Should Medicine Cats Be Allowed to Have Kits? by Sparktooth

Sparktooth wonders if medicine cats should be allowed to have kits.

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Heyo, bloggers! Sparktooth has finally returned for another article! I haven’t been writing articles as much now because of school work that had been keeping me occupied back in May. Not to mention I enjoy reading other bloggers articles, too. But I will be sure to write a few more articles now and then, but not as many as when I first joined 😛 .
Anyway let’s get back to the article: Medicine cats and kits. We all know that rule in the Warrior Code and all the conflict it’s created in the series. A lot of events and characters in the books have been affected by this rule. One question I always can’t help asking though is: is the rule really necessary, or could it be changed in some way? Today I’m gonna take a look at the pros and cons of this rule, and then come to the conclusion of what should be done with it.

It’s been said in the books that this rule was made in the Warrior Code because they worried Medicine Cats would take care of their own kits other than other cats. This is totally understandable, but is that the case with them? We’ve seen from cats like Leafpool and Yellowfang that having kits doesn’t affect how they treat other clanmates.
Leafpool is the greatest example. She went on to be a great Medicine Cat, and she helped her Clan like how she did before. Nobody noticed the difference. Then when they found out, she immediately was removed from being Medicine Cat. It was like they forgot all the things she did for ThunderClan just because she had kits, and it didn’t even change how she did her job.

Things like this could also happen with their other kin, like their parents or littermates. The rule just singles out kits, for some reason. Medicine would just as likely rush to save, let’s say their sister, like they would their kits. The Warrior Code might as well change the rule so Medicine Cats have to be only one in their litter. What about their littermate’s kits? I’m sure that Medicine Cats would care for them just as much too.
Another thing is that it’s a little sad how Medicine Cats also just can’t find love. That’s it, no questions. No cat can help who they fall in love with, if they fell in love with a cat they’d probably rush to save them! Yellowfang always worried about Raggedpelt(star) when a patrol would come back after a battle. However she still treated him like just another Clanmate, and was able to continue to do her job for ShadowClan just fine afterward.

Now that I’ve made my argument against it, I’ll make my argument for it. (This one is short and to the point).

Medicine Cats should not be allowed to have kits because it could distract their minds from their jobs. Not to mention the danger it could put other Clanmates in. If a Medicine Cat’s kit was sick and an elder was sick at the same time, he or she would most likely choose the save their kit first. It’s what a good parent would choose to do, but that isn’t the best thing for Medicine Cats. Yellowfang always mooned over Brokenkit(star) over the other kits. It would prevent Medicine Cats from focusing on serving their Clan.

So, now we need to come up with a solution. What should we do with this rule? There are pros and cons to taking off or keeping the rule. Keeping the rule, Medicine Cats having kits in secret is certainly gonna keep happening in the future. But taking away the rule altogether would not work either. So after a couple minutes of thinking, I came up with what I think is a great solution. The rule should be changed so Medicine Cats are allowed to fall in love, but not have kits until after they have trained at least 1 apprentice. That way they can still have kits, but it won’t affect them much because they’ll have a trained apprentice to help with the job.

That’ll end this article! What do you think? Do you agree with the solution or did you come up with a different one? I’ll be sure to write more articles in the future. Hope you enjoyed reading! 😀

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  • I know that Moth Flight couldn’t really handle her kits an medicine cat duties, but I don’t really think this seems to bother any others in the series. Granted, they had to give up their kits because of the code, but whatever. I think that another alternative is that they have maybe a sibling or friend who could help them out. But nobody except Hollyleaf cares about rules anyways.

    • I think there should be at least 2 full med cats in the den before one can have kits, so that one can take care of the clan, but one can welcome new ones into it.

  • Really good article!!! I have never really thought about this issue in detail before, but you propose some really good points. It makes me think, deputies and leaders might single out their kits like Raggedstar did with Brokenstar, in fact, raggedstar favovoured him more then Yellowfang did when doing her medicine cat duties. Are we going to start saying that leaders and deputies can’t have kits now? Congrats once again!,,

  • Medicine cats should be able to have kits but yes they should have a fully trained apprentice beforehand cuz think medicine cats help take care of all the rest of the clans kits why shouldnt they be able to have they’re own… this rule is actually kinda stupid… but I do understand that if multiple cats were injured including his or her kit that they would care for that one first… but if it’s a kit you should obviously care for it first… they have less blood and are more likely to get sick so if a full grown tom were to have a medium sized wound and the kit were to have a slightly smaller one even then the kit woul most likely die much faster…

  • If u think about it, with warriors, if a battle was happening and the cat had kits, if a warrior was failing and their kit was failing in the fighting, the cat would prob just jump to help their kit. (Or if two foxes attacked and only u three. U the kit and the other warrior. U would probably jusmp to save ur kit. Thats even as a warrior)

  • OMG THERE SHOULD NOT BE A CODE SAYING THAT MED CATS CANNOT HAVE KITS! Like this rule ruined part of leafpool’s life!

  • I think med cats should have kits, I mean if it were than….

    • Leafpool could have lived her life without guilt
    • Yellowfang wouldn’t by exiled from her Clan
    • Brokenstar would haven’t been evil
    • Jayfeather probably wouldn’t have been blind
    • etc
  • I totally agree! I’ve been trying to think of a good solution for a while, and I totally think it will work!

    Exactly, nobody can help who they fall in love with. This would solve a lot of problems and a lot of heartbreak.

  • This code is a ban on the rights of med cats. If clan have other queens, female ,ed cats can ask them to watch their kittens. Mothflight was a young when when I came up with this code.

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