Crowfeather as a father to Breezepelt by Deathtail

Deathtail comments on how Crowfeather treated Breezepelt.

Art by meow286

Breezepelt is son to Crowfeather and Nightcloud.
People blame Crowfeather for every bad thing Breezepelt has done.
At one point, yes, Breezepelt longed for his father’s approval but people way over exaggerate the extend he was ignored or treated badly.
Breezepelt longed for his father’s approval but the fandom misinterprets that he was mistreated.
No one sees Breezepelt as a kit so we have no idea how he was treated as a child, when we do see Breezepelt he is an angry teenager.
The very first time we see Breezepelt he’s mocking Jaypaw for being blind until Crow tells him to stop. Breeze listens.
The next time we see Breezepelt with Crowfeather WindClan and ThunderClan had worked together to fight off some dogs.
Hers the scene:
The brambles shivered as Breezepaw raced into camp.
“No damage to the barrier,” he called.
“Have you checked it all the way around?”Crowfeather asked.
Breezepaw glared at his father. “Of course! That’s wha Whitetail ordered me to do.”
Nightcloud stepped forward. “You should have more faith in our son, Crowfeather,” she chided.
“Whitetail’s my mentor, not you,” Breezepelt added.
Here we see Crowfeather simply making sure he son completed his job and Breezepelt is immediately angry even though Crowfeather did nothing. Nightcloud also defends her son at all times.
We also see Breezepelt trapped in a caved in Badger den with Lionpaw. Crowfeather comes and immediately starts to dig out his son. Jayfeather then had to scoop the dirt from Breezepelt mouth to keep him for dying. Nightcloud then carries her near unconscious kit back to camp, his legs dragging against the first floor but was to exhausted to complain. Crowfeather padded beside Nightcloud, offering to help the whole way but Nightcloud refused as if she would lose Breezepelt.
At this point we know two things:
Breezepelt is a garbage child who must constantly reminded to behave and his parents know this and still love him.
The two don’t get along for a whole book.
In the mountains, Breezepelt has resentment for being forced to go on a journey as he sees it as his Clanmates getting rid of him.
Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Jaypaw all make comments about how they don’t get along.
After the apprentices on the journey disobey everyone and go hunting only to run into dogs and have to have Purdy save them. Brambleclaw scolds them but a Crowfeather only hisses that Breezepaw for interrupting.
Later, Breezepaw behind to slid down a cliff but Crowfeather save him by pulling on his tail. Then Beeezepaw complains about his sore tail and Crowfeather responds, “tough. Next time thing before you start showing off, and do what the Tribe cats tell you.”
Then Crowfeather visits Feathertails grave.
Crowfeather loved her,” Tawnypelt’s tone was gentle. “She died saving him from Sharptooth, and she saved the Tribe as well.”
Understanding stirred in Lionpaw’s mind like a mouse in a drift of leaves.
Maybe losing Feathertail was what had made the WindClan cat so bad-tempered all the time.
He noticed Breezepaw watching his father with a jealous glint in his narrowed eyes.
For once Lionpaw feenlt a pang of sympathy for him.
He wasnt sure how he’d feel if Brambleclaw got so upset over a cat that dies ages ago, not when he had Squirrelflight now.

Click here! this video explains it better than me. It’s also where i got a lot of my points. Watch it for a lot more proof.

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  • Interesting. I don’t think I ever really considered that Breezepelt and Crowfeather’s bad relationship might have been exaggerated in the minds of the three. I certainly don’t think Crowfeather was particularly a very nice father, but you’re right, a lot of what he does still shows love and caring towards Breezepelt, even if he doesn’t reveal those emotions explicitly. I never really thought about that before, honestly.

  • This is a great article, Deathtail! 🙂 I didn’t realize before that Crowfeather wasn’t mistreating him. The examples you gave made me see that it was Breezepelt being a jerk – not Crowfeather. I believe now that Breezepelt needs to be held accountable for his own actions, not Crowfeather.

  • Breezepelt is still one of my favourites and I still blame Crowfeather 😛 I think it’s just because sometimes I really understand him because I go through a lot of this – I do something and my parents are like “Good.” My brother does something and they’re like “That’s amazing Birch!!!” (Obviously they don’t say Birchkit but yeah 😛 ) – It’s really annoying.

  • Well I think we all can see how Crowfeather at least approved of his other kits (even before he knew they were his) rather than Breezepelt. We can also see how he approves of Lionpaw’s catch and just sniffs at Breezepaw’s. Yeah Breezepelt’s a jerk and all but seriously though, probably growing up knowing that your father doesn’t exactly “love” your mother and only used her for loyalty, which meant he should never have been born, he might as well have believed his life was a mistake. Could you imagine how that would feel? Your parents don’t love each other. They treat each other as normal Clanmates which is fine but that must be sad to know as a young kit/apprentice. Especially knowing that your father once loved two other she-cats. I can see why Breezepelt (and Nightcloud) would resent Crowfeather all the time.

    I don’t feel like arguing anymore so I’ll just leave it at that for now. 😛

  • I actually love the “moody teenager” Breezepelt/paw! I think he was kind of cute and funny when he was like that, and it made the story more interesting. I’m not sure what I think about Crowfeather’s relationship with him though since I’ve heard both sides of the argument, and both have good points, but Breezepelt was responsible for his own actions, both in Power of Three and Omen of the Stars, I just think he was cute/funny in Power of Three! 😉

  • I think that Breezepelt felt that Crowfeather and Nightcloud were purposely holding him back, and he didn’t know why.