Top 10 Most Random Names by Brackenshade

Brackenshade lists 10 warrior names that are pretty random. Are any of them on your list?

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In the Warriors universe, the cats have an interesting way of naming cats. And, as we all know, some cats have names that actually make sense, like Dovewing or Hollyleaf, and others have rather strange, nonsensical names, like Rileypool or Mousewing. In this article, I will be counting down the most random warrior names (in my opinion! It’s okay if you like any of these names!)

*Note: This is NOT a list of the WORST warrior names, just the ones that make the least sense. In fact, I like some of the names on this list!*

10- Briarlight. While I think this name is pretty and elegant, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense- Briars don’t give off light. However, the reason why Briarlight is low on this list is because the “light” part of her name does represent the light in her soul, which does sort of make sense.

9- Hawkfrost. I’ve never understood the name Hawkfrost. The only reason why it could work is because Hawkfrost is evil, so the suffix does fit- he has a very “frosty” and cold personality later on.

8- Poppyfrost. Much like Hawkfrost, Poppyfrost’s name doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. While “frost” works for Hawkfrost because of his evil personality, Poppyfrost is definitely not evil in any way, making her suffix rather random.

7- Wasptail. Wasps don’t exactly have tails, and the name can’t really be symbolic, so it doesn’t really work.

6- Slightfoot. What does this name even mean?? Is Slightfoot missing toes, and so he only slightly has a foot?

5- Hareflight. Hares don’t fly… And from what I can gather from reading Tallstar’s Revenge, Hareflight doesn’t seem to have a flighty disposition, so his name doesn’t make any sense.

4- Poolcloud. Poolcloud’s mother must have hated her. With a prefix like “Pool”, there really is no hope for finding a decent warrior name that actually makes sense, but Poolcloud has to be one of the worst, most random possible names.

*Spoilers for Warriors: River of Fire! Scroll down to #2 as fast as you can if you want to avoid spoilers!*

3- Finleap. I don’t totally hate this name, but it’s definitely pretty bad. Fins are a part of a marine animal’s body… they can’t leap.

2- Fidgetpaw. What even is this name? From what I can tell, Fidgetpaw is not even a hyper, fidgety cat! He seems like a normal medicine cat- kind and calm. This makes his name pretty ironic. Fun fact: apparently, Fidgetpaw was named after fidget spinners!

Before #1 is revealed, here are a few honorable mentions.
Squirrelflight- Sure, there is such thing as a flying squirrel, but Squirrelflight was named after her bushy, squirrel-like tail, so why isn’t her name Squirreltail?
Ivypool- The suffix “pool” is supposed to be used for calm, wise cats, like Leafpool. Ivypool, however, is not calm or wise, making her name ironic.
Pouncekit- I feel bad for Pouncekit. There really are no suffixes that will make her name even slightly good. What will her warrior name even be? Pounceflower? Pouncelight?

1- Cats that received their warrior name, but still kept their original name as their prefix, like Billystorm and Bellaleaf. I know I really don’t have to explain how weird and random these names are, but I will express my negative feelings toward these names anyway. THESE NAMES ARE BAD. They should have just kept their original names, like Daisy and Millie did. That would sound much better than a name like Rileypool! Not only were the names bad, they don’t even reflect the cat’s appearance or personality. Come on, Leafstar. I know you can think of a better name than Harveymoon. Although, now I’m suspicious that Leafstar is using one of those online warrior name generators to name her warriors…

There you have it- the most random warrior names in my opinion! I hope you enjoyed my list, and may StarClan light your path!

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  • In my opinion, the most random warrior cats name is…
    Loudbelly. I mean, what were the Erins thinking about this one? Erin: Okay guys, Loudpaw, what should we name him? Other Erin: I know! Loudbelly! All three other Erins: … Another Erin: Well, it’s her turn, so…
    Loudbelly’s name does not make sense. Honestly, I think they were low on time and needed a name, and quick. I think a better name would have been Loudstrike or Loudthunder, because I can’t think of anything else. His parents most of said something in their sleep when they asked what his name was. Or they really hated him.

  • Agreed, Heron. That is probably the worst name, tbh. Also, your story of the Erins made me laugh and made my day! I think I like Loudthunder better, but Loudstrike is great, too. I couldn’t think of something better, even if I was Loudbelly himself. Thank you, Dovefeather.

  • Agreed, Heron. That is probably the worst name, tbh. Also, your story of the Erins made me laugh and made my day! I think I like Loudthunder better, but Loudstrike is great, too. I couldn’t think of something better, even if I was Loudbelly himself. Thank you, Elmpaw.

  • Hawkfrost’s name is Hawkfrost because he has icy blue eyes for the “frost” part, and Hawk just sounds good.

  • I agree with you! However, I thought of a good name for a cat with the prefix of pool. The name I though of is Poolmist.