Defending Nightcloud by Brightberry

Brightberry shares their opinion on Nightcloud.

Art by smoltoxin

Yep, I’m going there! I know this isn’t a super popular opinion, but just hear me out. I promise I’ll make it clear what I’m trying to say here. Today, I’m defending one of the most hated she-cats in the entire series: Nightcloud, Crowfeather’s WindClan mate and mother of Breezepelt.
Nightcloud remains a controversial character in this fandom to this day, and to some extent, it’s easy to see why. She’s not as kind as Leafpool, and gets a lot of hate from Crow/Leaf shippers.
But does she really deserve this hate? Let’s take a closer look and find out.
I want you to imagine this for a second.
There’s someone you really like. A lot. And for the longest time, you think that they won’t even look your way.
And then one day, they approach you. They start spending more and more time with you, and eventually ask you to marry them.
Although this person seems distant later in your relationship, you still care for them deeply and hope they’ll find time to take care of your children.
And then one day, you find out that they never loved you.
They were just using you. Using you to cover up another relationship, one they were ashamed of.
You’d be heartbroken, for sure.
I’ve seen a lot of people cite Appledusk’s betrayal of Mapleshade as a tragedy. And it definitely is. But think of it this way:
Nightcloud probably felt the same way when she found out about Leafpool.
And of course, she was angry.
But she didn’t react anywhere near as violently.
So, why is Mapleshade redeemable in the fandom’s eyes, but not Nightcloud, who did considerably fewer bad things?
It’s because she’s not Leafpool.
I don’t mind the Crow/Leaf ship at all. It was cute while it lasted.
But what I do dislike about it is how many cats it affected for the worst, and Nightcloud is no exception. She isn’t to blame for the rift between Crowfeather and Leafpool; instead, she is a victim of manipulation by a cat who she tried to love but who never loved her.
Well, hope you guys liked this article! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments.


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  • The thing is that Nightcloud didn’t really like Crowfeather either. They both were kinda just using each other and that’s really unhealthy on both their parts. Nightcloud shouldn’t have been so violent around Leafpool and shouldn’t have encouraged Breezepelt to hate Crowfeather. Crowfeather shouldn’t have used her to prove his loyalty when he should have been recovering from his heart being broken. They were toxic for each other and they both made mistakes they have to deal with. They need to take accountability and realize that their actions were wrong and that they need to move forward for the sake of their Clan. They are best apart and should’ve stayed Clanmates not mates, but desperation makes cats do crazy things. Of course, not saying desperation excuses either of them, but I think that both of them are products of circumstance and need to take accountability.

  • Nice, but as a personal hater of her, I would like to point out that while Mapleshade lost her children, Nightcloud did not and actually spread poison and lies to her child, which caused him to become an even worse cat than the evil Mapleshade.

    • She wouldn’t have done that if she didn’t have to act mother AND father to her son. She spoiled him because she thought Crowfeather didn’t love him or her, or as a matter of fact HATED her son. This is what she thought. She doesn’t that Crowfeather doesn’t actually hate her son. Nightcloud was feeding off of lies herself that she didn’t know existed. If Nightcloud had a better mate, at least a mate who genuinely loved her, I think she would have turned out less bitter.

      She deserved better.

      As for Mapleshade, she went through so much more but at least Appledusk loved her at some point, didn’t he? You know I don’t think we should compare Mapleshade to Nightcloud when their stories were TOTALLY different (speaking to Brightberry as well). As a matter of fact, I think Reedshine would be the better cat to compare Nightcloud to, as they had similar stories (see Loudfern’s article at the bottom).

      • Honestly, I just feel like Mapleshade LOST her kits whereas Nightcloud singly raised a kid. You know, there are a lot of real-world examples like Nightcloud, in which a single mother was abandoned by the father of her child, but most of those children don’t end up bitter and angry and evil. 🙂

        • Sad story though 🙁 Poor mother and child. No one should go through that. (the point of mating/marrying someone is to love them forever and always. Welp welcome to our society and Warriors 😛 Oof rip everyone and every warrior cat who has gone through this)

  • *reads title* I LOVE THIS ARTICLE ALREADY!

