Defending Nightcloud by Brightberry

Brightberry shares their opinion on Nightcloud.

Art by smoltoxin

Yep, I’m going there! I know this isn’t a super popular opinion, but just hear me out. I promise I’ll make it clear what I’m trying to say here. Today, I’m defending one of the most hated she-cats in the entire series: Nightcloud, Crowfeather’s WindClan mate and mother of Breezepelt.
Nightcloud remains a controversial character in this fandom to this day, and to some extent, it’s easy to see why. She’s not as kind as Leafpool, and gets a lot of hate from Crow/Leaf shippers.
But does she really deserve this hate? Let’s take a closer look and find out.
I want you to imagine this for a second.
There’s someone you really like. A lot. And for the longest time, you think that they won’t even look your way.
And then one day, they approach you. They start spending more and more time with you, and eventually ask you to marry them.
Although this person seems distant later in your relationship, you still care for them deeply and hope they’ll find time to take care of your children.
And then one day, you find out that they never loved you.
They were just using you. Using you to cover up another relationship, one they were ashamed of.
You’d be heartbroken, for sure.
I’ve seen a lot of people cite Appledusk’s betrayal of Mapleshade as a tragedy. And it definitely is. But think of it this way:
Nightcloud probably felt the same way when she found out about Leafpool.
And of course, she was angry.
But she didn’t react anywhere near as violently.
So, why is Mapleshade redeemable in the fandom’s eyes, but not Nightcloud, who did considerably fewer bad things?
It’s because she’s not Leafpool.
I don’t mind the Crow/Leaf ship at all. It was cute while it lasted.
But what I do dislike about it is how many cats it affected for the worst, and Nightcloud is no exception. She isn’t to blame for the rift between Crowfeather and Leafpool; instead, she is a victim of manipulation by a cat who she tried to love but who never loved her.
Well, hope you guys liked this article! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments.

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