My Theories About Darktail and Pinestar (Spoilers!) by Frostpaw

Frostpaw shares theories about Darktail and Pinestar. Spoilers for AVOS!

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Hi, BlogClan! It’s Frostpaw here with my first article. Today, I’ll be talking about some theories I made up about Darktail and Pinestar. SPOILER ALERT!!! Also, these may seem far-fetched, so they probably won’t happen.
Darktail Theories
1. Darktail and Sol are brothers.
Okay. This probably seems really unrealistic. But it makes sense.
You’re probably thinking, “But all of Darktail’s littermates died.” Well, what if Onestar lied? What if he knew Sol was his son, and didn’t want the Clans to know? Sol was evil, and Onestar already had one evil kit. I know this is an unlikely theory, so don’t be afraid to criticize it.
And we also know that Sol’s mother is Cinders, right? Well, what if Cinders was his foster mother? His littermates were actually Darktail and his foster siblings. Sol’s “father”, Cinders’ mate, was probably just a random rogue or kittypet. Sol just lied to Leafstar about his family so she didn’t know he had Clan blood or knew about the Clans.
This would also explain how Sol found SkyClan. What if when Smudge received the vision about SkyClan (this ties into my theory that Darktail is Smudge) and told Sol? Then, Sol waited a few moons after Firestar and Sandstorm left SkyClan to let them settle. Sol used the directions Smudge had given Firestar and pretended to be a kittypet named Harry. I know that he supposedly stumbled on SkyClan (I haven’t read SkyClan and the Stranger so I might be wrong) but what if his plan was to make them lose faith in the code and then move onto the other Clans? SkyClan rejecting him just gave him more of a reason to hate the Clans. Sol then predicted the eclipse, went to ShadowClan, and was cast out. Well, Onestar would’ve recognized him, right? He would’ve loved to have a son that was powerful. But then Onestar would have to admit he broke the code, and the Clans would look down on WindClan. So, he didn’t confess. Well, then after Sol was rejected, he tried convincing Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf to believe him. Well, after that didn’t work, Sol attempted one last time to destroy the Clans by putting WindClan and ThunderClan up against each other using the tunnels. Hollyleaf threatened to kill him after he was defeated, so he used his backup: Darktail.
Darktail then retraced Sol’s pawsteps. He stuck with the plan, first tearing apart SkyClan, then ShadowClan, killed Onestar, and also succeeded in damaging RiverClan. What if, during this time, Darktail visited where Sol was living and told him Hollyleaf wasn’t there anymore? So, in case Darktail died, Sol could come back without Hollyleaf killing him and stir up trouble. That leads into my prediction for The Broken Code. Kate stated that the seventh series would involve “the return of a controversial character.” Sol! It makes sense. Darktail died, leaving Sol to finish the task. He waites a few moons until the Clans are at ease from Darktail and then begins to gather up Clan cats that weren’t born when he was there, and uses them to cause the downfall of the Clans. The Clans win, but many cats have left, following Sol’s belief.

2. Darktail is Smudge in disguise.
Seems really far-fetched, right? But it makes sense as well.
Smudge was born the same time as Rusty, which means that Onewhisker met Smoke in secret just before Firepaw joined ThunderClan. But Smudge is afraid of the wild cats, right? What if he just pretended he was scared to avoid suspicion? Then, when he had the SkyClan dreams, he saw his chance. Sol went instead of Darktail in case Firestar had mentioned him to SkyClan. And even though the Erin’s have disproved Smudge fathering Cloudtail, that would be great. Cloudtail has WindClan blood and is the son of an evil cat.
Smudge and Darktail have the same pelt pattern, too! If you look at Smudge’s picture on Warriors Wikia, you’ll see that Sol is mostly black, and Darktail is mostly white. But Smudge’s picture is from the back, and Darktail’s is from the front. Darktail could have white on the front of his body and a big black patch on his back.

3. Darktail is Tree’s father.
This is by far the most far-fetched of my theories (I just realized that’s a pun). I don’t have much explanation for this one, either.
But think about it. Tree basically was Darktail’s enemy, because the whole point of him coming to the Clans was to use his power to help ShadowClan and undo what Darktail did.
Okay. This is where things get REALLY out of hand. But, here goes.
I’ll do a timeline-thing. So, when Darktail follows Alderpaw’s path to the lake, he meets Curlypaw and Parsleyseed, living as kittypets. He forces Curlypaw to be his mate, and she gives birth to two kits- Tree and Dragonfly.
I hope that wasn’t to unrealistic.

Now, here’s my Pinestar theory.
Pinestar is Nutmeg’s father.
Everyone wanted Pinestar to be Jake’s father. Including me. Then he would be Firestar’s grandfather. But he could still be, even if he didn’t father Jake. So, here’s how I think it would go.
Pinestar moves to Twolegplace. He meets a pretty she-cat, and they become mates. The she-cat gives birth to Nutmeg, Rusty’s mother. Nutmeg grows up. Now, this is just enough time for Jake to grow up, become Quince’s mate, leave with Talltail, come back, and meet Nutmeg. He might even be more attracted to her because she’s the daughter of a Clan cat. I also love this theory because Firestar lived the exact opposite life as Pinestar. Firestar joined ThunderClan, while Pinestar left them. And Bluestar was there both times.

Now, here’s where both cats are connected and why I chose them.
Nutmeg and Smoke are siblings.
This combines all my theories. This would mean the following:
-Smoke has ThunderClan blood
-Darktail has ThunderClan and WindClan blood
-Firestar is Darktail and Sol’s cousin (and Smudge’s!)
-Darktail would not be Cloudtail’s father
-Firestar, Princess, and Cloudtail would have ThunderClan blood
-Sol would have WindClan and ThunderClan blood
Well, that concludes my first article. I hoped you liked it and it wasn’t to long and far-fetched. Feel free to point out wrong facts and start a debate with me in the comments!
-Frostpaw (fire)

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  • Huh, this is a little bit out there but really interesting! I think the Pinestar theory is very possible and I really like it! 😀

  • one thing: in the books, somewhere, it says that Cloudstar wanted Firestar to rebuild SkyClan because he wasn’t a descendant of the cats who kicked them out. so do you think that maybe he didn’t know that Firestar was a descendant of Pinestar maybe? or was Firestar not knowing enough for him?

  • I actually loved this! These theories are fantastic. They do seem a little crazy but when you really think about it (and how you brought it all together in the end) it makes total sense! Like, OMGosh! Thats soooo crazy to think about!
    I love it 🙂 Great work, Frostpaw

  • The Pinestar theory is possible. But the Tree one…well, now we know that Moonlight is Tree’s mother and Root is Tree’s father

  • I like them exept the Pinestar/Nutmeg thing because I have a therioy that Pinestar is Pine from Tigerstar and Sasha

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