose the save their kit first. It’s what a good parent would choose to do, but that isn’t the best thing for Medicine Cats. Yellowfang always mooned over Brokenkit(star) over the other kits. It would prevent Medicine Cats from focusing on serving their Clan.

So, now we need to come up with a solution. What should we do with this rule? There are pros and cons to taking off or keeping the rule. Keeping the rule, Medicine Cats having kits in secret is certainly gonna keep happening in the future. But taking away the rule altogether would not work either. So after a couple minutes of thinking, I came up with what I think is a great solution. The rule should be changed so Medicine Cats are allowed to fall in love, but not have kits until after they have trained at least 1 apprentice. That way they can still have kits, but it won’t affect them much because they’ll have a trained apprentice to help with the job.

That’ll end this article! What do you think? Do you agree with the solution or did you come up with a different one? I’ll be sure to write more articles in the future. Hope you enjoyed reading! 😀

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  • I feel like the rule banning medicine cats from having kits is kind of like the (former)Jedi Code rule in Star Wars banning the Jedi from getting married 😛 But yeah, nice article! You made some good points. 🙂

  • Yes that’s a great solution! But I don’t know if cats know how to… um… control whether or not they have kits? I don’t think they know how it works? (oof this got weird) What I’m getting at is I dont know if the cats know how to keep themselves from having kits… I guess 😛

  • I completely and utterly agree with your change to the rule, I’ve been using the changed rule in a bunch of my stories often for a while! 😛

    • Thx, and cool! In my stories about Warriors, I personally keep the rule because it’s fun to use for conflict XD

  • I agree with this article! Great job Sparktooth! 😀

    Also the reason why Leafpool probably acted “normal” around her kits was because she didn’t want others to know that they were hers of course (cause they might have questioned why she always spent so much time with them). So of course she’d keep “low” and act normal around her kits.

    But anyway I really liked this! It was very well thought out and the pros and cons were reasonable and logical.

    • Tysm, Foxie! I think Leafpool acting normal around her kits to keep “low” also shows how good self-control medicine cats can really have. I feel she wouldn’t have acted too different if she had been allowed to have kits in the first place. 😀

    • Ty, and I agree with that, especially looking at all my examples I included in the article! 😛

  • Great article! 😀 I think this would improve the code A LOT! even though the Erins couldn’t use it as an excuse for a plot anymore 😛

  • I have no opinion. I’m used to the rules as they are, and I do not think I could imagine a medicine-cat nursing kits as normal.

  • Good job! That makes a lot of sense. I always felt bad for medicine cats because of a that!

  • Oof I agree but disagree at the same time because of Moth Flight. I mean, it doesn’t make it easier knowing you have kits but can’t care for them and or just have them but can care for them. I really think this theory depends on the cat itself.

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