Crowfeather’s Trial Published and BlogClan’s 10 Year Anniversary

Warriors’ latest super edition is published in the US today, Crowfeather’s Trial. It’s already and Amazon #1 New Release.

“Set just after the events of Omen of the Stars, WindClan warrior Crowfeather must conquer the ghosts of his past to make way for his Clan’s future.

When a terrible threat rises within WindClan’s territory, it heightens tensions that are already growing in the wake of the battle with the Dark Forest. Crowfeather is caught between his son, Breezepelt, and their Clanmates…but with the Clan in danger, the time for doubt is over.”

And, if the day couldn’t get any more special, it’s also BlogClan’s 10 Year Anniversary.

I started this blog 10 years ago, just for fun. I had been so amazed by the success of warriors and so excited by the internet (which still seemed new to me) that it was irresistible to bring blogging and Warriors fans together to hang out and chat and just celebrate everything we loved then and still love about warrior cats. It’s amazing that Warriors has a new generation of readers and BlogClan still draws new visitors every day. BlogClan has grown so big and chatty that I couldn’t run it without the help of Jayfrost, Emberdawn, Russetfeather, Iceflower, Flowerstream and Sundance. Thank you to everyone who has contributed here over the years, with articles, comments, chat and artwork, always with limitless energy and enthusiasm. It is a privilege to know you.

Christmas Cakestar