    *coughs* Allow me to defend Nightcloud even more 😛

    Ok so idk if Nightcloud actually ever loved Crowfeather, but I think we all know she wanted a mate at some point right? So when Crowfeather took her as a mate, she grew attached to him because she thought no one would ever like her and take her as his mate. However, she became bitter and resentful towards Crowfeather because of his affair with Leafpool. That must hurt, you know? I mean knowing that your mate genuinely loved two other she-cats and then suddenly started using you just to prove his loyalty and to cover up his affair with another cat. Nightcloud knows that Crowfeather doesn’t love her the same way, which is why she takes and raises Breezepelt all by herself because she feels that Crowfeather wouldn’t care if he had no part in his son’s life cause he obviously never showed it (in her eyes). Nightcloud grew to become protective over Breezepelt and praised him whenever she got the chance because Crowfeather never did. She spoiled him because he never got any attention from his father (who had reasons but….). Nightcloud seriously felt that she was playing both mother AND father to her son. Do you know how that must feel, to cover up for your mate’s absence? Even though she wanted Crowfeather in Breezepelt’s life, she also resented him because of what he’s done in the past. Nightcloud was used. There was no love. Crowfeather treated her as a regular Clanmate which is fine but he is her mate! Yeah, he was just trying to prove his loyalty but it seriously doesn’t seem fair to take out all that he has done and put it on the weight of another she-cat. Yeah Nightcloud has always been a bit snappy, but that’s just her personality. Knowing that she was being taken as a mate must have made her happy, but then realizing she was just being used turned her character more bitter than she already was. Because of this, her son grew up into the little brat that we know today. I am not blaming Crowfeather. Both Nightcloud and Crowfeather played a part in Breezepelt’s personality. Maybe not his actions, but at least his personality and what went on through his mind.

    Nightcloud is a good cat who had lots of potential. But because of the path her life took, she never was able to show us what kind of cat she could have been, what she should have been, what she would have been.


    P.S. See my fanfic I did on her for a contest Sunny hosted! As a matter of fact, just by writing it I changed my own mind/opinion on her 😛 Fun how writing can do that. (some of you have already read it but if you want, you can read it again haha)

    Nightcloud’s Redemption (the first entry you see):

    EDIT: *sees my article I did on defending Breezepelt at the bottom and cringes*

  • Wait what??? Nightcloud loved Crowfeather? Sorry if that was rude I never knew that! Um, would it be okay if I got some evidence? Besides that, great article! For some reason I really like Nightcloud, Crowfeather AND Breezepelt! Which is weird considering most people are on either side or just hate them all. I feel like they all honestly deserve more love and they’re all underrated XD. So that’s all I have to say 😀

  • My favorite couple is CrowXFeather. Still, CrowXLeaf seemed OK. I do not think I would feel good if I were to replace Nightcloud and find out that the person I love from all my heart loves two other people, among which I do not list myself.

  • nightcloud is the reason for one of my fav ships dieing , and it’s her fault for all of it crow tryed to love her but 1. She’s to mean to him 2. Leafpool is better . All in all nightcloud made breezepelt hate crowy and made breezepelt go to the Dark Forest , and broke up leafpool X crowfeather she sucks

    • Actually, Nightcloud did not break up Leaf x Crow
      After the badger attack Leafpool left Crowfeather because she felt that her clan needed her.
      And to prove his loyalty to the clan, Crowfeather took Nightcloud as a mate. I’m nothing sure where I stand on the Nightcloud thing, I’d say my mind is made up on Breezepelt.
      Also just because Leafpool is better (which I 100 % agree with) it isn’t a reason to hate Nightcloud. Silverstream has more character then Millie, but I don’t hate Millie (again I refuse to have options of controversial topics 😛 )
      As for the point that she’s too mean, I actually don’t remember much from the books, but I do think she was mean at multiple points in time. Still, some cats are much worse and people redeem them.
      Uhhhh I feel like this comment is sooooo long for a topic I basically have no opinion on 😛
      I don’t think she was the reason for Leaf x Crow’s tragic death, but also, Crowfeather never tried to love her. They were using each other. Crowfeather wanted loyalty and Nightcloud wanted kits. I imagine he was never planning to have kits, only to have Nightcloud as a mate but because it was what Nightcloud wanted he agreed. But idek who I’m trying to defend here, I just think that it is unfair to judge Nightcloud for something she didn’t do.

      Sorry if this sound offensive, it wasn’t meant to, I’m kinda just stating my opinion

    • In all fairness, Nightcloud DID tell Breezepelt that Crowfeather hated him but she never made him go to the Dark Forest. She was bitter but she wouldn’t have wanted that. She also can’t be blamed for breaking up Leafpool and Crowfeather. That was all Leafpool.

  • I think that while a lot of your points are good, Nightcloud was also desperate for love and decided to walk into the first relationship that she could. I think that her character is well redeemed in Crowfeather’s Trial, as well as Breezepelt’s arc with his father and half-brothers. I also really like the new friendship she has with Crowfeather.

    Also, who else despises CrowxLeaf and Leafpool in general?

    • Me 😛 I mean like I have mixed feelings on LeafxCrow. One day I love them and then the next I absolutely hate them. However I do not like Leafpool. Squirrelflight for the win 👌🏽 (out of the two sisters)

  • In my opinion, Nightcloud was really selfish. She also used Crowfeather, for kits, and she manipulated to get what she wanted. She’s a bit of a Karen in my mind. You can be a mother and father without spoiling a child. I know single mothers who don’t have to spoil a child and raise good children. Nightcloud literally let Breezepelt murder and get away with it. Maybe if Nightcloud, his mother discouraged him from visiting the Dark Forest, Breezepelt wouldn’t have been such a horrid cat.

  • The reason why I didn’t like her for the longest time is because she’s extremely rude and petty. I’m neutral with her now because of the book Crowfeather’s trial.