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Maplepaw shares their opinion on Breezepelt.

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Hi BlogClan
It’s Maple again and this time I’m doing an article on something that annoys me soooooo much

Breezepelt Forgiveness

Now before I begin, I would just like to say, I don’t really hate any warriors character including Breezepelt and I liked him being a villain, but I think that he shouldn’t have been forgiven so easily and heres why

I’m going to go through excuse of why people think he should be forgiven

1. He was neglected as a child so he had a reason

Ok so. No. He wasn’t. One time, ONE time he was down right ignored or neglected from my memory, and that was just because his dad didn’t complement his catch. Crowfeather did nothing wrong, yes Breezepaw had just had a good hunt, but a parent can’t complement there child everytime.
I quite often get annoyed because my dad just kinda shrugs at my drawings and then massively complements my brothers art or painting (it’s not as good as mine) but does that make me neglected ?
No. Does it make it ok for me to go and work with a group of criminals ?
Ok. Also, Nightcloud is shown multiple times to be over protective and NOT LETTING Crowfeather help his son, e.g when Breezepelt had nearly got stuck in the tunnels.
Crowfeather is a strict parent yes, and doesn’t often complement his son, and has strict rules, angering when they are broken, but I wouldn’t say it’s neglect. This view was shaped by the dark forest

2. He was neglected so had NO OTHER choice than to be evil.

Now this is different from the one above as it implies that it wasn’t even Breezepelt’s choice to be evil. He didn’t even have to think it through.
Now for this I’m going to use the example of Crookedstar and one of my favourite books ever, Crookedstar’s Promise.
So Breezepelt and Crookedstar aren’t really that different, they are both neglected (or so fans say) and they both were trained in the dark forest.
Just a little fore note here I no longer believe whatever mess of a theory about Mapleshade I put in my first article so yeah.
Ok so Crookedstar, broke his jaw and then was literally shunned by his mother. No contact what so ever to be honest, complete neglect. She even changed his name to make it worse
Mapleshade followed Crookedstar from his kithood, trying to turn him evil but it failed.
Crookedstar had a choice, so why didn’t Breezepelt
Crookedstar went through so much worse yet didn’t betray his clan, so why did Breezepelt have “no choice”

3. He was young and reckless when he chose to fight with the dark forest.

So here comes some fun facts about cats and people
Cats meet sexual maturity at around 6 moons. So a bit like a teenager, sort of 13-14
So that would mean that by the time a cat is a warrior they would basically be an adult soooooo it’s not teenage or childish stupidity we are dealing with, this is a rationally thinking adult who knows what he’s doing.

4. He didn’t know what he was doing

He did. He just did. He attacked Lionblaze you can’t just go ooooppps I’m sorry what just happened, ohhhhhh I attacked sorry.
That just doesn’t happen . Also before the great battle he attacked a medicine cat and a pregnant cat, surely he knew what he was doing

5. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Ok now the point of this article isn’t to say that Breezepelt should not have been let back into the clan, but what I’m saying, is it shouldn’t have been so easy. To Breezepelt, saying some words mean nothing, as he swore to protect his clan when he became a warrior, yet he fought against them.
Maybe he should have entered like a witness protection prgram thing, well not exactly but I think letting Breezepelt back into the clan probably caused more problems then not.
If they told the clan he was dead, he could have gone to live with the tribe for a few moons, gained their scent and then returned, his scent would be different and his name could be changed.
He could start a new.
This would give him a second chance and make sure that he isn’t discriminated against by other cats in the clan.
Also the dark forest can’t reach the mountains so living with the tribe would help him leave behind his dark past, as well as teaching him self discipline A’s tribe cats have to share.

He might even choose to stay with the tribe.

So I’m sorry this is a bit patched together but I hope you like my article !

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  • I agree with you, Maplepaw. Crowfeather isn’t the best parent in the world, and I don’t even like him, but willingly joining cat hell just because he was “neglected” or whatever isn’t a good excuse for Breezepelt. He honestly should’ve just been exiled out of WindClan.

  • Breezepelt was a garbage child to begin with. Almost everyone who defends Breezepelt says that he didn’t receive any praise from his father for catching a rabbit (I think it was a rabbit, correct me if I’m wrong) and forget that Breezepelt was a jerk throughout the whole journey to the mountains; he didn’t deserve to be praised. Just because a parent doesn’t praise their child doesn’t mean they’re neglecting their child. Crowfeather was far from a perfect parent, but he wasn’t as bad as people make him out to be. He was just really strict. While he rarely shows it, he cared about Breezepelt; he saved his life twice – one of those times, he was scrabbling to save his son and wanted to help him. I don’t understand why some people claim Crowfeather hated Breezepelt.

    To be honest, I mostly blame Nightcloud for how Breezepelt turned out. However, it was his choice to go to the Dark Forest; he was a full-grown warrior, after all.

  • I guess so. I mean, I love Breezepelt, but look at Blossomfall. Graystripe loved her, and Millie got distracted with Briarlight. Nightcloud loved Breezepelt, and Crowfeather got distracted with his own pride, as in, not giving up grudges from the past. Blossomfall was persuaded because she was convinced that Millie didn’t like her. Breezepelt was convinced that Crowfeather didn’t love him. I also might be being biast, because I love Breezepelt sm.

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