Why I Think Hawkfrost Deserved A Chance by Spottedspirit

Spottedspirit defends Hawkfrost from popular reasons.

Art by Acorn-Trees

Lot’s of people hate Hawkfrost for two reasons.
1. He tried to kill Firestar
2. He preyed on young cats’s insecurities and turned them against their Clan.
But nobody knows why he did any of this.
So, the question is, why did he?

The reason is simple.
They are afraid of being rejected. He already had a pretty bad rep with Mistyfoot for being his Hawkfrosty self. You know, self-confident, controlling, kinda stubborn and insensitive. But, he was actually a really cool guy. And, honestly, he deserves more credit for the guy he was before he died and/or turned evil.
He lost his brother at a pretty young age and his mother left him in RiverClan. He never met his father until Sunset, the fourth book in the New Prophecy series. So, he experienced a lot of grief. He just didn’t handle it as well as, let’s say, Sorreltail. Hawkfrost just couldn’t seem to find the strength to face it head on, like Sorreltail did. She actually was pretty calm at the death of Willowpelt and Whitestorm because she was aware that she was wanted in her Clan and she would someday see her parents in StarClan. Hawkfrost was an outcast among his Clan and nobody really liked him until he acted like a jerk, summoning all the other jerks to act beside him. When he realized being mean and angry got him attention from his Clanmates , he took it too far.
He was already scared and looking for love when he first saw Brambleclaw as a brother instead of his creepy look-alike from another Clan. Him and Brambleclaw bonded not just because of who their father was but because they both faced the same problem. Rejection from those they respect. That is where Hawkfrost lost the respect from Mistyfoot. He was both the son of the cat that order to have her bro killed AND he was actually favored by Leopardstar more than Mistyfoot. Because Leopardstar was his mentor, he was obviously her main attention instead of Mistyfoot which is probably where Mistyfoot was thrown off.
But Hawkfrost really deserved a chance because nobody really loved him. Sure, he had Mothwing but Mothwing for whatever reason didn’t love him back. Was it because of the fake sign? Maybe, but that doesn’t seem right that Hawkfrost had to bribe her to do a favor for him. I bet that Leafpool would have done that in a heartbeat for Squirrelflight. Tawnypelt would have done it for Brambleclaw. But that is also because they weren’t searching for acceptance in her Clan, too. But she would already have a cat to love her if only she loved Hawkfrost.
He loved Brambleclaw (brotherly, not romantically) and when he finally had a relationship with him, he was so happy. He even switched sides during the battle with Mudclaw in order to save his brother.
But was that just so he had another ally? No! He could have just sided with Mudclaw if he wanted an ally. He wanted somebody that would be by his side no matter what his opinion may be. He, in other words, wanted a brother. This may not be true in human life but in Warriors, families are really close. They are always at each other’s side no matter what.
The last reason that Hawkfrost needed a chance would be that it was all Tigerstar’s fault. He was in a Darkstripe situation. Tigerstar was the only cat that praised him and everybody needs a little praise every now and again.

So, we come to the conclusion that Hawkfrost deserved better love and he didn’t deserve to be led astray by Tigerstar.

May StarClan Light Your Path

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  • I belive that Hawkfrost was a good Guy to begin his mother left him and his father thought he was weak and his sister didn’t love him so he’s alone and that kind of gives him a right to be angry but then he met Bramble claw a brother that was kind and loved him(as a brother) but then he turned his back on him and Hawkfrost was left with a terrible father that still thought he was weak.
    Its sad really also if Hawkfrost lived he would have become uncle Hawkfrost Its soo sad hes my Fav cat in all the books