Why Brambleclaw Deserved to be Deputy over Graystripe

Cotton talks about why Brambleclaw deserved to be ThunderClan’s deputy more than Graystripe.

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Hello, everyone! My name is Cotton, and I’m new to BlogClan. This is my first article on here. Let us begin!

The topic of Brambleclaw’s deputyship can be a controversy one, especially with a large portion of the fandom believing that Graystripe should have been deputy. Today I’d like to talk about why Brambleclaw deserved to be deputy more than Graystripe.

Firstly, let’s talk about their age. A reminder that Graystripe is the same age as Firestar, who was already leader by the time Graystripe’s chance to become deputy arose. By the time Firestar died in the Last Hope, Graystripe was ready to retire. Brambleclaw wasn’t exactly young, yes, but he was still much younger than Graystripe. ThunderClan needed a leader who wouldn’t be too old to lead them, and Brambleclaw could meet that expectation. Graystripe was far too old to lead.

Now I’m going to talk about their morals, and what they have proven themselves to be. Time and time again, it has been shown that Graystripe will put love over loyalty. He follows his heart, and that isn’t a good thing, especially in a leader or deputy. It was first shown when Graystripe fell in love with the RiverClan she-cat: Silverstream (Crookedstar’s daughter, might I add). Graystripe was willing to leave not only ThunderClan, but his friends too, for the cat he loved, which is what he did after the death of Silverstream, when Graystripe left to be with his kittens in RiverClan. He later returned to ThunderClan after realising he would never be able to attack ThunderClan in battle. He felt no remorse for his actions, even though he betrayed his Clan and the Warrior Code.

His morals are shown again when he takes Millie as a mate, despite the fact it is still against the Warrior Code. In this case, it isn’t as severe, since both of them were away from ThunderClan at that point, but they were still trying to find it. Graystripe was okay with breaking the code once again to follow his heart.

Brambleclaw, on the other paw, has always been loyal to ThunderClan. Despite all the stereotyping they did due to Brambleclaw’s similar appearance to Tigerstar, Brambleclaw has shown time and time again that he loves his clanmates and will do anything to prove that he isn’t like his father. He also remained loyal to ThunderClan even after his sister, Tawnypelt, went to ShadowClan. He would do anything for his Clan, even if it put his life at risk.

I also believe that Brambleclaw deserved to be deputy simply because he worked harder. Graystripe was handed the deputyship because Firestar was his best friend. Graystripe didn’t truly even want to be deputy, he was more “alright then” with it. Brambleclaw actually had to work hard and prove he was loyal. He wanted to be deputy, and he earned that deputy position after pushing passed Firestar’s biased opinion on him, which was made very obvious. Firestar did not trust Brambleclaw, nor did some others, yet Brambleclaw still did his best to become deputy through it all.

In conclusion, Brambleclaw worked hard to get where he is today. He was a loyal, hard working warrior who struggled with stereotyping from his clanmates but managed to complete his dream through the hardships. Graystripe, no matter how kind or funny he was, was a warrior who wasn’t afraid to break the code to follow his heart. He never struggled with the issues that Brambleclaw did, and he was handed most of the things he got.

Thank you for reading!

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  • This is what I have been trying to tell my Warriors friends for AGES! Thank you, Cotton! Brambleclaw had to face some challenges with being Tigerstar’s son and he went on the sun-drown-place journey. I still like Graystripe, though (and Silverstream).

  • I do agree with your points, but let me tell you why graystripe was more “alright then” to being deputy.

    { spoiler warning even though you should have already read darkest hour tbh }

    From when firestar is choosing a deputy to a certain point at the darkest hour, he chose whitestorm to be his deputy. Now yes he would most likely chose sandstorm if she had an apprentince but she didn’t and whitestorm did.

    Firestar chose whitestorm because he was loyal, ever so helpful, and would make for a great leader someday. In the darkest hour, whitestorm dies. He says to go on and choose graystripe as deputy.

    That is why Graystripe was only like “alright then”, because to be honest be probably thought he would choose someone else. Someone else like brambleclaw (but he wasnt a warrior yet, so maybe someone like brackenfur at the time?)

  • STOP
    graystripe have droven away foxes when firestar go to skyclan

    graystripe cannot even go over twolegplace without millies help and encouragement, he almost give up, and would, if it is not millie, graystripe would not make it through twolegplace and “graystripe broke the code taking millie as mate”…

    graypaw(as apprentice) is firepaw’s only friend!

  • Hi! So I found this and it kinda helped me see things a little different … truthfully I only hate bramblestar because I feel he stole Greystripes position. Firestar was pretty much cornered to pick a new deputy and that’s how brambleclaw (at the time) was picked. When Graystripe returned I feel like brambleclaw should have stepped down … because tah dah … the real deputy wasn’t dead. I’ve struggled with the newer books only because i can’t love bramblestar – due to feeling Graystripe was shafted.

  • When Brambleclaw became deputy I literally started screaming, and chanting: “BRAMBLECLAW IS DEPUTY! BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAMBLECLAW IS DEPUUUUUTY!” 😅

  • hello Hovie / Hoverflight here i just want to say interesting topic and great reasons i like brambleclaw although his temper to squirrelflight is a bit annoying thanks for your points

    and graystripe is a bad friend and dad

  • Great article! I completely agree. I wish people would stop saying that Brambleclaw “stole Graystripe’s position”.

  • Lets not forget that to be chosen to be deputy you will have to Finnish mentoring a apprentice, witch GreyStripe did not do. I don’t count is few time he spend with poor brakenpaw as mentoring. Within the warrior code he should have not been chosen as deputy.

  • In my opinion, anyone would’ve been better than Brambleclaw. Sorry, it’s just that Bramblestar sucks, and when I was first reading through the books, I would hope Brambleclaw would get killed off. He’s an annoying Firestar wannabe, and quite frankly, his best time was probably when he was Bramblepaw.