Why Mousefur Is A Great Character

Stormberry shares why they think Mousefur is a great character.

Art by PureSpiritFlower

Hello, and today I will be talking about why I believe Mousefur is a great character. I will be going over 4 different reasons why I believe she is a great character. They are:
1.) She called her own clan meeting

2.) She is always being snarky and sarcastic

3.) She is very loyal to her clan

4.) She admits her mistakes

5.) She is not afraid of death

Reason Number 1: She called her own clan meeting
First of all, SHE CALLED HER OWN CLAN MEETING. XD. Okay, that is not the point. The thing is, she was calling the clan meeting because she believed there was a serious issue in the Clan. She also apologized to Firestar about calling it but said she strongly believed in what she had said. In case you do not remember the issue she thought the Clan was having was that she thought the Clan was letting too many outsiders into it. She could of easily just disrespectfully talked to Firestar but instead she talked respectfully and that made the situation show what a great character Mousefur is.

Reason Number 2: She is always being snarky and sarcastic.
I believe this shows a great character because she has a sense of humor and isn’t afraid to use her words to “scratch” someone. Sure, it can sometimes be annoying but it can also be just what you need to have at certain moments. It also made her quite a match for Jayfeather.

Reason Number 3: She is very loyal to her clan.
This ties into calling her own Clan meeting because she was calling the meeting for the sake of her Clan. She also fought in the great battle and died a very noble death, the death of a true warrior. Another reason on how she is loyal to her clan is that she was never afraid to speak up about something that she believed in. She also was also not taking herbs during leaf-bare because she believed that the younger cats needed it. She would also not take prey during leaf-bare because she believed that younger cats also needed it. She wasn’t afraid of going hungry or getting sick. Mousefur was willing to die, just to help younger cats.

Reason Number 4: She admits her mistakes.
This is the sign of a great character because she admits her mistakes instead of always believing she is right. She admitted that she was wrong about Firestar joining the Clan and at the time that Firestar was going to join the Clan she spoke up about her beliefs. Even though she believed strongly that Firestar shouldn’t be let into the clan she still said she was wrong.

Reason Number 5: She wasn’t afraid of death.
This makes her sort of like Cinderpelt because Cinderpelt knew she was going to die and stood strong. But this isn’t about Cinderpelt, this is about Mousefur. This ties back to reason number 3 because she wouldn’t take food or herbs because young cats needed them and she was willing to starve for younger cats. She was also always willing to fight for her clan when she was an elder and the possibility of death in a battle is even larger when you are an elder.

This is why I strongly think that Mousefur is a great character. Please state your opinions on Mousefur because I always like to hear everyone’s opinions!

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