Warriors Characters Compared to Throne of Glass Characters by Maplepaw

Maplepaw compares some Warriors characters to characters in the bestselling fantasy series, Throne of Glass. Spoilers for both series!

Official cover art for Throne of Glass

Ok so I’m doing another article !
And this time I am comparing some warriors characters to some characters from Throne of Glass !!

Oh and this article will contain Warriors and Throne of Glass Spoilers soooooooo Yeah

So firstly for all you who don’t know, Throne of Glass is a teen book series about an assassin, competing for her freedom in a competition to become the king’s champion, and then it kind of develops further with the inclusion of magical powers and Fae, there are LOADS of characters, so lots for me to compare so let’s get into it !!,!!

1 ) Ivypool = Aelin !!!
Now both these characters are deadly, Brave, and have some serious girl power ! They are both hiding from something , Aelin from her Fae side and fire powers and Ivypool, from her sisters destiny.
That’s the best match I could find, Aelin’s character is quite unique

2) Breezepelt = King of Adarlan
They are both evil for ages, but they also both redeem themselves at some point. As well as that they are both feel wronged by a friend or relative, which has caused them to become this way (no Breezepelt wars in the comments please ). Both of them have relatives who are important to the plot, and they both have a hate for Ivypool / Aelin (See I thought this through)

3) Bluestar = Nehemia
They both have a high status form the moment you meet them in the books, Nehemia was a princess and Bluestar the leader. They both provide guidance and friendship for the main character and both have a MAJOR SPOILERS dramatic death
I imagine that Firestar was as scarred by Bluestar’s death as Aelin was by Nehemia’s
They also both accepted that they had to make big sacrifices for what / who they believed in with all their heart, and for both of them this was their life.

4) Mapleshade = Maeve
Both. So. Evil.
Both of them are amazing at using deception and deceit and they both manipulate large numbers of cats / people to do their evil bidding.

5) Graystripe = Chao
Sorry but I don’t like Chao, and I wasn’t happy about Graystripe getting another mate (no Millie wars in the comments)

That’s about all I can think of for now, so see you for my next article !

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